5 Best WordPress Plugins to Block Countries (2024)

WordPress plugins to block countries allow you to safeguard the content of your website and the site itself by deciding who can and cannot access it.

If you’re concerned about cyber security threats and want to protect your material from being accessed from geographic areas infamous for security breaches, or perhaps you don’t want specific IP addresses to appear in your content, WordPress plugins allow you to restrict whole nations on your website!

Whether it’s detecting and blocking bots, preventing spam or even restricting your ads being seen from geo-targeted locations, the following WP plugins to block countries will add an extra layer of security. We’ve listed the best 5, so whichever one of these you choose, you’ll be good to go!

Top 5 WordPress Block Country Plugins

1. IP2Location – Huge Geolocation Database

IP2Location is a Malaysian corporation with a large Geolocation Database that includes IP addresses, ISPs, and zip codes for the entire country. They may easily block any country’s IPs they choose using this database. They also have a WordPress plugin with the same name.

The IP2Location plugin will allow you to restrict access to your frontend (blog pages) and backend (admin area) based on countries or proxy servers. Better yet, you can limit access from several countries. The key feature of this tool is that it has very genuine and updated bin data, not like having an old GeoIPs database like other services do.

Final: 5 Best WordPress Plugins To Block Countries (2022)


  • This plugin allows you to customize your own 403 pages.
  • If someone tries to enter your admin area, you will receive an email notification right away.
  • You may also see a statistics summary of all the traffic you’ve blocked using this plugin.
  • The IP2 plugin supports IPv4 and IPv6, which help in restricting the nondescript proxies.


  • The pricing starts from $49/year depending on the product and requirement.

2. WP Adsense Guard – Protect your Google Adsense

You might be asking what a plugin with Adsense in the name has to do with restricting nations, but honestly, blocking certain users is only a minor fraction of what this plugin has to offer.

With the WP Adsense Guard plugin, you’ll be able to safeguard your site by manually blocking harmful bots, using an automatic spam blocker, detecting and blocking bots, and much more. You’ll also be able to prevent certain countries from seeing your adverts for whatever reason. The WP Adsense Guard plugin now supports RTL (right to the left) language compatibility, allowing you to convert your content into languages such as Arabic or Hebrew.

Final: 5 Best WordPress Plugins To Block Countries (2022)


  • Multisite and RTL supported
  • Insert ad units, edit & delete units, ad shortcodes, block countries, enable/disable ads, minimum words, ads on devices, custom show
  • Plagiarism checker, spam ads, illegal content checker
  • Block IP addresses, block countries, block bad bots (crawlers)
  • Hide content, POPUP modal message, redirecting


  • A regular license costs $255 (item price and buyer fee)
  • An extended license costs $275 (item price and buyer fee)
  • You can extend Technoyer support from 6 to 12 months for $93.75

3. Cloudflare – Superior Speed and Security

Not only can you prevent nations from accessing your blog with CloudFlare, but also benefit in so many other ways. It displays your real IP address on your blog and allows you to access your domain name using a Whitelist IP address.

Final: 5 Best WordPress Plugins To Block Countries (2022)


  • It can block IP addresses from accessing your domain name.
  • Clears your domain name’s complete cache.
  • You can also delete a single file URL associated with your domain name.
  • Easily check your domain name’s analytic and recent visitor IP.
  • Global CDN, SEO Optimized, free SSL, unmetered DDoS protection, preconfigured firewall (WAF) rulesets, free DNS, automatic mixed content fixes.
  • Turn it on and go (up to 300% faster).


  • Pricing starts at $5/month.
  • A free version is also available.

4. iQ Block Country - Choose Which IP Addresses to Allow or Prohibit

The iQ Block Country module allows you to restrict access to your site’s content. You have the option of allowing or denying visitors from specific countries access to (parts of) your substance. This can be useful in preventing hacking attempts or spamming of your comments from geographic areas infamous for security breaches.

There are over 30,000 active installs of this plugin. Furthermore, the iQ block plugin is available in two languages: Dutch and English (US).

The iQ block plugin uses the GeoLite database from Maxmind. A Maxmind is a corporation that identifies online fraud and gives IP address location data.

Final: 5 Best WordPress Plugins To Block Countries (2022)


  • Access to your website’s content should be restricted.
  • Allow or disallow visitors from the countries represented on your website.
  • All nations should be squared, and your IP address should be allowed.
  • Show a message to guests who have been blocked.
  • Keep visitors safe by preventing them from engaging in high-risk activities.


  • This plugin is free of charge.

5. Wordfence – The Most Popular Plugin

Wordfence is one of the most popular WordPress security plugins on the market, and almost every WordPress user is familiar with it.

WordFence is available in both free and paid editions. The commercial version has additional functions such as IP blocking, which is why we placed this plugin last. You must pay for the features that you require.

But, if you’re getting a lot of attacks daily, it’s worth investing in this plugin because it not only secures information from other nations but also offers comprehensive security measures. It’s used for firewalls, virus scans, IP filtering, real-time traffic monitoring, and login security, among other things.

Final: 5 Best WordPress Plugins To Block Countries (2022)


  • See and square malicious traffic
  • Secure your site at the endpoint
  • A mixed malware scanner squares demands.
  • You can protect yourself against colossal power ambushes by using believable login endeavors.


  • Wordfence Premium costs $99/year.
  • Wordfence Care costs $490/year.
  • Wordfence Response costs $950/year.

WordPress Plugins for Blocking Countries Can Make Your Site More Secure

The effectiveness of your website can be hindered by viruses, hackers, and spam. As long as your website is online, they can target your website anytime. By using a WordPress Block Country Plugin you get a slew of additional shields and layers of security.

We have included the finest WordPress block country plugins to help you better defend your website. Even though it might appear to be overly cautious, it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your personal belongings, which includes your WordPress site.

In addition to security plugins,  keep your WordPress website secure and fully optimized by selecting a reputable WordPress hosting provider. After all, the web host has the power to make it or break it for your site. While a good hosting company can improve your performance and profitability, going for the wrong WP provider can eventually do more harm than good!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install a WordPress plugin?

Installing plugins is fairly simple. Go to Plugins > Add New on your WordPress dashboard. From here, you can either use the search to find a free plugin from WordPress.org to install or click the “Upload Plugin” option to upload the zip file for a plugin you’ve bought or downloaded from a third party. For a step by step guide, learn How to Install WordPress Plugins.

How do I update WordPress?

It’s simple to update your WordPress, as you can easily see it on your WordPress dashboard. Select the refresh/update icon to install an update, or go to Dashboard > Updates and click the “Install Now” button. Once installation is complete, you will receive a confirmation informing you that you have installed the most recent version of WordPress. Note: Regularly updating your WordPress allows you to have access to newer plugins.

Do I need to use a caching plugin?

A caching plugin is optional, however it does help to speed up your website. In fact, we would only advise against ignoring a caching plugin if your hosting service already includes it. Otherwise, we advise trying WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache (two of the most popular free WordPress caching plugins).

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