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Elementor – Striving to Be the Ultimate WordPress Drag & Drop Page Builder

An Interview with Yoni Luksenberg, Co-Founder of Pojo.me and Elementor.com

You would expect that the development of a WordPress plugin would be driven by a developer, but that is not the case with the Elementor plugin, a drag and drop form designer for WordPress. This plugin is being driven by the vision of a designer, not a programmer - because who else would know better what professional designers really need and want?

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Cloud Elements Makes it Easy to Talk to Different Applications

An Interview with Duane Tharp, VP of Technical Services at Cloud Elements

Cloud Elements is a small company making big waves in the area of web application integration - for both enterprise customers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). In this chat with Duane Tharp, VP of Technical Services at Cloud Elements, we get a good understanding of their approach to web application integration and its benefits, what they have accomplished already, and what their vision is for the future.

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Be Adaptable and Agile – John Enright of Hostway

My discussion with John Enright, General Manager of Web and Applications at Hostway Corporation, began with a wonderful stroll down memory lane. As John told me a bit about himself and his background, many of the circumstances and stories reminded me of my own career and were a great review of the early days of the Internet.

He also has some very clear ideas on where the Internet and web hosting are headed.

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When You Need the Fastest Guaranteed Internet Access For Your Servers – Tereza Hubkova of 10Gbps.io

While there are hundreds of hosting companies offering a variety of services and options, most of them focus on clients who do not require more than 1Gbps connections. That’s where 10Gbps.io is different - they are one of the few hosting companies who are able to offer a stable, unshared 10Gbps or more connection to the Internet. Who are the companies that require such guaranteed bandwidth and how does 10Gbps.io support them? Read our interview with Tereza Hubkova of 10Gbps.io.

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When your hosting company is a custom solutions development house. Interview with Server Point CEO, Pedro Nieto

ServerPoint has been providing very nice hosting options for all types of customers since 1998. The company boasts that they have no long term debt, and are profitable every year. This is important today since many hosting companies are being bought and sold, which can cause problems for the customers. Based out of Las Vegas, ServerPoint keeps all their support in-house. While they are a great hosting company for all types of websites, they have made an effort to become the leading company for developers. They designed their infrastructure for stability and providing the services that they knew their customers would need.

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