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HostAdvice Speaks to Andrius Petkus of Bacloud

Having a dedicated VPS server is something that a lot of companies are searching on the market today. We had the pleasure to speak with Mir. Andrius Petkus from Bacloud and learn about the products and services that they have.

Strap your belts and read this great interview.

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Sixteen years in the hosting industry is a lot of experience. Can you tell us a bit more about the idea behind Bacloud?

Becloud started as an IT management company ist. lt. The company started to manage local companies' IT services, which wanted to outsource their IT infrastructure. Our own data center was established to host local companies' infrastructure, host their websites, etc. In 2011 the company created a backup solution and started to offer a Bacloud trademark ( BA – backup ) cloud. And after 1-year the company started to offer dedicated servers, VPS servers and hosting worldwide. Now Bacloud is a major dedicated server and VPS provider in Lithuania.

What were the biggest challenges that you had to face when you were starting the business?

Starting a business is always a challenge, especially in hosting a business. Decent infrastructure requests high investments, talented and experienced employees. The main challenge is to find employees, who want to grow with a company together, grow their own competencies. Many fanatic people work in Bacloud, who are constantly improving their knowledge and doing much more for the well-being of Bacloud customers.

Teamwork and sharing an idea with lots of people can be challenging. What are the core values that drive your team toward success?

We are still like a family, working step by step together. Employees of Bacloud can feel free, no stress, no bad emotions. Only happy and motivated employees can show the best results, do their work perfectly.

What are the main products and services of Bacloud?

Dedicated servers and VPS servers are the main products of Bacloud.

What is your approach when you have a client that does not understand much about hosting? How can you explain to them what is VPS or dedicated server?

Pretty easy. Hosting is like a dormitory when people share almost everything and only some space is private. If the neighbors celebrate the party, all the residents will feel it, like in the hosting server – one website can impact all the server work if it receives a DDOS attack, etc. VPS server is like private apartments with a   shared corridor, like all the residents share the network line. Private house – fully dedicated for residents. Dedicated house with the dedicated entry ( network line ).

A lot of customers care about the speed, backup, and security of their website? How is Bacloud handling these things?

We are offering NVMe VPS servers since 2016, and Bacloud become one of the first companies in Europe, which offered 100% NVMe powered VPS servers. It became a top product of our VPS servers, clients with high-weight websites felt a difference. We use commercial backup solutions to care for our client websites.

What happens when a huge surge of traffic occurs? How is Bacloud making sure that the speed of the websites of its customers is unchanged?

We use monitoring systems to detect such things quicker than our clients can see the speed of the website went down. Our servers always have many resources to use, so websites can easily burst the speed if it receives much more clients.

You started your business in 2005. Has the hosting industry changed a lot over the years? What are your expectations for the future?

It has completely changed. It is not enough just to provide service, now you need to think out of the box. One of the examples would be when we started to offer NVMe VPS servers in 2016. There are many competitors around and it is not possible to play with the lowest price, because the next day your competitor will beat the price. Clients are willing to pay more for quality and support. Expectations are very good, as we feel, that we found our own niche between hosting companies.

Where do you see your company in the next 10 years?

Becloud will become a global player in a hosting market, with many locations and data centers around the world.

We have to mention the Covid-19 pandemic. Has this pandemic affected the work of Bacloud in any way?

It affected us a lot, as we spent almost 3 months at home in 2021 and only the technical team worked in the office by rotation. Only one person at the same time in the office, others - at home. Many companies and people started to work from home and it was a success for our business. We received many requests to offer remote desktop services. Every crisis is an opportunity at the same time.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to share about the products and services of Bacloud to the hosting community?

Affordable quality - is the main goal of the Bacloud business. At the same time, we are professionals who will advise you right, not in a way that is more profitable for the company. Don't be afraid to consult, we are people whose goal is to help you come up with the best solution at an affordable price.