Zayo Announces A Series Of Advancements, Totaling Nearly A Quarter Of A Billion Dollars

Zayo is now investing approximately a quarter of a billion dollars to extend its worldwide network backbone considerably. By the end of 2022, the business aims to have substantially expanded its backbone to 400Gbps.

05-12-2022 - Zayo Announces A Series Of Advancements, Totaling Nearly A Quarter Of A Billion Dollars

Over the next 18 months, Zayo will continue to produce new and enhanced routes internationally.

Dallas-Atlanta (the company’s third main East-West route), New York – Chicago, Chicago – Denver, Salt Lake City – Denver (which completed the shortest route from San Francisco to New York via Chicago), Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Dallas, San Francisco Bay Area – Salt Lake City, Los Angeles – San Francisco Bay Area are among Zayo’s significant new dark fiber lines.

Andrés Irlando, who serves the role of President at Zayo, had the following to say:

Enterprises of all sizes are entering a transformational yet highly-complex time as they face a convergence of factors ranging from digital-first implementation and the future of work to rapid cloudification and edge computing. At Zayo, we recognize that each of these advancements is only as successful as the connectivity empowering it. We are committed to continuous expansion and advancing our network and capabilities, and we remain focused on exceeding customer expectations now while positioning them for a future they are just now imagining.

Dave Schaeffer, who serves the role of CEO at Cogent Communications, had the following to say:

Cogent Communications is at the cutting edge of the IP / communications industry, and we are constantly expanding our footprint to new facilities and new markets. Zayo’s future-ready, reliable dark fiber network with route diversity is an essential component in our network design to deliver the best-in-class, scalable, and reliable IP services that our customers have come to expect from Cogent. We look forward to leveraging Zayo’s dark fiber footprint to grow our network in the future.

Will Townsend, who serves the role of Vice President & Principal Analyst, Networking & Security at Moor Insights & Strategy, had the following to say:

Zayo is quickly differentiating itself as a market leader when it comes to network diversity, capacity, and future-readiness. A proof point is its new coast-to-coast route that traverses nearly a straight line across the U.S., delivering 400G performance that supports low-latency-intensive applications such as financial trading. Zayo’s recent network build-outs represent an investment in future capacity for its customers.

Nearly half of Zayo’s 75,000-mile backbone network is 400G enabled, with the remainder anticipated to be completed by the end of 2022.

Because of this network update, clients will be able to continue growing as they deploy new technologies such as 5G, cloud adoption, IoT, AI, edge computing, and automation. Zayo has completed a subsea 400G trial with Equinix in the United Kingdom, aiding the data center operator in preparation for the increasing need to transport bigger volumes of data faster than ever before.