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The Best Offshore Hosting Providers of 2023

Are you gonna say goodbye to local restrictions or censorships? Discover the Best Offshore Hosting to host your data in a different country and become utterly anonymous on the web. Our experts have chosen the most outstanding offshore hosting services, Their suggestions are Ultahost or Koddos.

Mary Emasah
Mary Emasah,
Hosting Expert
Mary was a developer when PHP was king. She thoroughly enjoyed the tech scene in general and soon started writing reviews on different new technology on the side. That side gig soon became a full time engagement as she found herself more fulfilled in the art of copy and content creation. She would go on to focus on web and cybersecurity related topics.

Top 5 Offshore Hosting Providers

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    Offshore 30-Days Money-Back
    Free Daily Backups, Free Domain Transfer, Free SSL Certificate
    Support available 24/7/365 via Chat, Phone, Email, Ticket
    Ultahost review Incl. 525 user reviews
    $2.90 / mo
    Coupons 1 Get Started
    Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
    ULTA WORDPRESS 30 GB - 0 B $2.90
    View Plan
    SHARED Starter 30 GB - 0 B $3.29
    View Plan
    WORDPRESS STARTER 100 GB - 0 B $4.90
    View Plan
  • 2
    Extensive Legal and Technical Systems in Place
    One of The Strictest Privacy Laws in Europe
    Fast and Reliable with DDoS Protection
    KnownSRV review Incl. 16 user reviews
    $2.95 / mo
    Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
    SH-v1 5 GB - 0 B $2.95
    View Plan
    SH-V2 10 GB - 0 B $5.95
    View Plan
    SH-V3 15 GB - 0 B $9.95
    View Plan
  • 3
    Offshore Hosting 7-Day Money-back Guarantee
    Unmetered Traffic Plans, Instant/Daily Backups, Unlimited Subdomains & FTP
    Support available 24/7/365 via Phone, Tickets, Email and Chat
    VSYS Host review Incl. 91 user reviews
    $5.00 / mo
    Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
    VH-Medium (UA) 1 GB - 0 B $5.00
    View Plan
    VH-Pro (UA) 5 GB - 0 B $10.00
    View Plan
    VH-Reseller (UA) 20 GB - 0 B $15.00
    View Plan
  • 4
    7 Days Moneyback Guarantee
    Every plan comes with MySQL, Email, & FTP
    Support available 24/7/365 via Phone, Email, Knowledge base and Blog
    Koddos review Incl. 52 user reviews
    $8.95 / mo
    Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
    Mini Plan A 20 GB - 0 B $8.95
    View Plan
    VPS PLAN A 20 GB 1 x 2.20GHz 512 MB $9.99
    View Plan
    Plan A 40 GB - 0 B $14.95
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  • 5
    VPS 7-day money-back guarantee
    Full root & shell access (SSH) for maximum control
    Support available 24/7/365 via Chat, Tickets and Knowledge Base
    Blueangel.host review Incl. 87 user reviews
    $1.95 / mo
    Plan Name Space CPU RAM OS Price Score
    BABY PLAN 5 GB - 0 B $1.95
    View Plan
    STARTER PLAN 10 GB - 0 B $3.95
    View Plan
    BUSINESS PLAN 30 GB - 0 B $6.95
    View Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is offshore hosting?

Offshore hosting is hosting a website, application, or data on offshore servers, that is, servers that are not in your own country.

What is the need for offshore hosting?

Offshore hosting provides anonymity, privacy, and freedom of speech. It is detailed for people who want freedom from their countries’ publication regulations.

What is the difference between offshore hosting and bulletproof hosting?

An offshore hosting solution provides privacy and anonymity. However, it doesn’t turn a blind eye to all web hosting activities. It prohibits users from running DDoS scripts and other malicious online activities. On the other hand, bulletproof hosting allows clients to do whatever they like with their hosting plans. This is why bulletproof hosting is more expensive than other types of hosting.

Is there free offshore hosting?

Yes. But we strongly recommend that you refrain from using free offshore hosting. The key benefit behind offshore hosting is data privacy and anonymity. Free offshore hosting solutions make it hard to guarantee that the provider will enforce security and privacy measures. It is better to go for one of the affordable offshore hosting packages mentioned in this article.

What is DMCA?

DMCA means Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It is a set of regulations based on two WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) treaties. It applies in the USA and other countries that are members of the WIPO.

What are the best countries for offshore hosting servers

The best countries for offshore hosting data center locations are the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine. These countries are also called DMCA-ignored offshore destinations since they allow hosting providers to ignore DMCA takedown notices issued to their clients’ websites.

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