Will AI Be the New Normal for Magento-based eCommerce Stores?

Will AI Be the New Normal for Magento-based eCommerce Stores?

Hey Siri, how’s the weather today?

Alexa, play the #1 trending song on YouTube.

Can you relate to any of it? Yes, we are talking about artificial intelligence. It is what runs the show behind all these things. AI has taken a crucial place in our lives. We are so used to it that the void is recognizable if we had to live without it, even for a day.

Note: The global AI retail market size is predicted to leap from $3 billion in 2019 to $23 billion by 2027.

Apart from everyday interactions, the booming market of AI is progressively moving toward the eCommerce industry. It comes as no surprise that the results are going to be overwhelming. But how is artificial intelligence going to shape the eCommerce industry? It is what we will be covering in this article. Let’s start.


AI in Magento Stores

Every day new advancements in technology are luring factors in people’s lives. The introduction of AI in eCommerce is one of them. It has made it easy for eCommerce businesses to incorporate what the user expects from their favorite brands online.

The most popular eCommerce building platform, Magento, has made this dream come true for aspiring businesses. It has included ample AI-driven extensions with which potential users can interact with innovative technologies on your platform.

AI and Magento together can bring outperforming results that has the potential to set your business apart from other online stores!

Here’s a brief on what’s waiting for you in the closet.

  • Personalized Recommendations For Exceptional User Experience

The motive behind online shopping is to cut the chase and explore anything you want right from the comfort of your home. This renowned one-click shopping becomes much smoother when AI makes its mark in the picture. It offers smart context-based search functionality with which the users can get precise results.

For business owners, it helps cut down the gap between the user’s search and the desired results. It adds personalization to your e-commerce business, but it also helps you deliver customer-centric campaigns from multiple channels. It directs the right message to the right person and that too at the right time to fasten the buying cycle.

  • Virtual Shopping Assistants For 24/7 Communication

Visual search is another opportunity that business owners can leverage on their online business. It includes the usage of responsive applications where the users click images and search for their match on your online store. It enhances the user’s experience on your Magento e-commerce store and drives the user to buy the same or relevant products instantly.

  • Chatbots For Quick Customer Support

Another smart move to pursue is the inclusion of chatbots on your online platform. These are designed to interact with your potential customers to streamline their search. It retrieves information for the user like product details, shipping terms, and more.

Moreover, it helps offer a quick and valuable support solution to your customers compared to emails, calls, contact forms, and other mediums.

  • Frauds Are A Thing Of The Past

Financial transactions and online payments are the primary places where fraud and theft is the biggest challenge. These can now be easily taken care of with the impeccable security standards of Magento development in sync with machine learning, which is a subset of artificial intelligence.

It will empower your Magento-based store to offer a secured way of payment to your customers. In turn, you can also cut down any security threat through the benefits of AI. It uses behavior analysis that helps in eliminating false positives so that you may not find yourself stuck in any mishap.

These are just a few of the many boons that you can make the most out of with AI integrated into your store. Some other benefits that will prove to be an eye-opener for you are listed below so that you won’t delay its thought for even a second.


Advantages of AI on your Magento powered store

  • Real-Time Assistance

To keep your business having a real-time conversation with your customers and potential leads, AI comes as a savior that communicates round the clock with all. Moreover, it also helps in tracking and keeping the updates of your online business in real-time.

  • Forecasting Outcomes

AI has been a helping hand in data analysis, where all the past data is studied under various tools and methods to predict what’s next for your business. It records the patterns of customers in your store and helps you gain insight into what’s bringing you sales. You can leverage them to your advantage and improve every decision you make for your business.

  • Automation

Automation comes with the benefit of time and energy savings. The same goes for your online store, which simplifies your front-end and back-end work. You don’t even have to worry about who will coordinate with your loyal customers or sales as AI takes care of it until the end of the game.

  • Smart Search

Any business scale can now be made smart with just a simple AI integration. You can get a glance at what interests your customers, their search story, and more that can be put to use in creating advertising campaigns for better results. Customers can even carry out a visual search in which they can click a picture of any product and search for any relevant products in your store. All of it helps in improving your customer experience in your store.


Final Thought – Get Your Magento eCommerce Store Upgraded With AI

AI is what runs the show in the background for all of it. Starting from smart search, adding personalization and automation to offering real-time assistance, improving your sales, and more, everything gets in line with AI onboard. You can fulfill your ultimate goal of delivering a smoother and smarter shopping experience to your customers.

However, an e-commerce store has a never-ending list of areas that need constant monitoring and work. So, to cut down some chaos off your plate, it’s recommended to let the professional Magento developers take care of it for you. They are aware of everything in this domain and will get your smart store ready in no time with no flaws.

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