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Render Raises $20M in Series A Funding Led By Addition

Zero DevOps Cloud Platform Render raises $20 million in a Series A investment round, bringing its total funding to $26.75 million. The company will use the funds to grow its employee base and expand to new regions.

11-23-2021 - Render Raises $20M in Series A Funding Led By Addition

Render is a San Francisco-based company offering the most effortless cloud for hosting any application or website. It provides developers with an unparalleled experience coupled with incredible flexibility and power.

In other words, it eliminates the need for developers and businesses to manage cloud infrastructures, ultimately improving all software. In turn, teams can focus on product development.

The provider serves approximately four billion requests per month. Companies such as Anker, Cypress.io, and Clearbit have used the Zero DevOps Cloud Platform to avoid overly-complex cloud offerings and wasteful DevOps spending, thus building better products faster.

The Big 3 cloud offerings require expensive and scarce DevOps resources to manage. However, Render solves this expense issue, offering simplicity and ease at a fraction of the cost. In turn, its technology is necessary for startups attempting to circumvent the rising costs of DevOps talent, which is usually more expensive than the cloud services they manage themselves.

Anurag Goel, who serves the role of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Render, had the following to say:

We’ve built a cloud platform from the ground up and are already pulling ahead of providers that have been around for 15 years due to our focus on modern app development, our ability to quickly adapt to market trends, and our inherent understanding of developers wants and needs. From helping startups kick-start their DevOps journey to empowering large teams to automate Day 2 operations and gain insight into their infrastructure, Render is focused on delivering on an ambitious product roadmap and cementing our place as the platform of choice; for developers and cloud-native businesses alike.

Lee Fixel and the team at Addition led the Series A funding. However, existing investors, such as General Catalyst and the South Park Commons Fund, also took part in it.

Lee Fixel, who serves the role of a Founder of Addition, had the following to say:

Render allows companies to optimize two crucial and ever-competing resources – time and talent – in a way that empowers them to ship better products faster with the control and customization that successful businesses need. We’re excited to support Render as they continue to eliminate wasteful DevOps spending and improve the developer experience.

Render will triple its personnel count with the Series A capital by the end of next year while focusing on product and business development. The provider will also expand its data center presence in the US and EMEA and respond to users’ top desire to improve end-user latency in additional geographic locations, creating hosting areas in APAC.

Furthermore, it will use the funding to add new and free services to its Zero DevOps Cloud Platform. It will deliver free options designed for modest projects and proofs of concept. Thus, individual developers and hobbyists will be using the platform’s ease and convenience, which can further expand as their needs change.

Graham Melcher, who serves the roles of Co-Founder and CTO of Hint Health, a leading provider of primary care management software, had the following to say:

As our team grew to more than 20 developers, Heroku became too limiting and expensive. But AWS did not have the features we needed, and we didn’t want to sacrifice product engineering bandwidth to work on managing infrastructure on AWS. Our developers are incredibly picky when it comes to cloud infrastructure, and Render checked all the boxes for us.