15 Best Places to Sell Domains for Profit

15 Best Places to Sell Domain Names for Profit

Are you wondering about the best place to sell domains?

In this article, we’ll explore 15 of the top platforms where you can sell domain names for profit.

Whether you own unused domains or are interested in reselling them, this guide will help you find the most suitable platform for your needs and maximize your domain selling potential.


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  • Select the ideal platform for your domain portfolio; renowned domain registrars like GoDaddy offer selling options
  • To increase profits, keep your domain names valuable and relevant for prospective buyers
  • Know the worth of your domains; pricing can make or break a sale
  • Selling directly allows for greater control but requires effective marketing
  • Join domain-focused forums and social media groups to find potential buyers
  • Create a domain sales landing page to promote your domain names effectively

15 Best Places to Sell Domains for Profit

Selling domain names can be a lucrative venture, whether you’re looking to profit from unused domains or want to make a business out of domain flipping. In the following sections, we’ll delve into the 15 best places to sell domains.

We’ll outline their key features, discuss the pros and cons, and provide a pricing comparison to help you choose the right platform for your domain selling needs.

  1. Selling Domains on Sedo Domain Marketplace

Final: 15 Best Places to Sell Domain Names for Profit

Sedo Domain Marketplace is an established global platform with over 19 years of experience in the domain industry. Boasting a diverse user base of 2 million customers from more than 150 countries, Sedo offers an extensive reach for domain buyers and sellers.


  • Extensive experience and a large user base for a broad reach
  • Multilingual support for international users
  • Versatile options for both buyers and sellers
  • Strong focus on premium domain brokerage
  • Fees start at 10% if the domain name is successfully sold


  • Competition can be high due to the large user base
  • Premium domain brokerage services may come at a cost

The platform’s multilingual support staff, fluent in over 25 languages, ensures that users from various backgrounds can access their services.

It is an ideal choice for domain buyers seeking web addresses for various purposes, including building online presences, brand protection, domain investment, and marketing campaigns.

Additionally, Sedo provides domain sellers with opportunities to monetize their unused domains. The platform also specializes in professional domain brokerage services for premium domains, making it a go-to destination for investors.

With features like domain parking for earning revenue from parked domains and support for the professional trading of internet domains, Sedo remains a versatile solution for the domain industry. It is also well-suited for launching new domain extensions and gTLDs.

  1. Selling Domains on GoDaddy Auction

Final: 15 Best Places to Sell Domain Names for Profit

GoDaddy Auction is a platform for selling domains, offering several compelling features to its users. First and foremost, it provides access to exclusive, soon-to-expire domain names, which can be an excellent opportunity for domain sellers looking to capitalize on valuable web addresses.


  • Access to exclusive, soon-to-expire domain names
  • The opportunity to maximize profits by auctioning your domain
  • Industry-low commission fees
  • Expert escrow services for secure transactions
  • Affordable membership fee of $4.99 per year


  • Limited to domains that meet the platform’s criteria for auction
  • Transaction fees may apply based on the final sale price of your domain

The platform further enhances your chances of getting top dollar for your domain by allowing you to put it up for auction, exposing it to a wide range of potential buyers. GoDaddy Auction also stands out with industry-low commission fees and expert escrow services, ensuring secure and efficient transactions.

Plus, becoming a member of GoDaddy Auctions is cost-effective, with a membership fee of only $4.99 per year.

  1. Selling Domains on Flippa

Final: 15 Best Places to Sell Domain Names for Profit

Flippa, a well-established digital asset marketplace, provides a comprehensive platform for selling domain names. One of its standout features is the ability to engage in unlimited buy-side matching, allowing you to identify and approach potential buyers efficiently.


  • Unlimited buy-side matching for efficient buyer identification
  • Comprehensive support in sales materials preparation and negotiation
  • Valuable services, including market analysis and due diligence management
  • Competitive pricing with the potential for a reduced success fee


  • A monthly subscription fee may not suit sellers with infrequent domain sales
  • A competitive marketplace may require additional marketing efforts to stand out

Flippa goes the extra mile by assisting you in preparing sales materials, such as information memorandums, and skillfully negotiating terms and conditions of the sale.

Furthermore, Flippa offers valuable services like market and industry analysis, facilitating communication between buyers and sellers, and managing due diligence requests. They ensure a seamless transaction process by helping with closing and post-closing activities, as well as payment processing and facilitation.

An attractive aspect of Flippa is its competitive pricing, with a monthly subscription fee of $299 and a 6% success fee, which can be further reduced if Flippa matches or beats the success fees offered by other comparable platforms or external brokerages.

  1. Selling Domains on Namecheap Marketplace

Final: 15 Best Places to Sell Domain Names for Profit

Namecheap Marketplace offers a user-friendly platform for selling domains. The platform aligns with Namecheap’s commitment to making domain management accessible and affordable.


  • User-friendly platform integrated with Namecheap’s domain services
  • Committed to delivering reliable service levels and excellent support
  • Focus on privacy and freedom, fostering an open and innovative online environment


  • Marketplace may not be as prominent as some other domain-selling platforms
  • User base may be smaller, potentially affecting domain visibility

They prioritize customer satisfaction by delivering guaranteed service levels and dependable support, allowing users to concentrate on expanding their online presence.

Moreover, Namecheap is dedicated to safeguarding privacy and freedom, ensuring users’ safety and the freedom to create and innovate without restrictions.

  1. Selling Domains on eBay

Final: 15 Best Places to Sell Domain Names for Profit

eBay provides domain owners with another avenue to list their domains for potential buyers.


  • Benefit from eBay’s extensive user base, which provides access to a diverse pool of potential buyers
  • eBay offers a user-friendly platform, simplifying your domains’ listing and selling process
  • Utilize the auction format to drive up your domains’ final sale price


  • Be aware of eBay’s fees for listing and selling items, including domains, which can impact your overall profits
  • With numerous domain listings on eBay, you’ll face stiff competition, making it challenging to stand out
  • The auction format can result in uncertain final prices, potentially selling your domain below its full market value
  • eBay is a general marketplace, so potential domain buyers must navigate various product listings
  • As with any online marketplace, there is a risk of encountering scams or fraudulent buyers, necessitating caution in your transactions

The eBay marketplace is a popular choice for those looking to sell their domains, and it offers domain name services to facilitate the process. This option allows you to tap into eBay’s vast user base to find interested buyers for your domains.

  1. Selling Domains on Namepros

Final: 15 Best Places to Sell Domain Names for Profit

NamePros is the largest global community of domain investors, boasting approximately 1 million members.


  • Gain access to a vast network of experienced domain investors and industry experts
  • Participate in discussions, share domain-related insights, and learn from others
  • Benefit from a supportive community of like-minded domain professionals
  • List your domains for sale in the NamePros marketplace to reach potential buyers
  • Utilize educational resources and discussions to enhance your domain investing knowledge
  • Joining NamePros is free, making it a cost-effective platform for domainers


  • The marketplace, while functional, may not have the same level of visibility as dedicated domain marketplaces
  • Unlike some platforms with brokerage services, selling on NamePros may require more active self-management
  • The community hosts members with varying degrees of expertise, which can result in different perspectives and approaches

NamePros offers a unique opportunity to connect with domain experts, expand your network, stay informed about industry trends, learn from others, and share your domain insights.

You can join NamePros for free, making it accessible for domainers at various levels.

  1. Selling Domains on Afternic

Final: 15 Best Places to Sell Domain Names for Profit

Afternic is one of the world’s largest domain marketplaces, providing domain sellers with a wide-reaching platform for listing and selling their domains.


  • Afternic boasts worldwide distribution through 100+ resellers, providing broad exposure for your domains
  • It has more fast-transfer-enabled resellers than other domain marketplaces, which can expedite domain transfers and sales
  • Afternic experiences 75 million qualified searches each month, increasing the visibility of your listed domains
  • Listing your domains on Afternic is straightforward, and it offers a convenient way to reach a vast audience
  • Afternic serves as a comprehensive domain-selling platform, simplifying the process for sellers by listing once and selling across various channels
  • If you use GoDaddy Aftermarket-supported nameservers, you can benefit from a reduced commission of 15% with a $15 minimum on the sales price


  • The standard commission rate is 25% with a $15 minimum, which may affect your profitability, especially on lower-priced domain sales
  • Due to its large user base, you’ll face competition from other domain sellers on the platform
  • Aside from commissions, there may be additional fees associated with domain listings and transactions

With its extensive network of resellers and a large user base, Afternic aims to simplify the process of selling domains by offering worldwide distribution, fast-transfer-enabled resellers, and millions of qualified searches every month.

It provides a one-stop solution for domain selling, allowing sellers to list their domains once and have them available across numerous distribution channels.

  1. Selling Domains on Domaining

Final: 15 Best Places to Sell Domain Names for Profit

Domaining is an online platform tailored for domain investors and enthusiasts. It provides a space where domain sellers can list their domains for potential buyers within the domain investment community.


  • Domaining caters to a niche audience of domain investors and industry professionals, ensuring that your listings reach potential buyers who understand the value of domain assets
  • The platform fosters interaction within the domain investing community, allowing you to connect with like-minded individuals and gain insights into market trends
  • Domaining specializes in the domain industry, making it a dedicated space for domain transactions and discussions
  • You can access valuable educational resources and information related to domain investing, which can be particularly beneficial for newcomers to the industry
  • Domaining provides a marketplace for listing your domains for sale, offering exposure to potential buyers


  • The platform’s niche focus means that your listings may have limited exposure compared to more general domain marketplaces
  • While you’ll find a specialized audience, you’ll also face competition from other domain sellers targeting the same audience
  • There may be fees associated with listing your domains on Domaining or transaction-related costs
  • Domaining has a smaller user base compared to larger domain marketplaces, potentially impacting the number of potential buyers you can reach

This site primarily focuses on serving those interested in buying and selling domains, offering a marketplace for domain transactions.

  1. Selling Domains on NameJet

Final: 15 Best Places to Sell Domain Names for Profit

NameJet is a prominent domain name marketplace that provides businesses access to a vast inventory of already-registered domains. Offering a selection of over 30 million domain names annually, NameJet aims to help users acquire the domain name they desire efficiently.


  • NameJet boasts an extensive inventory of aftermarket domain names, giving users a wide range of options to choose from
  • Users can place backorders on domain names at any stage of their lifecycle, increasing the chances of acquiring desired domains
  • The platform features special auctions with hand-picked, high-quality domain names, ensuring regular access to search-relevant options
  • NameJet partners offer exclusive aftermarket domain names to its customers, expanding the variety of domain choices


  • The quality of available domains may attract competitive bidding, potentially driving up prices
  • Depending on their domain acquisition strategy, users may encounter transaction-related fees or costs
  • While NameJet offers a substantial inventory, it may not have the same level of visibility as larger domain marketplaces

Whether you’re searching, bidding, buying instantly, making offers, or placing backorders, NameJet offers 24/7/365 access to secure the right URL for your needs.

  1. Selling Domains on DomainState

Final: 15 Best Places to Sell Domain Names for Profit

DomainState.com is a prominent domain industry resource website that provides a comprehensive platform for domain investors. Offering an array of domain tools, statistics, news, and a service directory, it provides invaluable resources for domain professionals.


  • The site offers a rich set of domain tools and data, equipping investors with the necessary resources to manage their domains efficiently
  • The online forum serves as a hub for exchanging domain knowledge and ideas, fostering a collaborative environment for domain enthusiasts
  • The platform provides valuable insights into domains that can be potentially purchased and added to domain portfolios
  • The site functions as a one-stop resource, offering statistics, news, directories, and forums for the domain industry


  • While the platform is highly beneficial for domain professionals, it may cater primarily to individuals within the domain industry.
  • Navigating the domain tools and resources may require some time and effort for users new to domain investing

The platform also hosts an online forum where domain enthusiasts can exchange knowledge and ideas, fostering a vibrant domain community.

  1. Selling Domains on Namebio

Final: 15 Best Places to Sell Domain Names for Profit

NameBio is a valuable platform that provides insights into domain sales, pricing, and trends, catering to collectors, domainers, and businesses. Their membership plans offer different access levels, allowing users to search for domain sales data efficiently.


  • NameBio offers tiered membership plans, catering to collectors, domainers, and businesses, providing tailored services based on user needs and budget
  • By upgrading to a paid membership, users can access more search results, offering in-depth data and insights into domain sales
  • NameBio enables users to search for domain sales under $100, which is particularly useful for identifying emerging trends and opportunities in the domain market
  • The platform equips domain enthusiasts with data-driven information to help them make informed decisions about domain purchases and investments


  • While there are free access options with limited results, more comprehensive access to NameBio’s data requires a paid membership, which may not be suitable for everyone
  • Users, particularly those new to domain investing, might need some time to become familiar with the platform’s features and how to leverage its data effectively

Users can unlock enhanced search capabilities by registering for a free account and verifying their email, making it an indispensable tool for those interested in tracking domain market trends.

  1. Selling Domains on SnapNames

Final: 15 Best Places to Sell Domain Names for Profit

SnapNames is a trusted domain name marketplace known for its premium domain name auctions. They offer a unique bidding system that allows users to set a maximum bid. SnapNames automatically increases the bid in response to competitive offers while ensuring it never exceeds the set maximum.


  • SnapNames specializes in premium domain name auctions, making it an excellent choice for those looking for high-value domain names
  • The automated bidding system simplifies the bidding process, ensuring users remain competitive without constantly monitoring the auction
  • SnapNames is a well-established marketplace with global accessibility, allowing businesses and individuals worldwide to access already-registered domains
  • The platform boasts an extensive inventory of over 30 million domain names annually, catering to various budgets and domain needs


  • While automated bidding is convenient, it also means that users may face strong competition when trying to secure a domain, potentially driving up the final sale price
  • Premium domains on SnapNames may come at a higher price point due to their value, which may not suit users with limited budgets
  1. Selling Domains on Namerific

Final: 15 Best Places to Sell Domain Names for Profit

Namerific is a specialized platform dedicated to buying and selling creative domain names designed to stand out. With a focus on unique and brandable domains, Namerific aims to provide innovative and memorable domain options.


  • Namerific specializes in creative and brandable domain names, making it a great choice for businesses and startups seeking a unique online identity
  • The platform offers a diverse portfolio of domain names, ensuring a wide selection to suit various industries and niches
  • Namerific’s emphasis on creativity ensures that their domains are memorable and easy to brand, making them valuable assets
  • The user-friendly platform simplifies the process of browsing, selecting, and purchasing creative domain names


  • Creative and brandable domains may come at a premium, so users with limited budgets may find it challenging to secure their desired domain
  • Namerific’s focus on creative domains means it may not be the ideal platform for users looking for more traditional or keyword-specific domains
  • The demand for unique and brandable domains can lead to increased competition and potentially higher prices for sought-after options
  1. Selling Domains on DomainAgents

Final: 15 Best Places to Sell Domain Names for Profit

DomainAgents is a domain brokerage service that facilitates seamless negotiations between potential domain buyers and domain owners.


  • Assurance that your offer will be presented to the domain owner
  • Compensation to domain owners for responding to offers, incentivizing timely responses
  • An efficient and professional service for domain negotiations


  • Requires a $19.95 fee to purchase a DomainAgents credit
  • The outcome of negotiations is dependent on the domain owner’s response
  • The success of domain acquisition depends on the owner’s willingness to sell

If you’ve identified a domain you wish to acquire, but it’s currently owned by someone else, DomainAgents can assist. For a nominal fee of $19.95, you can purchase a DomainAgents credit and specify the domain you’re interested in.

DomainAgents will then leverage its resources to contact the domain owner and present your offer on your behalf. They guarantee that your offer will be communicated to the owner, ensuring a response. If, for any reason, they are unable to reach the owner, you will receive a DomainAgents credit to make an offer on an alternative domain or pursue a refund.

Furthermore, once the domain owner is in contact with DomainAgents, they are compensated for their time with a $10.00 payment, a free DomainAgents credit, or a $10.00 donation to a

charity of their choice.

  1. Selling Domains on Epik

15 Best Places to Sell Domains for ProfitEpik is a full-service domain registrar and marketplace that provides a platform for selling domain names with ease. Sellers can list their domain names on Epik, setting their prices or accepting offers from potential buyers.


  • An extensive marketplace with a diverse range of domain extensions
  • Flexible pricing options, including setting fixed prices or considering offers
  • Access to domain auction services, which can increase exposure to potential buyers
  • Domain leasing and financing services, allowing sellers to offer different purchase options
  • The ability to reach a broader audience of potential buyers through Epik’s marketplace


  • Prices for domain selling services may vary, potentially affecting costs for sellers
  • The competitiveness of the domain marketplace can influence the time it takes to sell a domain
  • Success in selling domains depends on factors like domain quality and market demand
  • While Epik provides selling services, sellers should still perform due diligence and research to optimize their listings

Epik offers additional features and services, such as domain leasing, financing, and auctioning, to help domain owners effectively sell their assets. The platform aims to empower domain sellers to maximize the value of their digital assets and reach a broader audience of potential buyers.

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Alternative Ways To Sell Domains

In addition to traditional domain marketplaces and domain registrars, several alternative methods exist for selling domains.

These methods offer unique strategies and channels for domain sellers to connect with potential buyers and maximize their domain’s value.

Let’s explore alternative avenues that can help domain owners broaden their selling horizons.

1. Facebook Social Groups

Facebook social groups are communities where domain sellers and buyers come together. By joining relevant groups, sellers can showcase their domain portfolios to a wide audience. It’s an informal platform for negotiating domain deals and building connections within the domain industry. These groups provide an opportunity for direct interaction between buyers and sellers.

2. Online Forums

Online forums like Reddit and Quora serve as valuable platforms for selling domains. These platforms have dedicated sections where users discuss domain names and their values.

Domain sellers can engage with potential buyers, provide information about their domains, and negotiate deals. It’s a great way to tap into a community interested in domain trading.

3. Your Own Landing Page

Create your own landing page to sell your domain names effectively. This personalized page, prominently displaying the domains you want to sell, provides potential buyers with all the necessary information. It’s a prime place to sell your domains and establish a professional online presence dedicated to domain sales.

4. Domain Name Forums

As domain investing is often a solitary endeavor, domain forums have gained popularity as hubs where individuals can engage in discussions, exchange insights, seek advice, and showcase domains for sale within the industry.

Here are some domain name forums to consider.

Best Domain Name Forums to Sell Your Domain

Domain Name ForumsDescription
DNForum– Over 130,000 members
– A leading domain name forum for buying, selling, and discussing domain names
– Provides a platform for both experienced domain traders and newcomers to list domains for sale and engage with potential buyers
Web Hosting Talk– A popular online forum covering web hosting and domain-related discussions
– Offers a dedicated marketplace section for selling domains
– A hub for domain sellers and buyers to connect in the web hosting and domain industry
Digital Point– A well-established online forum focusing on digital marketing, web development, and domain discussions
– Includes a dedicated “Buy, Sell or Trade” section for domain sellers and buyers
– Large user base, making it a valuable platform for listing domains and interacting with potential buyers in the digital marketing and domain industry

Final Word: Know Your Options for Where to Buy and Sell Domain Names

Knowing your options for where to buy and sell domain names is a must. Whether you prefer established marketplaces, forums, or more creative methods like setting up your own landing page, understanding the strengths of each avenue can maximize your success.

It’s essential to leverage the diverse resources available and choose the best place to sell domains. If you’re looking to build a website alongside your domain venture, consider exploring the best website builders and best web hosting services for a solid online foundation.

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Next Steps: What Now?

Learn More About Selling a Domain Name

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sell my domain for a high price?

When it comes to pricing a domain for a high return, a multifaceted approach is crucial. Start by obtaining a professional domain appraisal to assess its market value accurately. Craft high-quality listings that provide comprehensive information about your domain, including its unique selling points.

Effective marketing through various channels, such as social media, forums, and domain marketplaces, can expand your reach and attract potential buyers. Equally important is mastering negotiation skills, as being patient and skilled in negotiations will significantly impact the final pricing of your domain, potentially leading to a higher sale price.

Is selling website domains profitable?

Yes, selling website domains can be highly profitable, especially when dealing with premium domains. Premium domains are in high demand and can fetch substantial prices. Success in this field depends on factors like domain quality, market trends, and marketing strategies.

With the right domain and effective selling techniques, you can certainly profit from selling premium domain names.

How do I sell my domain directly?

To sell your domain directly, you can follow these steps: 1. Research the domain’s value using popular domain marketplaces. 2. Set a competitive price based on market trends. 3. Create a listing with detailed information about the domain. 4. Market your domain on social media and domain forums. 5. Negotiate with potential buyers directly. 6. Use a secure domain transfer service to complete the sale.

How can I sell my domain fast?

To sell your domain quickly, follow these steps: 1. Price it competitively based on market trends. 2. List it on reputable domain marketplaces. 3. Use descriptive and appealing listings with clear details. 4. Promote your domain on social media and forums. 5. Consider auction platforms for a faster sale. 6. Respond promptly to inquiries and negotiate effectively with potential buyers.

How can I sell domain names online?

To sell domain names online, choose a reputable domain marketplace, create detailed listings with attractive descriptions, set competitive prices, and use effective keywords. Promote your listings through social media, online forums, and email marketing.

Respond promptly to inquiries and engage with potential buyers to build trust and increase the chances of selling your domain names successfully.

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