Elance freelancers research – Which country is the best?

Elance freelancers research 2015

Like many internet companies, we work with many freelancers that do web design, virtual assistance and marketing for Host Advice. After working with more than 70 freelancers over the years, we decided to perform this research to answer a question we had: is nationality playing a role in cost and quality of the freelancers we hire.

freelancer-thumbnail-infographicWe hired a group of researchers (on Elance of course) and asked them to check profiles of the top 10 freelancers in 4 categories from 10 nationalities, and compare scores, costs, repetition (costumers returning to hire the same freelancers) and recommendation rates.

What we found may surprise you, but more importantly, it can improve the quality of work you get, and lower the price you have to pay.

It is important to say we recommend you judge each freelancer on his or her own merits, and refrain from being racist, or attribute some stereotypes on one nation or another. Nevertheless, it may be that cultural differences account for higher scores and recommendation that freelancers get, and nationality is a clear differentiator in the results of this research.

Key Results Show:

  1. [tweetthis] If held today, Germany would have won over Britain in WW2  (if fought by freelancers…)[/tweetthis]
  2. [tweetthis]Research shows Russian freelancers are doing a better job than American freelancers and charge you much less [/tweetthis]
  3. [tweetthis]Research shows Australians freelancers have higher costs, but don’t do as good of a job[/tweetthis]
  4. [tweetthis]Research shows customers return to work with Indian freelancers more than they return to work with Canadians[/tweetthis]
  5. [tweetthis]Research shows most jobs on Elance go to freelancers from countries where English is the official language like India and the US[/tweetthis]
  6. [tweetthis]Customers on Elance are less satisfied from the results they get from marketing experts, compare with designers and IT experts they hired.[/tweetthis]
  7. [tweetthis]Don’t hire a Canadian designer to do a German designer work – research shows[/tweetthis]
  8. [tweetthis]Do you need a good programmer? hire Argentinians and stay away from Australians[/tweetthis]
  9. [tweetthis]Ex-communist Russian freelancers are as good as Americans in Marketing, yet cost much less – Research shows[/tweetthis]

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Elance freelancers research 2015

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