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VMware Announces New Cloud Innovations at The VMworld 2021

VMware has announced the launch of its Cross-Cloud services to help organizations worldwide to better navigate the multi-cloud era at the VMworld 2021.

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The VMware Cloud is the first and exclusive multi-cloud computing infrastructure, enabling customers to move their enterprises’ applications to the cloud. It’s an efficient solution since it cuts both required time and resources in half compared to other solutions on the market.

Now, VMware, Inc. has issued new advancements for the VMware Cloud. The set of innovations include a new portfolio of managed Kubernetes services, capabilities that simplify and secure the process of running enterprise apps in VMware Cloud, and a new initiative supporting the need for customers to run their business in sovereign clouds.

In turn, digital companies will receive enhanced freedom and flexibility for building, running, and securing apps across any cloud. Better yet, customers will get tools to increase their business agility and resiliency and reduce the associated costs even further.

VMware also showcased additional R&D investments and innovations at the convention. The provider announced three tech previews on the event, named Project Capitola, Project Cascade, and Project Ensemble.

Mark Lohmeyer, who serves the role of senior vice president and general manager at Cloud Infrastructure Business Group at VMware, had this to say:

VMware has established a unique position in the world of multi-cloud computing by meeting customers where they are to help them achieve their cloud objectives. VMware helps to eliminate the false choice between business innovation and IT control. Our latest innovations help customers modernize apps, infrastructure, and operations with better economics and less risk and boost developer productivity. And with Project Arctic, the next evolution of VMware vSphere, we will unleash the hybrid cloud for every enterprise.

The VMware Cross-Cloud services are comprised of five core building blocks, including a platform to build and deploy the cloud-native apps, cloud infrastructure, cloud management, security and networking, and a digital workspace.

Raghu Raghuram, who serves the role of a CEO at VMware, had this to say:

Multi-cloud is the digital business model for the next 20 years, as entire industries reinvent themselves. It’s no longer about a cloud-first approach – it’s about being cloud-smart. Organizations should have the freedom to choose the ’right’ cloud based on their strategic business goals. With our cloud-agnostic approach, we are uniquely positioned to meet our customers where they are and take them where they want to go. We give every organization the power to accelerate their innovation and control their own destiny in the multi-cloud era.

So, as a customer, you get to choose which of these services you need to meet your growing business needs. Either way, you will get several key advantages, such as an accelerated journey to the cloud, cost efficiency, flexibility, and control across any cloud.