accessiBe New Tool! accessFlow - The Complete Tool

If you have been following us at HostAdvice, you know why we fully trust accessiBe with our website accessibility. While the company has excellent tools in its portfolio, it recently released an innovative upgrade, an all-in-one web accessibility platform for developers named accessFlow.

accessFlow - The Complete Tool


In this article, you can learn all about accessFlow, including its target market, company details, accessiBe features, pricing, plans, customer assistance, and more!

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What is accessiBe?

accessiBe is a leading web accessibility solution for WCAG and ADA compliance, trusted by over 155,000 websites worldwide. It’s a revolutionary company with a vision to make the Internet accessible to everyone by 2025 by empowering businesses of all sizes to take the inclusive approach and comply with legislation.

Note: accessiBe is the largest web accessibility provider in the industry, a market leader guided by the disability community with patented technology and the highest success rate.

accessiBe offers affordable and efficient solutions with 2-minute integration and immediate turnaround. Its portfolio includes the following products/services:

  • accessScan – free auditing service
  • accessServices – accessibility professional services
  • accessWidget – AI-powered accessibility tool
  • accessFlow – developer tool for medium and large businesses

Yet, what we love most about accessiBe is its goal to make the world a better place to live in, promoting website accessibility as the right thing to do, not only the beneficial thing for your business and attracting new clients.


An Overview Of accessFlow

I was thrilled when I got my hands on accessFlow. While accessiBe’s AI-powered tool is an excellent fit for just about anyone, including first-time users and beginners with no coding experience, the accessFlow tool specifically targets web professionals (such as myself). Yet, my first encounter with it proved it’s straightforward to navigate.

accessFlow allows you to test, monitor, and remediate the accessibility of websites and web apps by incorporating web accessibility in the source code. Naturally, it’s a web accessibility tool for developers, not for individuals using website builders without touching the code itself.

Important: By incorporating accessibility into your development pipeline, you’ll cut your workload in half.

You don’t need to build your site and then come back to make adjustments; instead, you immediately build your software to be accessible by everyone and support the inclusion of all users, with and without disabilities.

But it doesn’t end there. You’ll also benefit from:

  • Intelligent issue grouping  and categorization to provide you with a workable list
  • A structured workflow with a list of tasks grouped by type and organized by priority
  • Affected source code for every issue (what to fix, how this issue affects users, and how to avoid it next time)
  • Code suggestions for quick and effective remediation
  • Built-in task and project workflow management with full team communication features
  • Testing, remediating, and monitoring complete user  flows
  • The ability to keep track of your project’s success rate over time, and more
Note: You can find a more detailed breakdown of all accessiBe features below in this article.


Who Is It For?

accessFlow treats accessibility as another pillar you need to address while developing your website, along with security, performance, and observability. It’s a time-saving and effective tool that allows you to natively incorporate accessibility into your software cycle. Furthermore, it creates a remediation project workflow and provides feedback in the form of ranks and scores that teams can follow to succeed in their projects.

Therefore, accessFlow is the perfect fit for:

  1. Developers and engineering teams: accessFlow simulates an assistive technology session to audit your website. You’ll get a remediation project workflow, constant feedback, clear instructions, best practices, and code snippets to implement in the source. (hint: remember that while engineers have the proper tech skills and experience, they mostly struggle with product planning and implementation). accessFlow will further monitor your apps to ensure you don’t ship accessible code, helping you design and develop software that all your users can enjoy.
Important: accessFlow autogenerates a crystal clear project-specific workflow, helping you determine the starting point and every following step for efficient project management.
  1. Product owners and managers: accessFlow will help you plan, test, and manage your websites and applications’ accessibility levels to detect vulnerability points before publishing. Launching a website that’s not accessible to every human being on the planet can significantly harm your reputation and profits. With accessiBe’s innovative tool, you can show the world that accessibility is important to you from day one, thus improving your market position and sales. In addition, accessFlow can help you widen your target market (thus, potential revenues) by including people with various disabilities.
Note: People with disabilities hold over $6 trillion in spending power.
  1. Accessibility experts and consultants: If you’ve been hired to improve a website or an app’s website accessibility, it only makes sense to utilize the best technology for the job. With accessFlow, you’ll receive the tools and workflows to execute and monitor successful accessibility projects.


Pricing & Plans

accessiBe is an all-In-one website accessibility platform for web developers and engineering teams of all sizes. Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose from four plans: Essentials, Advanced, Super, and Enterprise.

Note: All four accessFlow plans include full AI auditing & monitoring. The difference lies in the number of allowed users, automated and on-demand page scans, and funnel actions.


  • Up to 1 user
  • Automatic monthly scans
  • Up to 5 daily on-demand page scans
  • Max 5 funnel actions
  • Up to 5 users
  • Automatic weekly scans
  • Up to 30 daily on-demand page scans
  • Max 30 funnel actions
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited automatic daily scans
  • Unlimited on-demand page scans
  • Unlimited funnel actions
  • Everything in Super
  • Single Sign-On
  • CI/CD Integrations
  • WorkOS Integrations
  • Custom legal terms
  • Tailored SLA
  • Solution engineering
PriceStarting at $49 per monthStarting at $190 per monthStarting at $1,149 per monthFlexible payment options per agreement


accessiBe allows you to pay monthly without commitment, being able to cancel anytime. Also, you can commit for a year; this way, you’ll get a discounted offer.


An overview of accessiBe’s plans and pricing for its accessFlow tool.


Note: While accessiBe offers a 7-day free trial for its AI-powered widget, there’s no such option for its accessFlow tool. You must add your website(s), launch accessFlow, and manage your licenses from the Dashboard.


An overview of the Dashboard of accessFlow with a section to ‘Add New License.’


Within the Dashboard, you can also calculate your monthly/annual expenses depending on the number of pages you need accessFlow to audit and monitor.

For instance, the prices for 100 pages are shown in the table above. If you double the number of pages to 200, the prices will increase to $65/mo for Essentials, $206/mo for Enterprise, and $1,165/mo for Super.


accessiBe’s Dashboard, including its pricing for the accessFlow accessibility tool.


You can increase the number of pages to 100,000 from the Dashboard and contact accessiBe if you would like a further increase of the page limit.


Three accessFlow plans with pricing for 100,000 pages on the monthly billing term.



Finally, we get to the most exciting part of the review. What can you expect by getting accessFlow?

#1: Auto-Generated, Crystal  Clear Project-Specific Workflow

Before you start working, you need a plan. But that doesn’t mean you have to do it yourself. accessiBe will automatically create the tasks you need to address and group them by categories.


accessFlow’s feature for grouping and categorizing elements into a workable list presented on a plain screen.


accessFlow will also explain in great detail how to fulfill the tasks. For example, you can get screenshots or code examples.


accessFlow’s AI-powered tool for code suggestions for quick and effective remediation presented on a plain screen.


More importantly, accessiBe looks at the bigger picture. The provider organizes your project in four phases and prioritizes your tasks.


accessFlow’s feature for testing and remediating the workflow presented with an illustration and explanation on a plain background.


As you progress on your work, accessiBe introduces the next phase and the tasks within, granting you unmatched project clarity and control. This way, you can ensure to never forget anything or skip a crucial step that will negatively affect your further operation.


An illustration depicting a feature for tracking the project phases and the issues to fix sorted by priority.


How can you track which phase your project has reached? Don’t worry; this is another aspect that accessiBe has made a piece of cake. You’ll get a real-time workflow screen that updates you on your project and issues with scoring and phase tracker completion by percentages.


An illustration depicting the page grade, project phases; Basics, Advanced, and Usability expressed in percentages.


At last, you’ll benefit from incredible collaboration with your team and spread the workflow among yourselves. Each member gets an individual Dashboard with their tasks ranked by priority.


accessFlow’s team collaboration and communication tool expressed in an illustration with accompanying text.


#2: Robust User-Simulated AI-Powered Auditing

accessFlow recognizes different elements, such as menus, form validations, and page landmarks, and recommends how to remediate them on your website or app. However, you won’t get dry guidelines like other website accessibility tools. Instead, accessFlow grants you training, tutorials, and a guidance system to teach you the effects your issues have on people with disabilities, how to fix them, and improve the user experience. You can also visualize website accessibility implementations to better understand your actions.


accessiBe’s tool to check your website accessibility and tasks in real-time with on-page visualization.


Important: accessiBe audits your WCAG clauses, user behavior, and usability. Its AI behaves like an actual human while browsing.


accessFlow’s feature that audits accessibility and usability functionalities.


#3: Accessibility Issue Monitoring and Alerting  Schedules

Work never stops with this accessibility tool for developers. You might have reached a satisfactory grade in the workflow, but that doesn’t mean you’ve finished the project altogether. The tool will continue performing automatic monitoring and scans of new updates to inform you of newly discovered issues, thus helping you maintain your quality web development base.

As soon as accessiBe detects an issue, the provider will immediately notify you and your team via email. You’ll also get in-app alerting and notifications within the accessFlow Dashboard.


accessFlow’s feature for in-app alerting and notifications for an efficient workflow.


Note: You’ll get not only general accessibility failures but also improper accessibility implementation notifications.


accessFlow’s feature for sending notifications to alert the user of improper manual accessibility remediations.


#4: Action  Funnels  & User Flows Remediation and Monitoring

accessFlow also enables you to remediate and monitor your action funnels.


A screenshot from accessiBe’s website explaining the term action funnels, also known as user flows.


The tool will set them up, execute them as a series of actions and evaluate the accessibility failures simultaneously with the standard scanning. In turn, you’ll access the outcome of each audit, whether failure or success, within the Action Funnel setup within the Dashboard for efficient management.


accessFlow’s tool for testing, remediating, and monitoring complete user flows.


#5: Seamless Integration  Into Your Existing Development Pipelines  and Workflows

If I were you, I would go through any hassle to get the accessiBe features as explained. However, accessiBe will not allow that for its users. The provider eliminates any inconvenience, allowing you to seamlessly integrate accessibility testing and monitoring to your CI/CD pipelines and unit testing.


accessiBe’s tool for integrating the accessFlow tool to your CI/CD pipelines.


You can choose to work from accessFlow’s Dashboard or the one in your project management tool, whether it’s Jira, ClickUp, Slack, Asana, etc.


A screenshot from accessiBe’s website presenting a variety of project management tools on a colorful background.


Last but not least, you can also integrate accessFlow into your UI component testing pipelines.


A screenshot from accessiBe’s website presenting the option to integrate accessFlow into your UI component testing pipelines.


Help and Customer Support

If you ever need help with accessiBe, you can browse through its FAQ section, contact support, or sales. The live chat window is always available in the bottom right corner.

accessiBe’s FAQs are divided into nine categories:

  • Product & Technology
  • Installation & Integrations
  • Account Management
  • Legal & Privacy
  • Customization & Design
  • Technical Support
  • Partners & Affiliates
  • Payment & Pricing
  • Accessibility Information


accessiBe’s support screen, presenting its FAQ section and nine categories within.


Once you choose a category, you’ll be able to review all questions within or switch between categories. I love that accessiBe has a well-organized platform that’s especially easy to navigate and understand even if you are accessing it for the first time.


accessiBe’s FAQ section, Product and Technology category.


If you have encountered a bug or are facing installation issues, you’ll need to contact support. To get technical assistance, you need to enter your name, email address, a direct link to the issue, and a full description.


A screenshot from accessiBe’s website presenting the required fields to submit a support ticket for technical assistance.


If you are a potential customer with a pre-sale question, you can also contact accessiBe’s Sales.


A screenshot from accessiBe’s website presenting the required fields to submit a support ticket.


Still, there are times when you need support immediately. And here’s where the live chat option comes into play. accessiBe states that its typical response time is under two minutes via live chat. So, let’s test it out.

See, it happens to be quite late at night, so the agents happen to be asleep.


A screenshot from accessiBe’s website presenting the availability of its agent within the live chat window.


It doesn’t seem that I will experience the typical two-minute response time. Instead, I got the following message from the live chatbot, asking me to leave my contact details so they could contact me, probably in the morning?


A screenshot from accessiBe’s website presenting an automatic chatbot reply within the live chat window.


I have to say that it’s not my first encounter with accessiBe’s team. These guys are usually super helpful and knowledgeable. They have cleared up some things for me in the past and helped me resolve some issues I have been facing. I guess today’s not my day.



accessiBe has always been a revolutionary company with a strong vision. Yet, it managed to surprise me with its innovative accessibility tool for developers. accessFlow is a comprehensive platform for experienced professionals. And interestingly, while it includes advanced possibilities, it’s pretty easy to understand.

accessFlow makes the perfect fit for web developers, engineering teams, product owners and company managers, accessibility experts, and consultants. It can help increase your customer base by designing and developing software that all users can enjoy, with or without disabilities. In turn, you get to improve your reputation and profits and, most importantly, do the right thing!

Yet, what makes accessiBe #1 in website accessibility is that the company never stops. If you visit its site, you’ll realize there’s yet another upcoming feature. So, what’s left for us is to wait for the accessCampus release to teach us all about web accessibility in an easy  and user-friendly way!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is accessFlow?

accessFlow is accessiBe’s most recent release. It’s a web accessibility platform for developers, allowing professionals to incorporate accessibility in the development pipeline. By incorporating it in the source code, accessFlow saves time and half the workload for experienced experts. At the same time, it includes valuable extras for workload management, monitoring, team communication, and more.

Who is accessFlow for?

accessFlow is aimed toward the more experienced users, including web developers and engineering teams able to modify the source code to include web accessibility from the beginning. It’s also a good fit for managers, product owners, accessibility experts, and consultants.

How much does accessFlow cost?

accessiBe offers four pricing packages for its web accessibility tool for developers, starting at $49 per month for 100 pages in the Enterprise plan. The price can go up to $6,149 for the Super plan for 100,000 pages, and you can also get a custom price in the Enterprise plan by contacting accessiBe and communicating your specific needs.

Does accessiBe offer customer support?

Yes, accessiBe offers a rich FAQ section where you can find answers for self-help. At the same time, you can also contact its support or sales via tickets or using live chat.

Does accessiBe offer a free trial for accessFlow?

Unfortunately not. There’s no free trial for this tool.

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