Why Your Blockchain Startup Needs to Select Web Hosting Precisely

The Blockchain train has been gathering steam the past ten years and it’s showing no signs of stopping. Startups taking advantage of the technology that pop up at every corner of the world, all trying to see how far they can push the boundaries of a decentralized society.

Blockchain illustration - Why your blockchain startup needs to select web hosting precisely

From social media to transportation, gold trading platforms to advertising, almost every industry has dipped their toes into blockchain. While there are a ton of things to consider when setting up a startup, especially with a technology as complex as blockchain, some forget the most basic aspect of it — the website.

Every business needs a website, but even more so blockchain startups. Because of the nature of the business — a labyrinth of complex concepts that rely on funding from investors believing in a cause — prospect consumers and backers need a portal where all information about the business can be found. White papers, revenue concepts, developing teams, and roadmaps should all be in one easy-to-access site.

Web Hosting for Blockchain Startup Sites

Like anything online, consistency is key. Being able to access the site without glitches is as important as the content found on the webpage.

A website that crashes every time users access it, that lags when people click on an option, or takes forever to load is practically useless. Imagine having a prospect investor on your site only to disappoint them with archaic features. It’s like the worst irony of all — a tech startup that can’t even get its website to work.

To make sure you’ll be able to offer the essentials to your market, you need a stable web hosting service. Reliable servers that won’t drop a 404 error on your site or have unreachable technical services just when you need them most is crucial.

Here are a few benefits:

  1. Security – Your site is where all important details are stored, including financial details about your startup. You don’t leave it vulnerable to hacks.
  2. Reliability – You’d want a service that will stay online 24/7, not something that will crash every time you get a few hundred visitors.
  3. Ease of access – While core technology continues to be complex, services offered to the public become more and more user-friendly. There are a ton of web hosting services that will help you get your site going with just a few clicks.
  4. Tech Support – Need help with your site at 3:00am, the best web hosts offer 24/7 technical support so no time is wasted in trying to configure your website. Send a ticket and let them do the dirty work for you.

Aren’t Blockchain and Web Hosting the same?

The simple answer to this is “No.” Blockchain is a digital ledger that is secure and immutable. Yes, blockchain can keep a record of practically everything of value but it cannot replace web hosting.

Web hosting is the service that offers a place where websites are stored, on servers, for accessing on the web. It’s easy to access, easy to change, easy to delete if needed. Both technologies are very different in nature.

And because blockchain needs to stay active — it eats up “exorbitant” amounts of energy — so even if you can host sites on blockchain, it will be outrageously expensive. Just imagine how much energy is needed to power cryptocurrency miners, much more a network of websites.

As Donat Vatoci, a blockchain expert, explained, “Blockchain is a ledger technology, immutable, anonymous, decentralized. It has no connection to web hosting.”

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