Leading WordPress Hosting Provider Raidboxes Joins The team.blue Family

European hosting giant team.blue has purchased German managed WordPress hosting company Raidboxes for an unknown amount of money. Raidboxes is to keep its brand name upon the transaction.

The logo of team.blue on a white background with black, white, and blue colors.

Johannes Benz and Torben Simon Meier launched Raidboxes as a result of their ambition and discontent as owners of a small Internet business called Gutado in 2016. There were only substantial, generic hosting businesses in Germany at the time. For real WordPress hosting professionals, they had to rely on American companies. And because of the various time zones, their WordPress websites ran terribly, and support hours were extended.

After six years, Raidboxes is now a top WordPress hosting service for companies, agencies, and independent contractors that use WordPress to make money in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The firm presently serves more than 16,000 clients and has more than 27,000 dedicated WordPress hosting servers, two data centers, and client projects from more than 55 countries worldwide. It also counts 45 employees in addition to the initial three founders.

Torben Simon Meier and Johannes Benz, who serve the roles of Founders at Raidboxes, had the following to say:

We are very thankful to have met the guys from team.blue. We love their entrepreneurial spirit, their competency, friendliness, and also their ambition to be a company that creates value for all stakeholders. Since we follow the same vision of creating an ecosystem for SMEs where they can fully profit from digitalization, we are very much looking forward to the joint time ahead.

The firm will continue to be led by Torben and Johannes. The team.blue organization will help them, enabling further acceleration of their goals for global development in the WordPress and WooCommerce industries. Team.blue anticipates that its 2.5M+ clients will have access to Raidboxes’ fantastic products and services as a result of this strategy.