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I have been using PowWeb for 13 years (since 2006) and my experience has been all positive. There is virtually no down time, and their IMAP email service has been reliable and meets all of my needs. O...Read Moren the rare occasions that I have had to contact the Support Department, my issues were resolved in a reasonable amount of time. I have one website and four email addresses, so perhaps my needs are less complex than some of the other customers with the negative reviews, but my experience with PowWeb has been quite good.Less


jay cooper
jay cooper from Germany,

IT is really a fake hosting

We are client from 15 years and i never get a bad and not professional service like this hosting, full of bugs, support customer so impolite and not prepared ,every day happen something new .and TODAY i can confirm it , i record a...Read Morell chat with the customer support and i will share online asap .Stay far away from this ....Less
Samer Houri
Samer Houri from Lebanon,

since they added foundation stuff to the dashboard it became horribly slow

overall not bad hosting good support and very acceptable price it is just one thing that make you hate it and leave it!
The foundation page is making it horribly too slow and very unbearable
Dele Michael
Dele Michael from United States,

The worst hosting company in the entire universe

Trust me. They will hustle you for everything. Including infecting your files and tell you to buy their protection. They can suspend your account for their own malicious activities and put you on hold for 48-72hrs. You heard right. Every single issue take 48-72hrs to resolve.
Lisseth DG
Lisseth DG from United States,

Being a Powweb customer for over 20 years...

POWWEB should not be allowed to provide services to individuals or organizations AT ALL - this is not a reliable business partner - if you just want to do a private website it may work for you - but never ever trust them when it c...Read Moreomes to serious business. They are not the cheapest, nor the fastest or at the latest - they are just there to cash up as long as there are no issues - but if you ever have a problem - they aren't able/willing to solve it. They'll push you to create a new account and pay again - and yet you will have to keep waiting endless and the problem will never get solved.
After being a powweb client for over 20 years they suspended my account apparently because one of my domains, registrered with POWWEB, 17 Years ago - all of the sudden - after SEVENTEEN YEARS - hosting the same website, same regirstrar info- so literally 17 years being everything exactly the same - all of the sudden it was not anymore in compliance with their terms of services - and rahter than send me a courtesy email, to inform me and request to remove the domain from the server, or even themself removing it - NOPE - they just suspended my entired account without any previous notice - it has been almost a month, I have 7 other business accounts hosted at that server - all in compliance and all of them are still down - They pushed me to create a new account and obviously pay again for it the full amount - what I also did - and 4 days later - my websites are still down - the only thing you hear from the customer support is that they are very sorry for the inconveniences - they are working hard - and I should keep waiting. So - my recommendations - if you are looking for a serious reliable business partner - STAY AWAY FROM POWWEB.
I have been hosting my website since 2009, and 28 December 2020 they deleted my account without any notification to the admin account, they said they can restore my website and asked me to create a new account, I paid for the new ...Read Moreaccount now they are saying that they can’t restore the website as it already over more the 14 days and they don’t have the data, I lost my website for ever. I asked them to forward all the email notifications sent to me before deleting the account they said since the account was deleted, they don’t have that info as well. I have not received any notification from them, I did an email trace in my exchange server and found no email from POWWEB.
How to go forward?
Unfortunately I do not have a back up of the website as we were paying the backup service of our website data as well.
I suggest no one take their service
Fred Smith
Fred Smith from United States,

Prices continue to climb

I have been with this company for nearly 20 years. Just paid $170 for a year of hosting. Too much in my opinion. I'm kind of a brand loyal person but when my clients start off at 50 bucks a year then freak out a few years later an...Read Mored get a bill for $170 for a year of hosting its time to recommend a new hosting service. I really have never had any problems with their service just the big price hike after the initial signup price. When they got bought out was when I really started to notice this.Less
BILL HUBER from United States,

Positive Experience

I have been using PowWeb for 13 years (since 2006) and my experience has been all positive. There is virtually no down time, and their IMAP email service has been reliable and meets all of my needs. On the rare occasions that I ha...Read Moreve had to contact the Support Department, my issues were resolved in a reasonable amount of time. I have one website and four email addresses, so perhaps my needs are less complex than some of the other customers with the negative reviews, but my experience with PowWeb has been quite good.Less
Shannon Winkworth
Shannon Winkworth from Canada,

The rating should be 0!!!!!!!!

Worst company in the hosting world. I know they sold my information to other companies who now call, text, and email all the time. I know this because I was signing a customer up to do their web design so I put it under his name a...Read Morend am getting all these communications with his name attached. I played along once, and then when I finally questioned one of these people about where they got my information, they didn't answer but promptly hung up. I contacted powweb about this and they said because I didn't pay for extra protection (have a box checked) when I was signing up the hosting, they took my info and did whatever they wanted with it.
I started to migrate all my clients away from this hosting as well as my own site. They charged me a month early before I had a chance to cancel my hosting. I asked them for a refund, but they refunded me in USD and I am Canadian. This resulted in a currency issue and less money being refunded. The person on chat said I would get everything back, but neglected to comment on currency issues. When I contacted them again, they said it was my fault for not selecting Canadian currency when signing up. I looked back at my emails and not once did they state that it was in either CAD or USD. I basically had to threaten them to return all my money.
After that I asked them to delete all my account and all my credit cards of their files. They said they did it, but sure enough, a year later they charged my PayPal account, which I never used with them and had no idea they could just charge me like that out of the blue. This, too, was done earlier than what it was supposed to be charged. Luckily I contacted them the same day and they refunded the entire amount, but it took 10 days for it to go back onto my PayPal. So essentially, if they do this to everyone, they could just have free access to money for days and days before people realize. They are hoping you wait too long to notice so they can tell you "Oh sorry, because you've been using this annual service for 3 weeks into the subscription we can't refund you," which has also happened to be via another account--so I had to pay for something all year that I never used. Also, I noticed that if you leave a site untouched for several months (I have a portfolio site, no need to fix or touch much), your site will suddenly disappear and you will have to go reactivate it. I've had to ask support to fix it and they act like it's no big deal.
This company is so sketchy. STAY AWAY!!!
Annie English
Annie English from United States,

Abhorrent customer service

PowWeb has abhorrent customer service. First, our website went static. And after multiple frustrating calls and online chats, I was told they no longer supported the platform our website was built on. (To my knowledge we were neve...Read Morer notified of this.) Then our domain name went public. I sent them an email. One week. No response. I called them, and it took them 15 minutes to say it was due to non-payment. (We were on auto-pay.) Their web page promotes friendly tech/customer support and an opportunity to give feedback. However, when you click on the feedback link you are taken to a "Knowledge Base" page which takes you to various other links to "help" you. Talk about a frustrating experience. I don't even have the words to describe the utter disgust and disappointment I have experienced with this company. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone. Even if it was free.Less
Michael Levanduski

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski

Expert Overview

Nice hosting but very limited options

Powweb is another web hosting company that has been bought out by Endurance International Group, which is one of the largest hosting companies around.  They still operate largely independently, but some people will appreciate the fact that they are backed by this major company.

This hosting company is focused only on small sites for individuals and businesses.  They only offer one hosting package, which is quite unusual.  The package is an unlimited shared hosting service, which offers mostly standard features.  Obviously there is no option to grow your site beyond shared hosting with this company, but for many people that is not a problem at all.

If their one hosting option fits your needs, however, they are an established company that seems to provide quality hosting with few problems.

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Rated by Michael Levanduski
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Uptime & Reliability

No uptime guarantees

They don’t really mention their uptime stats at all on their page and there is no much information about what you can expect.  Customers don’t complain about outages, which is a good sign.  From what I can gather, they don’t overload their servers, which is the primary problem with most shared hosting companies.  This would indicate that their uptime is likely to be very good.

They do mention on their site that they use Tier 1 backbones and RAID technology on their dell web servers, all of which indicates that they are likely a very stable hosting company to work with.


Standard features only

Nothing outstanding to report regarding the features from Powweb.  You’ll get a free domain name when you sign up for hosting, and some ad credits to Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Of course, these are all standard fare with most hosting providers these days.

Despite the fact that they don’t really offer anything out of the ordinary, that may not be a problem for their target audience.  They are clearly looking to sign up only small businesses and individuals, most of whom won’t need any major extras.


24/7 live chat support and ticketing system

Due to the simplicity of their hosting packages there aren’t typically going to be many issues that you need to worry about.  In the event that you do have problems, they offer a 24/7 live technical support and a ticketing system which has fast response times.  They also have a toll-free number for US customers to use.  Overall, however, with just shared hosting available, you aren’t likely to need to use their tech support very often.


Upfront pricing with no surprises

The fact that they offer only one hosting package makes it really easy to see what you will be paying.  You can either choose to pay month by month, or save a little bit by paying for a year or longer at a time.  Everything you’ll need for basic hosting is included so you’ll likely have no additional charges that you need to worry about.


One of the simplest web hosting options in the industry

There really isn’t a lot to say about this hosting company.  They will either meet your needs, in which case they are a great option, or they won’t.  If you are looking to host a site that you want to set up and let it go, this is likely a great option.  You won’t run into any significant trouble, but you also can’t really grow the site.


  • One hosting package makes it easy to choose
  • Very clear list of services
  • Backed by Endurance International Group


  • Only shared hosting available
  • No uptime guarantees
  • Only custom control panel available (no Plesk or cPanel)


PowWeb Prices, Plans & Features - 2021

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
One Plan Unlimited Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $3.88 4.0 Details

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