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HostAdvice Speaks to Lucian Ciurea of Sitebunker

This time we are interviewing Mr. Lucian Ciurea from Sitebunker, a great web hosting company in Romania.

Read this interview and find out more about the products and services that Sitebunker is offering.

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We always start our interviews with a bit of the history of the company. When was Sitebunker founded? How did it all start?

We start by providing development services for all sorts of clients, and we developed hundreds of online platforms, online stores, and more. And more than that, since 2006, we wanted to be sure that all our clients are safe, and their online businesses are secured.

That’s why we have provided hosting services since 2006, but at that time they were only available for purchases that would have included web development services. In 2018, we decided to develop a service that would be available to anyone in need of a web hosting package.

How you were able to see the need for hosting services on the market and what drove you to start this business?

Back in 2006, most of our projects were development projects where our clients needed online platforms, websites, or online stores. All this requires an extremely efficient and secure hosting package. And because we wanted to make sure that these hosting services were good enough, we decided that they should be offered by us.

So this 12-year gap was more than enough for us to figure out what are the main problems that can occur in the web hosting market. Therefore, we had a lot of time to find solutions to these problems.

What are the products and services that Sitebunker is offering at the moment?

First of all, Sitebunker not only offers hosting packages but also the possibility to buy a domain directly through the website. Sitebunker offers web hosting, premium web hosting services for WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento, and custom hosting packages. Sitebunker can also offer to host on dedicated servers or VPS servers. All these services and products are well completed with an excellent 24/7 support service.

We did this because any client must know that no matter the day or time, any problem can be solved. For us, the customers and their need to get the problems solved as soon as possible is one of the most important elements in a strong and durable business.

Can you tell us more about PrestaShop hosting, and Magento hosting?

I can tell you about what you will receive when you purchase a hosting PrestaShop or Magento package: 99.99% UpTime, fast upload speed provided by LiteSpeed web servers, and increased security against DDoS attacks assured by the newly implemented Arbor solution, plus top-notch Anti-DDoS protection from Voxility. The anti-hacking protection is from Imunify360, which is all included in the SiteBunker hosting subscriptions.

We have five different hosting packages for PrestaShop, all of which include a free Premium PrestaShop Module to boost your online store. 4 out of 5 of these packages will also include a free domain. Moreover, 2 of our 3 Magento web hosting packages are coming with a free domain .com bonus. For any web hosting package offered for Magento, you will receive a top cache solution from LiteMage.

How important is customer satisfaction for you? What do you usually do in terms of that?

It is the most important thing to us. More than that, it is a factor that we take into account every time we launch a new service. The more satisfied our customers are, the more motivated we are to continue. Our support service has been created so that any of our clients can receive help at any time of the day or night, 24/7.

We are always searching to get the client’s satisfaction. For example, we can fix any kind of emergency issues, in spite of that are not related to our hosting service, daily: problems with their WordPress themes, websites, modules, and also coding issues.

In your opinion, what are the most important things for one web hosting provider?

First of all, it is important to have a product that fits every need. No matter the website or platform, not everyone needs a huge hosting package. So we created a diversity where you can choose the perfect hosting package for your website. We offer a lot of resources in terms of CPU or RAM, which is not something you often see in this market. We have a lot of powerful servers that are always ready for more, and more.

You have to offer a 99% uptime. So many clients trust you with their online businesses, so you have to guarantee their safety and uptime.

And the next important thing is the support service that must be available 24/7 and security protocols. Also, our hosting packages will offer you an SSL certificate for all your websites as well as DDoS protection.

Cryptocurrencies are a payment method that many hosting companies are introducing to their customers. What is your opinion about cryptocurrencies?

What blockchain technology offers customers is security, and when it comes to even more security measures that our customers can use, we will be the first to implement crypto payments. The more secure our customer is, the better our service will be for them.

While blockchain is a technology that is still in its infancy, it does not rule out the fact that, in the future, we will not even use this technology to provide web hosting services.

What new features and technology are you planning to introduce in the next period?

Our main goal is to offer more and more efficient services. We are always on the lookout for the latest technological trends. Cybersecurity and the web hosting industry are very dynamic markets, and we want to know what our customers need to adapt to.

With every modification, update, and maintenance that is always announced in advance to our clients, we want to offer the safest possible services. That is why we are also planning a lot of partnerships with all sorts of providers from Romania and not only. Finally, the main purpose of this is to offer a service that can guarantee an uptime as close to 100%

Where do you see your company 5 years from now?

We can be more optimistic than that and claim that in 3 years, all of our services would be provided through an OpenStack cloud. This is another service that we are planning on launching to our customers because it gives the possibility to pay on demand. This means that you will pay as much as you have consumed.

Our main goal is to create a system of high redundancy, which means that it will never fail because it has a lot of backup systems and components.

Is there anything about the products or services of your company that we didn’t cover that you would like to share with our readers?

All the things we are proud of were mentioned in this interview, but what we can tell you is that although our service package is complete, we are always in the process of innovating in this industry. In the future, we are considering the implementation of a live chat support service, but for now, our email/ form/ ticket/ call center support system is working just fine.

There have been and will continue to be situations in which our team has been able to respond to requests for support within 5 minutes.

Keep an eye on our website: www.sitebunker.ro !