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Web.com Offers Digital Marketing Services to Small Businesses

Interview with Jason Teichman, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Web.com

Web.com has a pretty big web presence and thousands of employees in dozens of offices around the world. The hosting and domain name registrar goes beyond the basics, giving people SEO services and other digital marketing offerings. We learned about the Web.com way when we sat down with Jason Teichman, the EVP and COO of Web.com.

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Bluehost’s Innovative Technology Solutions Position it as a Popular Web Host

Interview with James Grierson, CEO of Bluehost

Bluehost is one of those hosting companies that is pretty ubiquitous in the United States (and possibly beyond). There's a good reason for that too: their focus on innovative solutions for their customers in catering to each type of user puts them in a pretty good spot. We sat down with James Grierson, Bluehost's CEO, who told us about the company's current status and direction.

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Giving Serious Tech Support is what Makes A2 Hosting Great

Interview with Bryan Muthig, CEO and co-founder of A2 Hosting

There are a few hosting companies with a truly technical foundation. Many people start hosting companies established by entrepreneurs, but not many of those companies are established by those with the true chops to hack a Linux server...or to bring one up from the dead. That's why it was a pleasure speaking with Bryan Muthig, CEO of A2 Hosting, who comes from the world of systems administration and now is CEO of one of the most tech-savvy hosting platforms out there.

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Interview with HostingCon marketing manager, Andy Grider

HostingCon is the global event for the cloud and service provider ecosystem. They host 4 events a year, in India, China, Europe (which has always been in Amsterdam) and the largest one, in the United States. HostingCon is bar none the biggest event for networking with the people who provide and create the services we use and to keep up to date on the latest trends. Offering full conferences, speakers, big exhibition halls and most of all, networking events. We sat down with Andy Grider, the marketing manager of HostingCon to learn more about who should come and what to expect from the event.

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