How Your Hosting Provider Affects Your Website Ranking

When it comes to SEO, there are many small details and factors that go into website ranking. One of the things you might not have considered is your choice of web host, which can have a  big impact on your SEO ranking. Of course, depending on the size of your site and the monthly traffic levels you experience, your ranking might be more greatly impacted by your website hosting. A bad web hosting provider might mean you drop in the ranks, whereas a good web hosting provider can help you stay on the first page of searches.

Here are the ways that your hosting provider affects your website ranking.

1. Site Speed

One way web hosting can impact SEO is based on how fast your site loads. Of course, having a fast loading site isn’t going to get you ranked first, but it can help complement the other SEO work you are doing.

If you have a slow loading site, it might lead to a negative user experience because your visitors have to wait for the site to load. This bad user experience might cause your bounce rates to increase, and the average amount of time spent on your website to decrease, which can negatively impact your SEO ranking.

2. Unsecure Website

Unfortunately, sometimes websites are hacked, which could mean that all the data on your website gets lost. A good SEO website provider will back up your data automatically, so you can quickly recover in case anything goes wrong. Without having this backup system in place, your SEO could be impacted if all your data is lost.

3. SSL Certificate

Having a trustworthy site is vital to your SEO ranking. If your website doesn’t seem like a legitimate site, both Google and your visitors won’t trust you. Your visitors won’t feel safe entering their personal data or buying something for your site if it seems a little dodgy.

Some hosting providers will sometimes give an SSL Certificate for free. To check if the hosting provider offers this to improve ranking, look in front of the “www” to see if there is a padlock. If it is there, it means that the website is secure, and you can safely exchange personal information. Google has also stated that having an SSL Certificate is a factor in the rankings.

4. Uptime Guarantee

While you likely won’t find a host that delivers an uptime of 100%, you should look for a host that provides a high uptime guarantee. The lower the uptime guarantee, the more downtime your website will experience, which could lead to your visitors becoming frustrated and no longer visiting your site.

If your site is down occasionally, it won’t have a huge impact on your rankings, but it does mostly affect your visitor’s experience. Anything you can do to keep the bounce rate low will help increase your SEO rankings.

5. Server Location

Yet another factor that can affect how you rank on search engines is where your server is located. This detail does depend on which hosting plan you have selected. For cloud hosting, this is a moot point because your server pulls from the cloud. However, if you use shared, VPS, or even a dedicated server, the location does matter. The further away your visitors are from the server location, the slower your website will load.

With high-quality SEO hosting providers, you can often choose where you want the physical location of your server to be. Many will offer several locations on multiple continents, so you can pick the one that works best for you and your website.


Does Shared Hosting Affect SEO?

It might. If you are running a small website that doesn’t get a lot of traffic, using shared hosting likely won’t negatively affect your SEO. However, if your shared hosting plan can no longer handle the high levels of traffic that your website is experiencing, or you are using too many resources, then your site might load more slowly. This could cause the bounce rate to increase, which will negatively impact your SEO.

What Is SEO Web Hosting?

SEO hosting is the different techniques that hosting providers will use to help you perform better in search engines. Hosting providers will focus on delivering high uptime guarantees, fast speeds, and dedicated IPs.

Does Changing Hosting Affect SEO?

Yes, if you change your hosting provider, it could negatively or positively impact your SEO website ranking depending on which one you choose. Before you sign a contract with a new hosting provider, make sure to look at their web hosting and SEO services that they offer to ensure that you are getting a good deal.

What Is The Best SEO Server Hosting

One of the best SEO server hosting providers is A2 Hosting. They have an uptime guarantee of 99.9%, but they almost always succeed that by far. With this SEO hosting provider, you also get access to worldwide data centers and a variety of plans that can fit the level of traffic of your site.

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