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Vaultree Introduces The First Ever Encryption-As-A-Service Solution

Ireland-based company Vaultree developed a first-of-its-kind Encryption-as-a-Service solution, delivering a fast, scalable, and easy to integrate solution to organizations worldwide.

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Vaultree’s encryption-as-a-service solution will mostly serve organizations in highly regulated industries. These companies must comply with industry standards and federal regulations, requiring a restriction of access to sensitive data. While they have financial incentives to expand operations, these factors are limiting them from doing so.

According to Vaultree, legacy encryption techniques buckle under the strain of scale and are cumbersome to deploy and manage.

Furthermore, companies all around the globe are facing increased vulnerabilities in cloud, mobile devices, and data breaches. By the end of 2021, data breaches are estimated to cost the global economy approximately $6 trillion in damages.

Vaultree spotted the demand and provided a solution. The encryption-as-a-service will eliminate the need to decrypt data or surrender encryption keys. In turn, the customer/enterprise will work with fully encrypted cloud data at scale and maintain top performance.

Tilo Weigandt, who serves the role of a Co-founder at Vaultree, had this to say:

Traditional encryption solutions can’t scale for today’s needs. Highly regulated organizations need the ability to freely access and use their data without having to reveal their encryption keys or data content to anyone. Vaultree’s Encryption-as-a-Service solution provides a fully compliant and frictionless way for organizations to protect their most sensitive data without sacrificing performance.

The encryption-as-a-service solution will provide highly regulated businesses with ease of integration and use. Enterprises will get to the forefront of data security with a zero-knowledge approach.

Customers will also receive improved security and control. Vaultree keeps all sensitive data, audit logs, and access management fully encrypted while being used, stored, or shared. In turn, the enterprise receives the full key control, which they don’t even need to disclose to Vaultree or a cloud provider.

At last, enterprises will get an infinitely scalable solution that can be used across multiple industries and platforms, thus the highest possible performance power.