HostAdvice Speaks to Mr. Catalin Draga of 5Cloudhost Hosting

HostAdvice Speaks to Mr. Catalin Draga of 5Cloudhost Hosting

Today we are speaking with Mr. Catalin Draga from 5Cloudhost, where we will talk about their company and service.

Let’s see what new things we can learn about their services and the web hosting industry.


Can you tell us the story behind 5Cloudhost? How did everything start?

Great question, I often reflect on how things have evolved, and I think this is a good practice to keep myself grounded and with a vision for the future.

5Cloudhost began once we observed the insufficiency in the hosting industry. What is the gap, you may ask? Price correlation.

Simple, at least it sounded simple to us. Many hosting websites offer the same thing repeatedly with a big markup without providing any real value.

How to disrupt the market? Change the pattern and stand out. With 5CH, we started the path of cost-friendly hosting while maintaining and surpassing the industry standard.

We come from humble beginnings, and it’s no mystery that it was a hard thing to do. It may even seem impossible if you look at it from a direct POV, it may even seem impossible. But with ambition, well-implemented rules, and a great team behind the project, we set our standard in this industry.

This was the first step that led us to where we are now.

Today we are under Virtono’s branding, and we are still dedicated to maintaining the same vision as when we started; we know that in this competitive market, big brands tend not to care about their customers, but to us, they will always be important.


What were the challenges that you faced over the years?

Well, the first thing that comes to mind would have to be the pricing battle; for the client, it’s all nice and tidied up, but on our part, there are a lot of challenges that need to be solved to provide a high-quality service at affordable prices. We are always working to find the Fibonacci golden ratio, and believe us, that is a tight squeeze.

Besides pricing, there are, of course, your typical infrastructural and networking day-to-day bits that need to be solved, but it’s nothing that our team can’t solve.


What are the top products and services that you are offering?

As explained on our website, we are focusing on offering hosting services, so everything that is hosting-related is in our range.

But to be more exact we are offering three main packages

Cloud Starter at $77/5 years, meaning that you are paying only $1.2/month, and you have a package of 5GB SSD storage, 1 Hosted Domain, Dedicated Resources, and 512 MB RAM.

Cloud Business at $127/5 years, so $2.1/month with 10 Hosted Domains, 15GB SSD Storage, Dedicated Resources, and 1 GB RAM.

Cloud Enterprise, our biggest package at $177/5 years, meaning $2.9/month, with Unlimited Domains, 50 GB SSD Storage, 2 GB RAM, and Dedicated Resources.

So you can clearly see that we strive to provide great value for our price range.


How do you handle the speed, back, and security of your customers’ websites?

We are using only high-performance and new servers, with Intel Gold CPUs, a huge amount of RAM, only NVMe SSDs, and at least 2x 10Gbps connections for each server. Even if just the amazing hardware along with the high-speed internet connection is enough to ensure the speed and the reliability of the websites hosted, we are also using some custom webserver configuration. Our powerful hosting servers with NVMe SSD storage and 2x 10Gbps internet connection combined with LiteSpeed – the fastest web server in the world – ensure a super fast loading speed for your website.

With LiteSpeed, your site can employ the best practices that make for a high PageSpeed score and – more importantly – an exceptional user experience. With advanced cache-management tools and optimization features, LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress is an all-in-one site acceleration solution. It’s the only optimization plugin you need!

We take your website security very seriously, so all our data centers are Tier 3 certified, meaning each server has its firewall, WAF, anti-malware & anti-virus scanner, and we take cautionary daily backups for each account.

We ensure every website is backed up daily on remote servers (not in the same data centers), so we can avoid data losses even in a disaster scenario.

We use only the top security software like IMUNIFY360, a comprehensive security platform for web-hosting servers. We utilize highly tailored and integrated components for proactive real-time website protection and web server security, that way, we can guarantee your security at all times.


Can you tell us more about your customer support system?

Of course, as we see it, one thing that always recommends us is our impeccable and professional support team; we have everything set up in such a tidy matter that it is almost impossible to trip up our team.

Everything has a procedure that is written and accounted for. We function as a whole, and there is always someone to cover the gap, so if I might say so myself, we are functioning as a Swiss Movement clock, smooth and steady.

One of our best assets is our support team; we have seen that offering human support has a better impact on the end user, and it’s frequently regarded as a more convenient way of solving issues.

Not to be overly proud, but we are always regarded with the best intent on all review platforms and social media for this exact reason. Because, unlike our competitors, we offer 24/7 human support that is well prepared and tech-savvy on top of all.


What top 5 things differentiate from the other competitors?

Easy: Price, Quality, Delivery, Professionalism, and Support. All these items compound into a great service that will satisfy our clients.


We noticed this on your website: ‘’Get five years of fast hosting for a single payment now ’’. Can you tell us more about this?

Yes, this is our main deal; this is our system. As we stated in the previous question regarding our services, and the one regarding the things that differentiate us from the competition, this is the main statement.

Basically, by buying for five years, you can secure one of the best prices in the market no matter where the economy and market go, plus you get top-notch services for pennies, so it’s a clear winning situation.

And by you securing your price and paying up in advance, we can also secure the services and maintenance necessary for all the processes to function perfectly.


Where are your servers located?

We have hundreds of servers in 21 countries over four continents, which are part of our bigger project, but for this project, we have allocated equipment in Europe and US. We have located our servers where the demand is high, and we want to provide the best quality for our customers. And one of the most important steps to achieve that is speed.

And in order to have speed, you should have the servers as close as possible to your audience so there will be no latency to worry about. That way, Google will rank you higher, making your business more profitable.

We are looking to expand our reach to other continents, of course, but as with every big business decision, there are testing periods, feasibility tests, and market analysis to be done.

But we will surely make a move if our community wants it.


What are the plans for 5CloudHost in the long run? Where do you see the company in the next ten years?

Well, our business model is based on long turn rentability, so we are looking forwards to the next billing cycles; right now, our top priority is keeping the prices as affordable as possible.

Despite everything going on right now, inflation going to the moon, economic insecurity, and general turmoil, we have always been as consistent as possible with our price, so that is also one of the major plans for the future. As we cannot be sure what is to come, we want to give our customers certainty that one thing will be the exact same: our prices.

As for a ten-year plan, we are looking to further develop our infrastructure and expand our area of service, who knows maybe some WordPress-managed servers that can shake up the market, but I guess we are going to wait and see what happens ;)


Any final thoughts for our readers regarding the hosting industry and why they should pick 5Cloudhost as their hosting provider?

Please consider this, our economy is in shambles, and we do not have a clear path to recovery yet; of course, everything is going to be all right in the end, but until then, you should never let your business be exposed to such risks, as you know the hosting industry is volatile, prices skyrocket by the day, and big companies just seem to push the prices up continuously.

We know how it is to be a small business and that small businesses are the base of a strong and healthy economy; that is why we offer you security. That’s right; we are not offering *just web hosting* in reality, we are offering you a secure 5-year period of running your business.

You should choose us because we truly care, that should be the main reason, the pricing should be second place. We want you to evolve, and we are here to help you achieve exactly that.

5Cloudhost, your provider, your partner, and yours truly a friend.

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