Contact Us Page: Examples, Tips & How to Create It

Contact Us Page: How to Create One, Examples & Tips

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A Contact Us page is where website visitors can get in touch with the website owner. It provides contact info like emails, phone numbers, addresses, and often a form for easy communication and questions.

In this guide, we will explore how to build a Contact Us page on your website step by step.

Whether you’re a content professional willing to engage more with your community or a business owner who needs a channel to assist your customers, you will learn how to design a professional Contact Us page, its benefits, and how much it costs.

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  • Common form fields include name, email, subject, message, and optionally, a phone number
  • Security measures like CAPTCHA protect against spam
  • Contact Us page differs from landing pages, focusing on communication rather than specific actions
  • Templates offer easy customization

What Is a Contact Us Page on a Website?

A Contact Us page is a useful webpage on a website that encourages visitors to communicate with the website’s owners.

This page typically contains various contact methods, such as email addresses, phone numbers,  and sometimes physical addresses.

The main goal of the Contact Us page is to make it simple for visitors to get in touch with the website for questions, feedback, or help.

How Does a Simple Contact Form Work?

Having a Contact Us page with a basic contact form is a useful way for visitors to easily reach out to the website owner or organization. This process usually involves filling out the form with their information and message.

  1. User Input: When someone visits a Contact Us page, they’ll find a form where they can fill in their name, email, subject, and message.
  2. Submission: To send a message, the user fills out a form and enters their information and message in a specific text box.
  3. Clicking Submit: After completing the form, the user clicks the “Submit” button to send their message to the website owner.
  4. Data Processing: When the user submits the form, the data is sent to the website’s server for processing.
  5. Email Notification: At the same time, an email is sent to the person in charge (usually the website owner or support team). The email includes the user’s message, contact information, and the reason for the request.
  6. Response: After receiving the email, the recipient can read the message from the user and reply by email or by using the contact information provided.
  7. Confirmation Message: After sending a message, users usually get a message on the screen confirming that their message was sent successfully. Some websites also send an email to the user acknowledging that their request was received.

What Does a Contact Us Page Look Like?

A well-designed Contact Us page typically includes the following essential contact form fields:

  • Name: A field where users can enter their full name.
  • Email Address: A space for users to provide their email address, which is important for receiving responses.
  • Subject: A field where users can specify the subject or purpose of their message, helping the person receiving it understand the nature of the request.
  • Message: A text box or text area where users can type their message or request. This is where they provide the details or ask questions.
  • Phone Number (Optional): Some Contact Us pages have a choice for users to provide their phone number if they want to be contacted by phone.
  • Captcha/Security: To stop spam, Contact Us forms often have CAPTCHA or security checks to ensure users are not automated bots.
  • Submit Button: The final element of the form is the “Submit” button, which users click to send their message.

Is a Contact Page a Landing Page?

A Contact Us page is different from a landing page.

Landing pages intend to promote something like signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, or downloading a resource. They are designed to be persuasive and use call-to-action buttons, visuals, and concise content to achieve their goal.

A Contact Us page is mainly designed to help visitors contact the website owner. The page intends to make communication easy and provide contact options, instead of encouraging a particular action or conversion.

It’s important to keep in mind that a Contact Us page that is well-designed can still have a significant impact on your website’s user experience and conversion rate. This page can act as a point of contact for users who require assistance or have requests, which can ultimately contribute to an overall positive user journey on your website.

Why You Need a Contact Page: 8 Benefits to Consider

Having a Contact Us page on your website is important for multiple benefits that can improve your online presence, communication with visitors, and user experience. Check here eight reasons why having a Contact Us page is essential for your website:

1. Keep Track of Your Messages

A Contact Us page serves as a centralized hub for all incoming messages and requests.

A Contact Us page is a good way to receive messages and questions in one place. Instead of having contact information in different parts of your website, this page makes it easy to keep track of all communication.

This makes it simpler to respond quickly and stay organized.

2. Increase Your Email List Numbers

A well-designed Contact Us page should have a form where your site visitors can enter their email addresses.

This way you can encourage them to sign up for updates, newsletters, or special offers and grow your email list. In doing so, you can keep your audience engaged and drive more traffic to your website.

It is important to remember that some visitors might prefer to contact you directly instead of using the form, so it’s important to include alternative contact information such as an email address or phone number.

3. Protect Your Inbox from Spam

To protect your email inbox from spam, it’s a good idea to have a contact form on your Contact Us page.

Contact form plugins and services often have anti-spam measures like CAPTCHA tests or filtering algorithms that can decrease the amount of spam messages you receive.

4. Track Potential Customers Easily

When a person contacts your business through the Contact Us page, valuable information can be gathered about them even before they buy on your website.

This information can be used to group people with similar characteristics, create personalized marketing campaigns, and communicate more effectively with specific groups.

This can ultimately improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and decrease your cost to convert new clients.

5. Increase Visitor Trust

When you add a contact form to your website, it helps to establish trust with visitors by providing them with a clear and easy way to reach out.

This shows that your website is responsive and transparent, which reassures users that they can get in touch if necessary.

As a result, this can boost their confidence in your website and brand.

6. Provide Better Customer Support

Having a Contact Us page is an easy way for customers to get help or resolve any issues they may have.

By providing a simple and accessible way for customers to get in touch, you can offer quick and efficient support, which can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This can ultimately lead to positive reviews and referrals through word-of-mouth.

7. Allow People to Send You Content

Having a Contact Us page on your website can provide a means for users to submit content, especially for sites that involve user-generated content or collaboration.

This could include contributions like guest blog posts, user reviews, testimonials, and creative works.

By allowing users to contribute content, it can enhance the overall appeal of your site.

8. Get Insights into Your Customers/Visitors

When visitors use your Contact Us page, they often provide valuable information about themselves and their needs.

This information can be utilized for market research and to gain a better understanding of your audience.

These insights are very valuable for improving your products, services, or content strategies.

In short, a Contact Us page is a useful tool for website owners and businesses. It makes communication easier, boosts the number of subscribers, safeguards against spam, and builds trust with visitors. It also allows for customer support, encourages user-generated content, and provides valuable insights into your audience.

By recognizing the benefits of having a Contact Us page, you can improve your website for a better user experience, satisfaction, and business success.

How to Create a Contact Us Page Design: 3 Methods to Try

Here are three methods you can try for designing your Contact Us page:

  1. Use a Contact Us Page Template

To make your Contact Us page look professional, you can use a pre-designed template. Many website builders and content management systems (CMS) offer templates for Contact Us pages. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Choose a Template: When designing a Contact Us page for your website, it is recommended to use a template specifically created for this purpose. These templates can be found in your website builder or CMS and can be customized to match your branding, including your logo and color scheme.
  • Customize Content: Customize the template with your contact details, including email, phone, address (if relevant), and social media links. Personalize the content to match your brand’s tone and style.
  • Add a Contact Form: Many Contact Us page templates come with built-in contact forms. Ensure that the form fields align with the information you want to collect from visitors. Common fields include name, email address, subject, and message.
  • Include a Map: If your business has a physical location, consider including a map that shows your address. Services like Google Maps provide easy-to-use embed codes for this purpose.
  • Test Responsiveness: Make sure your Contact Us page is responsive and functions properly on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. Test it on multiple screens.

Some popular website builders like WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace offer a variety of Contact Us page templates. You can browse their template libraries and choose the one that best suits your needs.

  1. Use a Contact Us Page Generator

Contact Us Page Generators are online tools that allow you to create a customized Contact Us page quickly. They often require you to fill out a form with your contact details and preferences, and then generate the HTML code for your Contact Us page. Here are a few Contact Us page generators with links to their platforms:

  • 123ContactForm: 123ContactForm offers a user-friendly contact form generator with customization options.
  • Formspree: Formspree allows you to create simple contact forms that can be easily added to your website.
  • JotForm: JotForm provides a variety of contact form templates to choose from and customize according to your needs.

Using a Contact Us page generator can be a convenient option if you want to create a contact form quickly without the need for extensive coding.

  1. Write Your Own Contact Us Page HTML

Contact Us Page HTML

For those with web development skills or a desire for complete control over the design and functionality of their Contact Us page, writing your own HTML code is an option. Here’s how to do it:

  • Create a New HTML Page: Start by creating a new HTML file using a text editor or an integrated development environment (IDE).
  • Add HTML Elements: Write the HTML code for your Contact Us page. Include elements such as headings, paragraphs, form elements, and any additional content you want to display.
  • Style with CSS: Use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to style your Contact Us page. Define fonts, colors, margins, and padding to achieve the desired visual appearance.
  • Incorporate JavaScript (Optional): If you want to add interactivity, such as form validation or dynamic elements, you can use JavaScript. Ensure that your code is error-free and functions correctly.
  • Test and Debug: Before deploying your Contact Us page, thoroughly test it across different browsers and devices. Address any compatibility issues or bugs.

Writing your own contact page HTML gives you complete control over the design and functionality, but it requires web development skills and more time compared to using templates or generators.

Choose the method that best suits your needs and skill level to create a Contact Us page that improves your website’s user experience and facilitates communication with your audience.

Best Practices for Contact Us Pages Online

When developing a website, it’s important to create an efficient Contact Us page that serves as a direct link between you and your website’s guests. To ensure that your Contact Us page is practical, user-friendly, and inviting, consider the following best practices:

1. Clear Contact Information: Display your contact details prominently on the page, including your email address, phone number, and physical address (if applicable). Make it easy for visitors to find and use this information.

2. User-Friendly Forms: If you include a contact form, ensure it’s user-friendly, including intuitive field labels, provides helpful error messages, and considers adding CAPTCHA or other anti-spam measures to enhance the user experience.

3. Multiple Contact Methods: Offer various ways for visitors to reach out. Besides a contact form, include email addresses, phone numbers, and links to your social media profiles.

4. Concise and Friendly Language: Use clear, concise, and friendly language in your content and form instructions, encouraging your visitors to reach out by maintaining a welcoming and approachable tone.

5. Privacy Assurance: Assure visitors of the confidentiality of their contact information and messages, while clearly communicating your privacy policy to build trust and deal with concerns.

6. Prompt Responses: Setting clear expectations regarding response times is essential to managing issues quickly and preventing frustration.

7. Accessibility: Make your contact page accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities, by adding accessibility features and checking it meets the relevant standards.

8. Testing: Regularly test your Contact Us page to ensure all contact methods, including forms, work correctly, and messages are received and responded to promptly.

By following these best practices, you can design a Contact Us page that not only improves communication but also benefits the overall user experience, credibility, and customer satisfaction of your website. A well-crafted Contact Us page will be a valuable resource for connecting with your audience and addressing their concerns and questions.

46 Best Contact Us Page Examples

To create a great Contact Us page, check out these page examples for inspiration.

  1. Apple

Contacting Apple

Apple’s Contact Us page stands out for its simplicity and clarity. It offers various ways to get in touch, including live chat, phone support, and email. The page’s clean design and easily accessible contact options make it user-friendly.

Visit Apple’s Contact Us page

  1. Slack

Slack Contact Us

Slack’s Contact page is exceptional due to its well-organized layout. It provides multiple contact options, a searchable knowledge base, and a status update on system performance. This ensures that users can quickly find the information they need.

Visit Slack’s Contact Us page

  1. HubSpot

HubSpot Get in touch

HubSpot’s Contact Us page impresses with its personalized approach. Users can choose the topic of their request, and the page dynamically updates to provide relevant contact options and resources. This customization enhances the user experience.

Visit HubSpot’s Contact Us page

  1. Shopify


Shopify’s Contact Us page is notable for its comprehensive support resources. It offers contact options alongside an extensive help center, community forums, and a developer documentation hub. This empowers users to find solutions independently or reach out for assistance.

Visit Shopify’s Contact Us page

  1. Zendesk

Zendesk’s Contact Us page is exemplary for its clear organization and transparency. It provides contact options, including a phone number, chat, and email, along with links to status updates and a detailed support guide. Users can easily access the information they need.

Visit Zendesk’s Contact Us page

  1. Airbnb


Airbnb’s Contact Us page is user-friendly and offers various contact options. It includes a live chat feature, phone support, and email support. The page also provides a detailed FAQ section to help users find answers to common questions.

Visit Airbnb’s Contact Us page

  1. Dropbox

Contact Dropbox support

Dropbox’s Contact page offers a searchable knowledge base, email support, and a Twitter support handle. The page also highlights helpful articles and guides, making it easy for users to find solutions to their issues.

Visit Dropbox’s Contact Us page

  1. Adobe


Adobe’s Contact Us page offers phone support, chat support, and email support. Users can choose their product and issue type for personalized assistance.

Visit Adobe’s Contact Us page

  1. Trello

Atlassian Trello

Trello’s Contact page links to a knowledge base and community forum for self-help options. 

Visit Trello’s Contact Us page

  1. Etsy

Etsy help center

Etsy’s Contact Us page is notable for its focus on community and seller support. It offers email support for buyers and sellers, with separate contact forms.

Visit Etsy’s Contact Us page

  1. Zoom

Zoom support

Zoom’s Contact Us page is user-friendly and prominently displays contact options such as live chat and phone support.

Visit Zoom’s Contact Us page

  1. Microsoft

Microsoft Contact us

Microsoft’s Contact Us page is organized and offers several contact methods, including chat, phone, and email support. Users can choose their products for personalized assistance.

Visit Microsoft’s Contact Us page

  1. Salesforce


Salesforce’s Contact page is notable for its clear navigation and various support options. It offers phone support, email support, and a link to a community forum.

Visit Salesforce’s Contact Us page

  1. Netflix

Netflix’s Contact Us page stands out with its simplicity and user-centric design. It offers a clear contact form for email support and includes links to a help center and a dedicated “Call Us” button for phone support.

Visit Netflix’s Contact Us page

  1. Mailchimp

Contact Mailchimp

Mailchimp’s Contact Us page is efficient and provides a straightforward contact form for issues. It also includes links to resources such as guides, tutorials, and the Mailchimp Community for user discussions.

Visit Mailchimp’s Contact Us page

  1. Twitter


Twitter’s Contact Us page is user-friendly and offers a direct link to Twitter Support for assistance.

Visit Twitter’s Contact Us page

  1. Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus’s Contact Us page is well-organized and offers phone support, email support, and a link to the Shopify Plus Help Center. 

Visit Shopify Plus’s Contact Us page

  1. Airtable

Airtable help center

Airtable’s Contact page provides a contact form for requests and includes links to a knowledge base and community forum for self-help options. 

Visit Airtable’s Contact Us page

  1. Mastercard


Mastercard’s Contact Us page is efficient and offers a chatbot for immediate assistance. Users can initiate a conversation to address their requests or access additional resources. 

Visit Mastercard’s Contact Us page

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest help center

Pinterest’s Contact Us page is user-friendly and offers a clear contact form for email support. It also includes links to a help center and community guidelines for user reference.

Visit Pinterest’s Contact Us page

  1. Shopify Support

Shopify Support

Shopify’s Support Contact page is designed for merchants seeking assistance. It offers multiple contact options, including email, chat, and phone support. Users can choose the type of help they need and receive personalized guidance.

Visit Shopify Support’s Contact Us page

  1. Spotify


Spotify’s Contact Us page is user-centric, offering a straightforward contact form for submitting requests. It also provides a link to the Spotify Community, where users can find answers and discuss topics with other Spotify enthusiasts.

Visit Spotify’s Contact Us page

  1. Grammarly


Grammarly’s Contact page is efficient and well-structured. It offers a clear contact form for users to submit their questions or issues. It also includes a link to the Grammarly Help Center for additional support.

Visit Grammarly’s Contact Us page

  1. Squarespace

Squarespace contact us

Squarespace’s Contact Us page is user-friendly, offering email support and access to the Squarespace Help Center. It also provides specific contact options for billing and technical issues.

Visit Squarespace’s Contact Us page

  1. Visa

Contact Visa

Visa’s Contact page is well-organized, providing contact options for general questions, sales doubts, and technical support. Users can choose the appropriate category for their needs.

Visit Visa’s Contact Us page

  1. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Contact us

Coca-Cola’s Contact Us page is designed for shoppers. It offers email support and access to the Amazon Help Center. Users can also explore pricing information. 

Visit Grammarly Business’s Contact Us page

  1. Disney


Disney offers email support and a comprehensive help center with resources on their portfolio. 

Visit Disney’s Contact Us page

  1. Nestlé


Nestlé’s Contact page is straightforward, offering a clear contact form for questions related to the knowledge base and self-service solutions. 

Visit Nestlé’s Contact Us page

  1. L’oréal

L'oréal Paris

L’oréal’s Support Contact Us page is designed for product users seeking assistance and it offers email support and phone support.

  1. NotCo

NotCo contact

NotCo’s Contact page provides only email support, after a very specific survey.

Visit NotCo Contact Us page

  1. Asana

Asana support

Asana’s Contact Us page is straightforward and efficient, providing a contact form for requests. It also offers links to the Asana Guide and a community forum for users seeking self-help resources and discussions.

Visit Asana’s Contact Us page

  1. PayPal

PayPal help center

PayPal’s Contact page emphasizes user-centricity and offers contact options such as phone support and a secure message center. It also provides a comprehensive Help Center with articles and FAQs.

Visit PayPal’s Contact Us page

  1. Nvidia

Nvidia Contact

Nvidia’s Contact Us page is personalized to the unique needs of gamers and commercial partners. 

Visit Nvidia’s Contact Us page

  1. Stripe


Stripe’s Contact page is designed for users seeking assistance with online payment processing. It provides phone and email support options, ensuring users can easily reach out for help with payment-related issues.

Visit Stripe’s Contact Us page

  1. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey help center

SurveyMonkey’s Contact Us page is user-friendly and offers a clear contact form for questions related to surveys and data collection. It also includes links to the SurveyMonkey Help Center and a community forum for support.

Visit SurveyMonkey’s Contact Us page

  1. Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business

Dropbox Business’s Contact page is dedicated to business users and offers phone support, email support, and access to a dedicated business support team. Users can select their specific needs for assistance.

Visit Dropbox Business’s Contact Us page

  1. Snapchat


Snapchat’s Contact Us page offers email support and links to resources, including user guides and tutorials. It is designed to facilitate assistance to users who are able to categorize what they need.

Visit Snapchat’s Contact Us page

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn contact support

LinkedIn’s Contact Us page provides users with a clear contact form for questions. It also includes links to a Help Center and resources for job seekers and advertisers.

Visit LinkedIn’s Contact Us page

  1. Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure’s Contact Us page offers phone and email support for cloud services and solutions. It also provides links to community forums and support plans.

Visit Microsoft Azure’s Contact Us page

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe’s Creative Cloud Contact Us page focuses on users of creative software. It offers phone support, chat support, and email support for various Adobe products.

Visit Adobe Creative Cloud’s Contact Us page

  1. WordPress

WordPress contact‘s Contact Us page is user-friendly and provides a clear contact form. It offers support for website creation, blogging, and hosting issues.

Visit’s Contact Us page

  1.  Zara

Zara customer service

Zara’s Contact Us page focuses on fashion enthusiasts. It provides email support, information on orders and returns, and access to the Zara Help Center for fashion-related questions.

Visit Zara’s Contact Us page

  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS’s Contact Us page offers technical support for cloud computing and web hosting services. It provides phone and email support options, along with a resource center featuring documentation and technical guides.

Visit AWS’s Contact Us page

  1. Instagram


Instagram’s Contact Us page is designed for users seeking support for their Instagram accounts. It offers a contact form for questions and issues related to the platform.

Visit Instagram’s Contact Us page

  1. Marriott


Marriott’s Contact Us page is designed for travelers and hotel guests. It offers phone support, email support, and access to reservation assistance for hotel bookings and questions.

Visit Marriott’s Contact Us page

  1. IKEA


IKEA’s Contact Us page is ideal for those interested in furniture and home decor. It offers email support, phone support, and access to resources for product inquiries and store information. 

Visit IKEA’s Contact Us page

These examples show how Contact Us pages can be personalized to different users, including individual customers, businesses, and website owners. The pages focus on providing clear contact options and additional resources to ensure the best user support.

Final Word: Should You Have a Contact Us Page on Your Website?

As a website owner, your Contact Us page is more than a space to chat with your community.

Take the time to design a good page, understand your audience, and make the right technology choices. A well-planned Contact Us page can be a game-changer for your relationship with your audience.

Lastly, if you are planning to build a better website for your project, consider using one of the Best Website Builders we have compiled for you. These website builders can help you enhance your readers’ experience and make them interested in contacting you. Apply what you learn here to achieve it!

Next Steps: What Now?

Learn More About How to Create a Contact Us Page

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you say “contact us” on a website?

To say “contact us” on a website, you typically create a visible link or button labeled “Contact Us.”

This can be placed in the website’s header, footer, or a dedicated Contact Us page, inviting users to reach out.

Other options to name your page are: Get in Touch, Connect With Us, Let’s Talk, Customer Support, Send a Message, or even Say Hello.

What should you write on a Contact Us page?

On a Contact Us page, you should include a clear contact form with fields for essential information like name, email, subject, and message.

Additionally, provide contact details such as phone numbers and email addresses, office hours, and expected response times.

Clearly state the page’s purpose, emphasizing that it’s for questions, feedback, or support, while you can also offer links to FAQs or other helpful resources.

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