Magento Hosting Pricing

Magento hosting is a hosting service specifically created and optimized for Magento websites to help users create and manage their eCommerce store. It’s recommended for eCommerce store owners who want to explore the flexible shopping cart system and easy controls that come with the popular open-source eCommerce platform.

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Magento hosting comes with the necessary resources, support and one-click Magento installation to run a Magento store. Elements that influence the price of Magento hosting include CPU, RAM, bandwidth, storage space and more. The average Magento hosting price is between $10 to $50/month. To build a Magento store, you need to pay extra costs like domain name, premium SSL certificate, Magento web design, and add extensions from the Magento marketplace.

In this post, we will compare our selection of the best Magento hosting providers using a price comparison table.


Magento Hosting Price Table – Top 20 Magento Hosting Providers in 2022

Our RankingHostCheapest Monthly PriceLength of PlanMonthly SavingsPay Monthly PlanMoney Back GuaranteeWebsite
#1Hostamarda$2.99MonthlyX$2.9945 Days
#2Hostinger$2.99MonthlyX$6.9930 Days
#4Fastcomet$2.95MonthlyX$9.9545 Days
#6Interserver$2.50MonthlyX$2.5030 Days
#7A2Hosting$54.99Monthly37%$99.9930 Days
#10Rose Hosting$20.97MonthlyX$20.97X
#11TMD Hosting$2.95Monthly40%$4.9560 Days
#12Knownhost$80.00MonthlyX$80.0030 Days
#13o2switch€0.50MonthlyX€5.0030 Days
#14Hostwinds$5.24MonthlyX$5.2460 Days
#15Time4VPS€2.49MonthlyX€4.9930 Days
#17Heficed$5.00MonthlyX$5.0014 Days
#19Dreamhost$2.59Monthly68%$2.5930 Days
#20WebhostingHub$5.99Monthly50%$11.9990 Days
Unique Facts: The Magento price table reflects the cheapest price to kickstart your Magento hosting. The cost of developing and managing your Magento website fluctuates depending on your hosting provider, service offered, and website store specifications.


Factors that Affect the Cost of Magento Hosting

While on the hunt to choose a Magento hosting plan, you will find that there is no specific standard cost to host your Magento store. The cost of Magento hosting depends on your website needs in terms of resources like RAM, CPU, bandwidth, storage space, and other factors like the number of concurrent users and the number of domains.

Number of Concurrent Users

Concurrent users refer to the allocated number of users on the Magento store clicking links, shopping for their favorite item, and adding items to their shopping cart. However, it is not determined by the number of users visiting your Magento store, scrolling, or viewing the items on display. Most Magento hosting providers like Nexcess allocate between 20 to 120 concurrent users according to the type of plan.

Number of Domains

The number of domains refers to the number of Magento stores or websites allowed on each hosting plan. Most hosting providers researched customer needs and optimized the plan to host 1, 3 or 10 stores depending on business needs. Nexcess allocates 10 to 20 domains on their Magento hosting plans, while Rosehosting allows unlimited domains.


Random Access Memory holds temporary data when the Magento store is running several processes like payment options, adding to shopping carts and other activities from customers. To avoid running out of memory when installing the Magento application or other components like themes and extensions, it is recommended to allocate a sufficient number of RAM based on the number of functionalities deployed on the store. Most hosting providers allocate 10GB to 400GB of RAM depending on the pricing plan.


CPU is the central processing unit assigned to a Magento server. It handles website users’ requests like clicking on shopping items and executes them. Most hosting providers allocate between 1 to 32 vCPU or 4 – 6 cores CPU on their Magento hosting plans.


Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer or information that can be sent when a Magento store user requests information from the website at a given time. Most hosting providers allocate between 1TB to 10TB of bandwidth on their hosting plans.

Disk Space

The storage space or disk space is the allocated space available on a Magento hosting plan to store the content of your website. The disk space can be occupied by items, descriptions, images, videos, emails, and databases.


Extra Costs to Consider

There is no standard cost to pay for Magento hosting because some additional features and functionalities need to be incorporated into your Magento store. Consider the following extra costs mandatory to run your Magento store.

Premium SSL certificate

Typically costs $50 to $300/year

Premium SSL certificate is used by eCommerce websites like a Magento store to secure customer transactions online. It enhances the reliability and security of your Magento website. You will get a dynamic TrustLogo site seal, warranty, and additional validation which helps to build trust with your store users and increase your website conversion rate.

Domain registration

Typically costs $10 to $20/year

A domain is an address that directs website users to your Magento store. You can buy and register a domain name with your business details from a domain registrar.


Typically costs $99 to $279/month

SEO plays an important role in website content discovery. The power of SEO is beyond organically driving traffic to your Magento store. It also enhances user experience, elevates website content to gain a high position in search engine results, raises brand awareness, and increases loading time.

Payment Provider Fees

Typically cost 2.9% plus $0.30/transaction

The most popular Magento store payment solutions are PayPal, Stripe and You do not need to pay a set-up fee as they charge between 2.9% + $0.30 – $0.49 per successful transaction.

Magento Extensions

Typically costs $60 to $600/extension

Magento hosting comes with several basic functions to run your Magento store. However, most Magento stores require additional premium extensions for customer support, optimized site search and navigation, marketing, content and customization and more. Most of the extensions can be added from the Magento marketplace.

Web Design

Typically costs $0 to $4000+

To design your Magento website, you can either apply a ready-made Magento theme or design a custom-made theme. The average price of a ready-made theme is between $0 to $200, which can be added from the Magento marketplace.

To create your custom-made design, you need to hire a web designer to create your own design. Web designers charge between $10 -$40/hr and can develop a custom-made theme between 40 – 160 hours, depending on their expertise and professional level.

If you are using an in-house web designer, ensure that the website design is responsive on all devices, including smartphones and laptops, for a user-friendly experience.



Magento hosting is perfect for businesses that want to create an eCommerce experience for their customers. The cost to build your Magento store goes beyond just hosting; you need to choose payment gateways, design your website and install several extensions from the Magento marketplace.

Choosing the right Magento hosting plan is challenging as there are many hosting providers with attractive plans and cheap prices. However, you can’t go wrong in choosing any hosting provider in our top 20 list, and the best part is most of them offer a money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magento?

Magento is an eCommerce platform that helps businesses build online stores.

What do you need to build your Magento store?

You need to buy a domain name, choose a Magento hosting provider, pick or customize your Magento website template and import products.

Which Magento hosting provider is most popular?

A good place to start your Magento hosting is with Nexcess. Magento hosting was founded and built on Nexcess servers, and they have dedicated Magento hosting plans with the right knowledge and expertise to help you accelerate your eCommerce store.

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