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A few words from LWS

LWS specialises in web hosting and domain name registration since 1999 and hosts more than 280,000 websites and domain names.

LWS is established in several countries (France, England, Spain, Germany, and in the United States).

LWS is Nominet (.co.uk), Afnic (.fr), DNS.BE (.be), DNS.LU (.lu), .WS and Eurid (.eu) accredited, which allows us to sell domain names at a compet...Read Moreitive price !

LWS provides easy to use web hosting plan with famous softwares included (Joomla, Wordpress, Prestashop...) at the better price in France !

Our 24/7/365 available support reply to every question in up to 2 hours and help every client to create his own website easily.
LWS HomePage Screenshot
Money Back: 30 Days

Pricing Range

Shared Hosting $2.06 - $28.37
VPS $6.22 - $68.51
Cloud Hosting $6.91 - $69.19
Website Builder $2.33 - $5.85


99.9% Uptime

Data Centers

LWS Awards

This award is given to hosting companies that have successfully passed our 99.9% uptime test
larbi soudaki

Pinned Review

larbi soudaki,
good support i thanks so much


Asad Ullah
Asad Ullah from Pakistan,

Very bed hosting

I use this lws hosting for my client and install WordPress after trying login in WordPress but show error ( error 503 backend fetch Field ) and I contact support after showing this error not solve my problem lws hosting contact su...Read Morepport team again and again send message submit ticket I submit ticket but reply 4 hours I need urgently support but not provide I highly recommend not use this hosting only waste of time this hosting waste my full day timeLess

Nous n'avons pas trouvé votre nom dans notre base de donnée, pouvez-vous me transmettre vos coordonnées ?

Je vous propose que le responsable du service client vous contacte afin de régler votre problème directement ...Read Moreou de vous rembourser les frais intégralement.

Merci d'avoir remonté votre expérience LWS même si celle ci n'a pas été totalement satisfaisante, elle nous permet de nous améliorer.

Vous souhaitant une bonne journée.
L'équipe LWS.
Cet personne ne dit pas la vérité, je suis client chez eux depuis plusieurs années et ce n'est pas juste ce qu'il dit. (Ce que je dis maintenant c'est un mot de vérité et de témoignange envers cet hébergeur).
Boubaker KHMILI

This host is the pirates heaven !

Long story short : We wanted to report and trigger a DMCA Takedown on a website that did copy 25 ARTICLES (word by word) from our website.
Since their "abuse form" can only handle 500 characters we couldn't do ANYTHING.

We tri...Read Moreed to contact "abuse@lws.fr" NOT WORKING, and we've got an "Undelivered Mail"...

We tried to contact "contact@lws.fr" NOT WORKING and we've got and "Undelivered Mail"...

I'm not a client of LWS.fr, but since when reporting piracy had to be so hard !

Literally the only (and I mean it) the ONLY web host provider that (until this moment) we struggle to report piracy. ALL THE OTHERS did their job in less than 48 hours and everything ran smoothly with them.

Reporting piracy is even easy with (the giant) google than this lws.fr.

By the way : Only my "reliability, User Friendly and Support" are true scores. Don't consider my other scores (Pricing and Features) since i'm not an LWS.FR client.

Pour répondre aux questions concernant le dépôt d’abuses chez LWS, voici une petite explication.
Vous avez la possibilité d’ouvrir plusieurs abuses depuis notre site web, dont l’une est l’envoi d’un mail sur l’adresse...Read More abuse@lws.fr. Sachez que même si cela indique « Mail non livré », la demande est belle et bien prise en compte par notre équipe.

Vous pouvez aussi ouvrir un contact commercial depuis le site lws.fr pour déposer votre requête ou pour demander d’être contacté par notre équipe. Dans les deux cas, nous essayons toujours de vous contacter dans 48 heures de la demande.

Merci d'avoir remonté votre expérience LWS même si celle ci n'a pas été totalement satisfaisante, elle nous permet de nous améliorer.

Vous souhaitant une bonne journée.
L'équipe LWS.
Bien cordialement
Your answer was "We don't judge plagiarism.. Go to court" ... Such a godamn Piracy oriented minds !

Google did remove from his search results all the links.. and you tell me to bring a court decision !

Pirate's host with excellence !
Hicham Aderaaz
Hicham Aderaaz from Morocco,
Moved from Gandi.net

une société qui m'a arnaqué pour payer plusieurs fois le nom de domaine

Une expérience stréssante avec la sté LWS, a cause de son support non professionel j'ai perdu mon nom de domaine et tous mon Business.
J'ai transférer un nom de domaine chez eux en payant la totalité de ce qu'ils demandent, et ap...Read Morerés 6 mois il me demande de payer encore plus soit disant que j'ai payer seulement pour 6 mois !!!!???? est ce qu'il existe une sté dans le monde qui offre des noms de domaine à 6 mois?? et méme si je n'ai reçu ni facture ni email précisant la date de 6 mois que j'ai souscrit.
Aprés contact à leurs service de support pour une dizanie de fois ils ne veulent rien fair que m'ofrire une remise de 20% à condition de payer tjrs pour une 2éme fois. donc j'ai poster une réclamation chez eux sans aucune réponse, ils refuse de me répondre et mnt il me demande de payer plus soit disant frais de restauration, mon domaine et pris en otage.
je ne recommande pas...

Nous sommes désolés que nous n'ayons pas pu répondre à vos
besoins et vous satisfaire.

Je vous propose de vous rembourser les frais intégralement.

Communiquez-moi vos coordonnées ou juste le nom de domaine de v...Read Moreotre site web.
Toutefois, si vous préférez que le responsable du service client vous contacte afin de régler votre problème directement, merci de me l'indiquez.

Merci d'avoir remonté votre expérience LWS même si celle ci n'a pas été totalement satisfaisante, elle nous permet de nous améliorer.

Vous souhaitant une bonne journée.
L'équipe LWS.
Adam mosseri

Worst hosting ever

wasting my time for non sense
I thought at first the price is ok and the quality may be good, but the result is catastrophic.
I can not update my site freely
I can not manage mysql when i want
the quote fo mysql is soooo limited
my website is off whenever i update it
We are sorry that we were not able to meet your needs and satisfy you.
I offer to reimburse you the full amount of the fees.

Please provide me with your contact information or just the domain name of your website.

...Read MoreHowever, if you prefer that the customer service manager contact you to solve your problem directly, please let me know.

Thank you for reporting your LWS experience even if it was not totally satisfactory, it allows us to improve.

Rest assured that we will do everything necessary to ensure that this type of customer experience does not happen again.

Wishing you a good day.
Best regards,
The LWS team.
marco gianni
marco gianni from France,

very stressful experiences

I won't deal with this company again. The communication is awful, they don't listen. Getting a problem resolved takes days and quite frankly they are just rude. I'm english and i speak french but in their mind the difficulty in co...Read Moremmunication was my problem. There hosting plans are misleading, that's why they cost 1 euro. You think your getting a good deal, but your notLess

We apologize for the difficulty you encountered.

If you wish, you can leave me your contact information so that I can get in touch with you to discuss the problem you encountered or a possible refund.

I look forward to hearing from you,
The LWS team.
Zakaria mohamedi
Zakaria mohamedi from Morocco,

worst hosting ever I have experienced

I am a webdesigner, and have expericence with many hosting with the same price for low price packages, but unfortunately their packages show top low quality for low prices packages.
I was trying to drive new client to them but th...Read Moreis won't happen since their mysql server always getting down, just by updating 2 or 3 posts.
They mentor their customer activities and try to push them to higher price package, this game does not stop, even you buy their highest price package.

We apologize for the difficulty you encountered.

If we ask you to change your formula, it means that you have exceeded your quota, which means that you have taken an accommodation that is not adapted to your needs.
...Read More

Unfortunately I can't find you in our customer database with the contact information you provided. Can you send me this information so that we can analyze the problem with you and find a solution or discuss a possible refund?

The LWS team
Eliran Ouzan

Expert Review

Eliran Ouzan

Expert Overview

Lots of Hosting Options

LWS is a France based hosting company that has a lot of different options to consider.  Their site is a little cluttered, and the English translation doesn't work too well so if you speak English only, this company isn't likely for you.  That being said, however, their hosting is fairly nice compared to many other companies.

They offer both Windows and Linux and they have all sorts of different hosting options, with the exception of dedicated servers.  They have been in business for a while and have a good reputation for quality from what I have been able to find so far.

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Rated by Eliran Ouzan
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Pricing

Uptime & Reliability

100% Uptime Guarantees

They use good hardware and seem to keep it configured properly at all times to avoid outages.  They also offer a good 100% uptime guarantee for all their services so you aren't likely to experience any significant outages.


Mostly Standard Features

As you go through the different features offered by this company you will find that they are mostly the typical features you will find with any hosting company.  They do have a lot of them, which makes it nice if you want to start out with shared hosting, for example, and have the option to move up to VPS solutions later when your site gets bigger.

They have both Windows and Linux hosting packages.  They also have a nice site creation tool that will help you to make a nice looking site without much work at all on your end.  The limits on disk space only apply to a few packages and they are quite generous so they aren't anything to be concerned about.

Another nice feature this company provides is helping you choose which package is right for you. They identify which type of sites will work best on each package option so you can be confident that you're getting the right package for your specific site.


Good Tech support Options

The tech support can be easily reached through their ticketing system or online chat feature.  They are staffed 24/7 and have a good reputation for responding fast and getting your servers running properly if there is a problem.  Even if you just have a question, they will answer it right away.

They do have some nice documentation about their services that can help you to learn more and avoid problems.  They aren't exactly 'self-help' documents, but they are very nice to have available.


Low to Average Pricing

The pricing for each package is quite competitive.  Some of them are very low and others are just average, but overall there isn't much to complain about in this area.  They give you what you pay for and a little more, so the price really shouldn't be an issue for anyone considering hosting with LWS.


Quality Hosting for Your Site

Overall, this is a good company to consider if you're looking for hosting in France.  They have been in business long enough to be able to serve you well and have done a good job at keeping their prices reasonable.  They can handle all but the largest of sites without a problem.


  • Lots of hosting choices
  • Good list of features
  • 100% uptime guarantee


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LWS Prices, Plans & Features - 2021

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
LWS Perso 100 GB Unlimited 1 $2.06 9.2 Details
LWS Starter 250 GB Unlimited 1 $4.83 9.1 Details
LWS Standard Unlimited Unlimited 1 $8.98 9.0 Details
LWS Perfection Unlimited Unlimited 2 $13.13 8.9 Details
ASP Perso 40 GB Unlimited 1 $3.45 5.7 Details
ASP Starter 100 GB Unlimited 1 $6.22 9.4 Details
ASP Standard 250 GB Unlimited 1 $14.52 9.2 Details
ASP Perfection 500 GB Unlimited 1 $28.37 6.6 Details

VPS Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
VPS S 160 GB 1 x 3.40GHz 2 GB $14.31 9.0 Details
VPS M 250 GB 2 x 3.50GHz 4 GB $6.22 8.7 Details
VPS L 400 GB 3 x 3.40GHz 8 GB $40.82 9.1 Details
VPS XL 500 GB 4 x 3.40GHz 12 GB $68.51 8.1 Details

Cloud Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space CPU RAM Bandwidth Price Score
Cloud S 80 GB 1 x 3.40GHz 2 GB Unlimited $13.83 8.1 Details
Cloud M 120 GB 2 x 3.40GHz 4 GB Unlimited $6.91 7.2 Details
Cloud L 160 GB 3 x 3.40GHz 8 GB Unlimited $41.52 9.2 Details
Cloud XL 180 GB 4 x 3.40GHz 12 GB Unlimited $69.19 8.1 Details

Website Builder Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Features Price Score
Pro S 100 GB $2.33 7.6 Details
Pro M 300 GB $3.51 8.8 Details
Pro L Unlimited $5.85 9.6 Details

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