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Our Favorite PHP Web Hosting of 2022

PHP Web Hosting is the perfect choice for modern, more sophisticated, scalable cloud hosting. Explore the best-in-class with excellent uptime and access to FTP and SSH.


Top 10 PHP Hosting Providers

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Should I Really Consider These PHP Hosts as the Best Hosting Providers?

PHP Hosting is a solution that offers the ability to read and execute the PHP programming language. It is essentially an open-source interpreter that interprets in real-time, and it is not built into the code of the machine it is running on. Its main function is to produce dynamic content that is typically embedded with working HTML code.

PHP is a server-side language, and it is up to the best PHP hosting server to process the source code.

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Here are the things you need to look out for when you want to buy the best PHP web hosting:

  • How Fast Are the Load Times When Using PHP Code?
  • Does the Hosting Provide in Question Have Support That Is Specific to PHP Code?
  • Do You Get cPanel Support or Any Other Kind of Management Panel?
  • Are the Uptimes and Load Times up to Your Standard?
  • How Much Bandwidth and Storage Can You Expect?
  • Does It Provide You With Free Backups?
  • Does It Provide You With Free SSL Certificates and Security?
  • Are You Getting a Free Domain Name With the Plan You End up Picking?
  • Does The Hosting Plan Support Multiple Versions of PHP?
Note: You need to ensure that you have the latest and most secure version of PHP, but also some of the older ones.

Who PHP Hosting Server is For

  • Websites that run on various versions of PHP
  • Users that require specific PHP Tools
  • Users that run WordPress-based pages
  • For those who want to get the most out of their website
Important: PHP is essential to CMS websites built with WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.

How PHP Hosting Works

PHP is a server-side language and the server can process the source code. More specifically, PHP is a scripting language that is specifically created for server-side communications, and as such, it can handle various server-side functions such as collecting data, managing files on the server, modifying databases, and much more. A PHP server will ensure full support for the PHP environment as if it is not fully supported; any scripting you have might get rendered as HTML instead.

PHP web hosting is a style of web hosting that has the ability to read and execute the PHP programming language.

Many PHP hosting sites come with an assortment of specialized tools that allow you to have a lot more control over your PHP environment. They come with php.ini where you can make changes to the configuration or support other programming languages that are used in conjunction with PHP, including Perl and Python.


Factors to Consider for PHP Hosting

  1. Load Times When Using PHP Code – The hosting provider can either render PHP code as native PHP code, or as HTML instead, you need to analyze which host is legitimate and which one just claims it does.
    There are dedicated hostings that are optimized for WordPress, in that case you might want to choose them, in other cases when your site is running laravel or pure PHP you’d like to explore what options are there for these as well.
  2. Support That Is Specific to PHP Code – This is specifically the case if you are not that initiated within the developing website’s programming part. You see, WordPress uses web host PHP on its back-end and as such if you want to manipulate a more specific part of it and modify it to your specific need you will need someone who understands the language. Why shouldn’t this be the support team?
  3. cPanel SupportcPanel is quite possibly the world’s most popular management panel and as such you want to know that the hosting provider in question at least offers is as an option before you can make an educated decision.

    Note: cPanel is popular because it simplifies the process of hosting and managing a website.
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  4. Multiple Versions of PHP – PHP, to say the least, has a lot of versions. From end-of-life versions to security fixes only versions and versions with active supports. The three most common versions you will find that you will be using are 7.3, 7.4 and 8.0, and you want to ensure that the hosting provider you end up choosing supports each and every one of these as well as older versions. This is because some plugins on WordPress, for example, or other features of the PHP code, tend to only work with older versions.



Keep in mind that most of the managed hosting will only consider WordPress/Drupal/Joomla, and the chances are extremely slim that you will be able to find a hosting that will help you fix PHP errors.

Question: What are the benefits of having the latest versions of PHP?

Answer: Having the latest PHP versions will improve your website’s speed, security, and performance.

Choosing the Best PHP Hosting For You

PHP is the most embraced and accommodated programming language when it comes to the world’s top hosting providers. You just have to figure out which hosting solution has gone far out and above to make the hosting PHP experience seamless. Many of our users have ended up testing a lot of PHP site hosting solutions, so make sure that you read up their reviews and hopefully find a PHP host that is the perfect fit for your specific needs. Ideally, you want a hosting provider that will allow you to switch between PHP versions, and have support for many of the latest versions. This can come in handy, especially if you are working with older software packages.

Keep in mind that currently, as the time writing this article (2021), the latest version of PHP that was released in 2021 is 8.0.3, and you need to consider a web host that is up to date and offers this version. As of PHP 8.0.4 releases throughout the year, the last thing you want to do is be stuck in a host that only supports an outdated version of it.

Currently Top 3 PHP Hosting Companies


What to look for in PHP hosting?

When choosing a PHP hosting provider, you need to consider the availability of multiple PHP versions, uptime, and load times of using a PHP code. Furthermore, you need to consider cPanel, bandwidth, storage, security features, SSL certificates, backups, and support.

What PHP version should I look for in web hosting?

It would be best to look for the three most common versions of PHP, 7.3, 7.4, and 8.0. Your web hosting provider should support these at a minimum, along with older versions, as some features of the PHP work only with older versions.

Why is PHP hosting so cheap?

PHP hosting uses ZERO CPU and ZERO RAM when not serving requests. It provides many hosting accounts with small hardware and features “scale to zero” technologies, which are essentially cheap.

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