How to Install OpenCart using cPanel

What is OpenCart 2?

OpenCart 2 is the updated version of one of the best free and open-source eCommerce platforms. OpenCart 2 proves to be a powerful management store with numerous themes and extensions. You also get the integrated support of the best payment gateways and shipping methods such as PayPal, Amazon Payments, Ups, FedEx and many more.

In the following article, I will guide you through the process of installing OpenCart 2 with the help of FTP on your hosting account.

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Step 1:
Downloading OpenCart 2

First of all, you need to visit the OpenCart website and look for the download page. From there you have got to download the latest version of OpenCart available there.

Once you click on the Download link under Action next to the latest version it will start downloading for you. As soon as it has completed downloading you have to extract the archive in your computer. Once extracted, open the folder. You have got to find the folder named ‘upload’ inside it. There are all the files and folders required to be uploaded present inside this folder. You have got to upload them to proceed with the installation process.

Now you have got to find the files named “config-dist.php” and “config.-dist.php” and then rename them. The former can be found under the upload directory while the later will be available under the /admin/ folder. Find both the files and then rename both the file to “config.php”. Note that you need to give the same name to both the files.

Step 2:
Uploading the installation files

For this step, you will be needing an FTP client. You can use any FTP client of your choice like FileZilla or any other.

After making sure that you have an available FTP client you need to pick a folder in which you want to install OpenCart. There are two scenarios. One is that you might want that your store should be accessible directly via your domain name.

The other is that you might want a subdirectory for your store. For the first scenario, you would have to upload your files in your “public_html” directory. And for the second one, you would have to upload the files by creating a directory under the “public_html” folder.

After making the above decision you just have to drag all the required files and folders from the “upload” directory of the archive of OpenCart 2 and then drop them in your hosting folder. Once the uploading process has completed, under your hosting account folder you would be present with a list of files and folders which would look similar to the list provided below. You would be able to access the OpenCart 2 installation wizard if all the files and folders mentioned in the list are present there.


Step 3:
OpenCart 2 installation wizard

In this step, you will have to open your web browser. In your browser, you will have to access your hosting account through your domain name. Doing this would redirect you to the installation page of OpenCart 2.

This is a four-step process. In the first step, you will have to accept the License Agreement and then click on the button at the bottom that reads “CONTINUE”. This would take you to the second step.

In this step, a test will be performed which will check if all the files and folder for OpenCart 2 are present or not.

In this step, you will have to make sure that all the files are “Writable”. If it is not writable written next to any of the files and folders you will have to go through the install.txt file or simply contact your hosting provider. Most probably it is caused by the files and folders permission error. Once you have made sure that all the files are writable, click on the “CONTINUE” button. This will take you to the next step.

In the next step, to proceed, you would have to MySQL database with a user have enough permissions. This is compulsory as in this step you will be required to fill the database and the administrative details for login.

Fill all the fields and then click on the bottom button that reads “CONTINUE” which will take you to the final screen of the OpenCart installation wizard which says “Ready to start selling!”.

Congo! You have successfully installed OpenCart 2.

We recommend to remove the ‘install’ directory and access your hosting account through FTP or using cPanel file manager.

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