How to Fix an HTTP Error Appearing in the WordPress Media Library

It's so annoying when you see an error while managing your WordPress website. There are many common errors you should know about.

Today, you will learn to fix HTTP Error which occurs when you try to upload any media files to the Media library.

Have you ever seen an error message in the red color while uploading an image? Well, it usually happens when the user doesn't have the proper folder permission.

Let me enlighten it to you. Whenever you upload any media file to your WordPress Media Library, it gets stored in the Uploads folder present in the wp-content folder of WordPress.

If you have ever tried to learn more about WordPress and opened the cPanel provided by your web hosting company, you may already know what I am talking about.

In this tutorial you are going to learn the best and the easiest way to fix HTTP Error. Let me tell you that there can be other HTTP Errors too.

But here, we're talking about an error when you see a message that you're not allowed to upload the file, we're not able to create a directory for you etc.

The error message can be different depending on the media file you try to upload.

A Step by Step Guide to Fix HTTP Error

You may be wondering why does everything have to do with the cPanel. Well, that's where the data of your website is available.

You have to access it to fix an error. Many people fret a lot when they encounter an error. It's pretty normal but it's better if you try to learn more.

There is nothing much technical here. You can just follow the steps and within a few minutes, you will have everything working perfectly.

Step 1

Open the cPanel and look for the File Manager. If you haven't chosen to open the root directory, you should. It's because many people get confused between public_html/root directory and the main directory.

All the data of your website is present in the root directory.

But if you have more than website then you must find the folder name of the website. Even if you are using a subdomain, you have to find that particular folder.

Step 2

Once you see all the files and folders, you have to search for wp-content. Click to open it and you will see some other folders.

Step 3

As I have already told you, all the media files get stored in the Uploads folder, you have to check its folder permissions.

To do so, you need to right-click and choose "Change Permissions". You can also do it by using the Permissions option shown in the main navigation menu.

Step 4

A popup will appear in front of you. If you see the permissions other than 755, it's a problem.

To fix this, you have to make it 755.Try checking the boxes as I just shown you below.

Once you do it, click on the "Change Permissions"button and try uploading the media files to your WordPress admin panel.

If that works, congrats. You have successfully fixed the HTTP Error. But it doesn't, you have to check the error message again.

Sometimes, it may happen because of the small default file upload memory. And this tutorial covered the most solution to HTTP Error of the Media Library.

I hope you can easily accomplish this.

Let me elaborate a little bit more about it. It's simple. When you try to access something you don't have an access to, your access gets denied.

To get an access, you should have the proper authority. Here, WordPress requires the user to have the privilege of uploading a new file.

It's possible only if you choose the right folder permissions. The similar kind of error occurs for your whole website. A 403 Forbidden Error can occur when you use the wrong file or folder permissions.


Every now and then people say that WordPress is hard to manage but once they start using it, they feel great. Once you get some basic experience you can fix errors like HTTP Error, 404 Error, 403 Error, 503 Error, and many more within minutes.

Fixing HTTP error can be really easy if you follow the steps mentioned above. I would also like to mention that it may also happen if your web hosting company is doing any upgrade.

In this case the best solution is to contact the web hosting customer support. And of course, you can always ask us. We're always here to help.

Comment below and let us know what you think.


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