AI in Email Marketing: How to Use AI Tools for Email Automation

AI in Email Marketing: How to Use AI Tools for Email Automation and More

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The digital marketing landscape is evolving fast. And as new technologies come up, artificial intelligence (AI) has also emerged as a transformative force in email automation, revolutionizing how businesses engage with their audience.

AI tools can supercharge your email automation efforts, enhance personalization, optimize campaigns, and unlock unparalleled insights. From smart segmentation to predictive analytics, you can use this powerful technology to enhance the open rates.

In this article, we’ll explore more about how to use AI platforms in email automation, the benefits, and the top tools to consider for your business.

  • Artificial intelligence is essential in enhancing the efficiency of email marketing
  • Marketers and business owners use AI for personalization, predictive analytics, customer journey mapping, and data analysis
  • AI technologies boost revenue, decrease costs, and help you extract vast amounts of data
  • This technology can be used to draft compelling subject lines, customer segmentation, and email targeting
  • Before choosing an email automation tool, consider the pricing, key features, and use cases

What Is AI (Artificial Intelligence) Email Marketing?

AI email marketing is a cutting-edge approach that leverages artificial intelligence to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of email campaigns. This innovative strategy involves using advanced algorithms and machine learning to automate and optimize various aspects of email marketing, such as content personalization, segmentation, and analytics.

By intelligently analyzing user behavior and preferences, AI empowers marketers to deliver highly targeted and relevant content, resulting in improved engagement, higher conversion rates, and a more personalized customer experience.

Role of AI in Email Marketing

Statistics show that over 80% of industry experts use some form of AI technology in their online marketing activities. Here are the different ways AI is used by email marketers:

  • Personalization: AI analyzes user data to create highly personalized emails, increasing relevance and engagement.
  • Segmentation: Automated segmentation ensures precise targeting based on user behavior, demographics, and preferences.
  • Predictive analytics: AI forecasts user actions, enabling marketers to anticipate customer needs and tailor campaigns accordingly.
  • Automated campaigns: AI automates email sending, from sending personalized messages to analyzing campaign performance.
  • A/B testing optimization: AI refines A/B testing by rapidly analyzing large datasets to identify the most effective elements for improved future campaigns.
  • Customer journey mapping: AI helps map and optimize the customer journey, ensuring seamless and targeted communication throughout the sales funnel.
  • Data analysis and insights: AI processes vast datasets, providing actionable insights into campaign performance, customer preferences, and overall marketing effectiveness.

Benefits of AI for Email Campaigns

Here are the benefits of AI in email marketing:

Increases Revenue

AI in email campaigns optimizes targeting, personalization, and timing, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates. The result is a substantial increase in revenue as campaigns become more effective at driving customer actions, such as purchases, subscriptions, or other desired interactions.

Decreases Costs

Another benefit of AI in email campaigns is the reduced costs. Automation through AI streamlines processes, reducing the need for manual intervention. This saves time and decreases operational costs, making email and digital marketing campaigns more cost-effective and scalable.

Extracts Large Sets of User Data

AI efficiently processes and analyzes vast amounts of user data. This capability allows marketers to gain valuable insights into customer behaviors, preferences, and trends, facilitating data-driven decision-making for more targeted and successful email campaigns.

Scaling AI Email Marketing Campaigns

With AI, scaling email marketing campaigns becomes more manageable. Automation handles repetitive tasks, and AI-driven insights facilitate the expansion of personalized and effective campaigns to larger audiences without a proportional increase in resource requirements. This scalability is crucial for reaching broader markets and maximizing campaign impact.

How AI Is Changing Email Marketing: Recent Statistics

According to the HubSpot State of Generative AI report that surveyed 1,350 U.S. business professionals using AI, 1 in 5 professionals use AI in their tasks. Additionally, 82% of marketers surveyed said that generative AI has impacted how they create content.

  • 67% of marketers say AI saves time and helps them create content faster
  • 50% say AI improves the content quality
  • 49% say AI in email marketing personalizes content
  • 48% use AI platforms to generate ideas

AI-driven automation optimizes workflows, enhancing targeting precision and reducing manual efforts. Predictive analytics anticipates customer behavior, allowing marketers to craft timely, relevant messages. This marketing strategy is reshaping the email landscape, enabling businesses to deliver more personalized, effective, and scalable campaigns.

How AI Is Used in Email Marketing: 12 AI Email Marketing Examples

Most businesses today are turning to AI. Data shows that the market for AI in marketing was estimated at $15.84 billion in 2021 and is projected to hit more than $107.5 billion by 2028. So, if you want to start using artificial intelligence in your business, here are the different ways to incorporate it in email marketing.

1. Draft Compelling Subject Lines

As you create a business email, you need to write email subject lines that are compelling. AI transforms subject line creation by analyzing vast datasets to predict which phrases, emojis, or styles resonate most with specific audiences.

The algorithms learn from past open rates and user behavior, enabling marketers to craft personalized email subject lines that significantly enhance email open rates. This data-driven approach ensures that you write email subject lines that are catchy.

2. Understand Your Customer Lifecycle

Artificial intelligence plays a pivotal role in understanding the customer lifecycle by analyzing data throughout the entire customer journey. The algorithms assess customer interactions, behaviors, and preferences, providing valuable insights into each stage of the lifecycle.

AI’s ability to discern patterns and predict future actions empowers businesses to create more personalized and effective marketing strategies tailored to individual customer journeys. This makes AI ideal if you need to develop eCommerce email marketing strategies.

3. Restructure Your Email Campaign

You can leverage machine learning algorithms to analyze campaign performance data to help you with email campaign restructuring. This technology identifies patterns, such as:

  • Optimal send times
  • Content preferences
  • Engagement factors

With these insights, marketers can dynamically adjust campaign elements, ensuring each email is optimized for maximum impact. For instance, if you have a low open rate, you can use the data to write a better email and subject line.

4. Make Smart Segmentation

All your customers are not the same; therefore, you need smart technologies. By analyzing diverse data points, artificial intelligence algorithms identify meaningful patterns and segments within your audience.

This way, you can create highly targeted and personalized campaigns based on specific characteristics, behaviors, or preferences. Smart segmentation ensures that each email resonates with its intended audience.

5. Personalize Email Copy

You can use AI to personalize the copy if you need to email several people. Each recipient will receive a message that’s tailored to their unique interests. This level of customization goes beyond traditional approaches, enhancing engagement and creating a more personalized experience.

From product recommendations to tailored messaging, AI-driven personalization elevates the effectiveness of email copy, fostering stronger connections with recipients.

6. Make Product Recommendations

AI revolutionizes product recommendations in email marketing by leveraging sophisticated algorithms to analyze user behavior and purchase history. Machine learning models predict personalized product suggestions based on individual preferences, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

For instance, if you plan to introduce a new product or service, you can leverage AI for content-based recommendation systems. You can also use these AI tools to write a blog post about the same products.

7. Customize Email Targeting

Machine learning algorithms process information on demographics, behavior, and preferences to adjust targeting parameters. This ensures that each email reaches the most relevant audience segments, especially if you are using AI for eCommerce. This approach increases the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

8. Clean Up Your Email List

AI streamlines email list management by automatically identifying and removing inactive or irrelevant contacts. The algorithms analyze engagement patterns and user behavior to ensure that the email list remains up-to-date and targeted, improving deliverability rates and overall campaign performance.

9. Use AI for Predictive Analytics

Harnessing AI for predictive analytics in email marketing involves learning algorithms analyzing historical data to forecast future user behavior. By anticipating actions, you can strategically tailor campaigns, improving targeting precision and optimizing content delivery for enhanced engagement and conversion rates.

10. Use AI Email Automation

Email automation with AI streamlines and optimizes the entire marketing process. From personalized content creation to scheduling and analyzing campaigns, automation ensures efficiency and relevance, allowing marketers to deliver timely and targeted messages, ultimately enhancing engagement and driving conversions.

11. Prevent Your Emails from Getting into Spam

Thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms, you can analyze various factors influencing email deliverability, including sender reputation, content quality, and user engagement. AI identifies potential issues and proactively optimizes campaigns to ensure emails reach recipients’ inboxes, improving overall deliverability.

12. Analyze Customer Feedback with Natural Language Processing

AI uses natural language processing (NLP) for in-depth analysis of customer feedback in emails. NLP algorithms dissect textual data, extracting sentiments, topics, and insights from customer responses. This data-driven approach helps businesses understand customer sentiments, identify trends, and make informed decisions to refine email strategies.

15 Best AI Email Marketing Tools and Generators

Here are the best artificial intelligence tools and generators to use in your email marketing campaigns:

1. Grammarly


Image source: Grammarly

Grammarly is an essential writing companion that offers AI-driven proofreading with real-time grammar and spelling checks, style improvements, and tone suggestions.


The tool has a free plan available. The premium monthly subscription starts at $15/month for 3 to 9 seats or $180 per seat annually.

AI Features

  • AI-driven grammar and spelling checks
  • Style and tone suggestions
  • Plagiarism checker

2. Jasper


Image source: Jasper

Jasper, a robust AI email marketing tool, seamlessly integrates advanced segmentation and predictive analytics for campaign optimization. This AI tool ensures precision in delivering targeted and effective email campaigns.


The tool has custom pricing based on business requirements.

AI Features

  • Advanced segmentation
  • Predictive analytics allow you to leverage artificial intelligence insights to forecast customer behavior

3. HubSpot AI Tools

HubSpot AI Tools

Image source: HubSpot AI

HubSpot’s AI platforms are a comprehensive suite seamlessly integrating into its marketing platform. With powerful automation, personalization, and analytics, it streamlines email marketing efforts for businesses of all sizes.


Pricing varies based on specific services and features. HubSpot offers comprehensive marketing software for automation at $800/month.

AI Features

  • AI-driven suggestions
  • Behavioral email targeting
  • Smart automation
  • AI content writer
  • Social caption generator

4. Superhuman


Image source: Superhuman

Superhuman reinvents email productivity with its AI-driven platform, offering a streamlined and intelligent email experience. It enhances email efficiency and management for a more productive communication workflow.


The pricing starts at $30/ user/month.

AI Features

  • AI-powered inbox delivery and management
  • AI suggests and automates time-saving actions

5. HiveMind


Image source: HiveMind

This tool is essential for email marketers because it writes content and responds to emails on your behalf in a few seconds.


They offer a free plan. You can pay for the premium plans starting at $12/month.

AI Features

  • Behavioral segmentation using AI
  • Predictive analytics to optimize marketing strategies

6. Levity


Image source: Levity

Levity uses AI to draft email responses without leaving your business inbox.


Levity has four pricing plans. You can use the free option or get the premium option from $79/month.

AI Features

  • AI-driven tool for analyzing and categorizing images within emails.
  • Content classification
  • Smart tagging

7. ChatGPT


Image source: ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a generative AI tool that you can use to generate email ideas. Using prompts, you can also use the tool to proofread, shorten, or rewrite your emails.


The platform offers a free plan. However, ChatGPT Plus costs $20/month.

AI Features

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Content generation for relevant email content
  • Conversational AI

8. Get Response

Get Response

Image source: Get Response

This AI tool allows you to create engaging emails in seconds with an open AI-powered email generator. Get Response is an ideal tool for developing goal-optimized subject lines and content.


The basic plans start at $15 per month and scales based on features and subscribers.

AI Features

  • Autoresponders with automation
  • Predictive analytics
  • Advanced segmentation

9. Zapier


Image source: Zapier

Zapier is one of the best AI platforms to use for email marketers. It helps businesses create automated workflows.


There’s a free plan available. To get advanced features, Zapier charges $19.99/month for the Starter option.

AI Features

  • Automation workflows
  • Task automation
  • Data syncing


Image source:

With, you can save time by using this Chrome extension to write your emails. This tool automates the typing process so that you can focus on other core tasks.


The extension is free.

AI Features

  • Automated email copywriting
  • Content optimization
  • Personalization recommendations


Image source:

This generative AI tool is useful in email marketing as an expert copywriter. You just need to key in your prompt to get the email draft.


There’s a free version. However, the premium plans start from $36/month.

AI Features

  • Content generation
  • Language translation
  • Creativity expansion

12. Phrasee


Image source: Phrasee

Phrasee is an AI tool for email automation that brings in more clicks and conversions. This tool generates on-brand content for different types of businesses.


Phrasee has custom pricing based on usage. You have to contact the sales team.

AI Features

  • AI-powered copywriting
  • Language optimization
  • A/B testing automation

13. Drift


Image source: Drift

To create lasting customer relationships, you should consider email automation tools like Drift. This AI-powered buyer engagement tool learns from buyers to create a personalized experience.


The premium plans start from $2,500 per month.

AI Features

  • Conversational AI
  • Lead qualification
  • Automated conversations

14. Sendgrid


Image source: Sendgrid

Sendgrid is an email automation tool that gets your message to your recipient much faster. This tool ensures that the email is sent to the right person.


The tool has a variety of pricing plans, including a free tier with basic features and a scalable paid plan starting from $19.95/month based on email volume and additional features.

AI Features

  • Email deliverability optimization
  • Dynamic content personalization
  • Predictive analytics

15. Mailchimp


Image source: Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the top email marketing and automation tools. The platform uses generative AI to help you write emails much faster and more efficiently to get more opens, clicks, and sales.


Mailchimp offers a free plan with basic features. The paid plans start at $6 per month, with pricing tiers based on the number of subscribers and additional features.

AI Features

  • Predicted demographics
  • Personalized product recommendations in emails
  • Send time optimization

Final Word: Leverage the Power of AI in Email Communication

Incorporating AI in email marketing has revolutionized automation, personalization, and campaign optimization. As businesses embrace the power of AI tools, the potential for enhanced engagement and conversion rates becomes limitless. Seize the future of email marketing by integrating AI into your strategy.

Ready to elevate your online presence? Explore the best website builders to complement your AI-driven marketing efforts and propel your business to new heights.

Next Steps: What Now?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can AI help with email?

AI enhances email marketers work by automating tasks, personalizing content, and predicting user behavior. It optimizes campaigns, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

How is AI used in online marketing?

AI in online marketing automates tasks, analyzes data for insights, and personalizes content, improving targeting and overall campaign effectiveness. It enhances customer experiences and drives better results.

Will AI replace email marketing?

No, AI complements email marketing by automating processes, refining targeting, and improving personalization. It enhances, rather than replaces, the effectiveness of marketing strategies.

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