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Directnic Reviews and Expert Opinion

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Shared Hosting $2.48 - $7.98

Data Centers

Jon W.

Pinned Review

Jon W.,
DirectNic has a great design for anyone that is managing domains for their company or for other companies.

easy to find and customize settings for ownership, DNS and custom DNS settings.

I've ha...Read Mored domains with from for over 10 years.

Currently I manage over 80 domains from over 50 customers of mine.

Their are less expensive options but not worth it to save only a few dollars.

Other reviewer on here either have an agenda, or are total idiots.


jacob p
jacob p from United States,


Customer Support nonexistent, people (experts) in hosting departments are.. well idiots. They will blame every outage on YOU and tell you that "I am sorry it works on my end".. Host somewhere else
This review is spot on!!! I was going to say the same thing, i looked into it and their gateway was blocking all traffic from my provider for some reason. So the site would be up depending on what provider i used. Terrible host...Read Moreing facility, terrible support response.... STAY AWAY FOR SURE, check out liquidweb or another provider.Less
David Black
David Black from United States,

Would strongly recommend another service

I have my domain with DirectNIC. My nameserver with a content provider. This firm changes the email server with an announcement the night before, on a Thursday, no other notice. My content provider has 24 hour turn around, so my e...Read Moremail is down on Friday morning when I awake and it remains down all weekend. How does this firm not give reasonable notice to people trying to run a business!
Today contact customer support and the guy tells me I am wrong when saying there is an issue with their outgoing mail server. Great support, tell your customer they are wrong and then he wouldn't accept my feedback that he should listen to customer.
DirectNIC also uses a security tool that quarantined large google server due to some single email user creating a problem. I had three clients unable to email me for several days. Appears DirectNIC uses a very unreasonable approach to security, they could have blocked the user and not the few hundred thousand gmail users on that server. Just bad across the board.
Daniel Naaman

Just don't! Nothing better to say.

I have bought a .DEV domain from Directnic, expecting everything to work smoothly. After the registration I encountered an issue where I couldn't change the Nameservers for my domain. After that, I contacted their Livechat support...Read More and the kind Brian answered and said that I wouldn't be compensated for the time loss and they need to contact the .DEV registry for exploring this issue. He stated that it should only be a few hours and I could take that, not a big deal, it's a new extension and there could be issues. I contacted them again around 5 hours later, which is very reasonable considering I needed the domain to be up and running in 3 hours, and then I met Jeff, the less kind and less professional support agent Directnic had to offer. Basically, he was offering no solutions throughout our conversation and was still disagreeing to compensate me. The only solution he offered was for me to wait 5 days for a transfer to another registrar resulting in me paying double registration fee and waiting 5 days, which is no good to anyone, at the end he said sorry and I requested to speak to a manager, then he simply wrote "Bye" and ended the chat. Chat logs are posted with this review for your convenience. Stay away!Less
R D Heath & P A Jones
R D Heath & P A Jones from United States,

Fine Hosting Service for Over 16 Years

Through the years, DirectNIC has provided us excellent service, support and pricing for hosting and domain registration. I have had no reason to look for an alternate hosting provider – albeit, we only have a few modest sites.
Ac...Read Morecess and control of some features has become more convoluted in the past few years. Thusly, I might not recommend DirectNic hosting to a complete novice, but if one is minimally cognizant of web development; then all the standard tools are available.
After using other registrars (and being beat over the head with the hard sell) I've moved all our domains to the civility of DirectNic and neever looked back.

In the long run – it would be hard to be more pleased with a tech company.
Y. Krystman
Y. Krystman from Canada,

No longer a good choice

No longer a good choice for novice, quite difficult to navigate and requires expert knowledge. Pricing is above average with lower pricing hidden. SSL is not included. Once you pay, you are locked in for a year. Very slow and unrealibile customer service, giving contradicting answers.

Expert Review

Michael Levanduski
Michael Levanduski
Hosting Expert

Expert Overview

Basic Hosting from Louisiana

DirectNIC is a hosting company based in Louisiana, USA. The actual name of the company is DNC Holding, INC, but they do business as DirectNIC since it is easier and sounds more like a hosting/tech company to potential customers. They appear to have started off primarily as a domain name registration company, but now they offer a variety of services including hosting, email hosting, SiteLock services, DNS options, and more.

When looking through their website you’ll get the feeling that they have managed a nice balance between being a professional company dedicated to customers with having a ‘laid back’ atmosphere that is not afraid to think outside the box. They describe their employees as ‘tech geeks, historians, literature buffs, sports fanatics, triathletes, scuba divers, car enthusiasts, live music fans, weekend bbq warriors, Marti Gras revelers, world travellers, and domain name zealots.’

Read More
Rated by Michael Levanduski
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Uptime & Reliability

Few Issues with Downtime

Most customers are very happy with the stability of the hosting provided by this company. Shared hosting is usually very stable due to the way this technology works. One potentially concerning thing about the hosting here, however, is that they only offer a 99% uptime guarantee. This means that the hosting could be down more than one minute every two hours before the guarantee even kicks in. The industry standard is 99.9% uptime guarantee.


Shared Hosting & Other Related Options

The hosting from this company is pretty basic and really only for individuals and small businesses, or those who won’t be getting much traffic to their site. They have three different hosting packages, all of them using shared hosting configuration. The entry level option has 5 gigs of disk space, 100 gigs of bandwidth, and the option for up to 10 MySQL databases. The highest end option allows 200 gigs of disk space and 2000 GB of bandwidth, and the limit for databases goes up to 100.

To go along with the hosting services, they also offer domain name registration, which can make it easier to have everything together with one company. The SiteLock service can help avoid hacking and other types of issues. For those who need some extra security, the SSL certificates offered by this company will add an extra layer of protection. While this is clearly an entry level hosting provider, they do have a lot to offer those who aren’t going to have a lot of traffic on their site.


24/7 Tech Support Available

Most people don’t run into any issues with this hosting provider, but should you need help with anything, they are staffed 24/7 to assist. You can reach out to them using a phone, email, web system, or live chat to get the assistance required. In addition to this live help, they also have a good amount of documentation available on their website so you can learn about their systems. This is great for those who prefer to learn how to fix or avoid problems on their own.


Typical Hosting Prices

The hosting prices on their hosting packages are all right in line with what you will see with most other companies. The entry level package starts at just $2.48 per month, and then the deluxe plan is $7.98 per month. For what you are getting, these prices are very reasonable. If you shop around, you can likely find lower prices, but not likely with all the features that are offered here.

User Friendly

Very Easy to Use Hosting

Hosting with this company is very easy to use. They clearly know that their target audience is those who don’t want anything overly complex for their hosting, and they provide exactly that.  Their website clearly displays all the information you need to choose which package you want, and once you’ve got your account setup, the interface is also very simple so you can get everything working without any trouble or extensive learning curve.


Good US Based Hosting Provider

If you just want simple web hosting that will have your site up and running for users all the time, this is a good option to consider. As long as you are aware that they don’t have any advanced hosting options that may be necessary for larger websites, you will almost certainly be very happy with the level of service provided by DirectNIC.


  • Easy to Use Website
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Good Shared Hosting Features


  • Only a 99% Uptime Guarantee
  • No VPS or Dedicated Server Hosting

Directnic Prices, Plans & Features - 2021

Shared Hosting Plans

Plan Name Space Bandwidth Panel Number of Sites Price Score
Lite Plan 5 GB 100.04 GB cPanel Unlimited $2.48 5.4 Details
Pro Plan 100 GB 1000.04 GB cPanel Unlimited $4.48 4.2 Details
Deluxe Plan 200 GB 1.95 TB cPanel Unlimited $7.98 4.6 Details

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