OVH Cloud Datacenter Collapses by Fire

On Wednesday, 10th of March 2021, OVH Cloud Datacenter experienced a major incident at the Strasbourg (SBG) site, where a fire broke out throughout the night and affected international customers that had data hosted on the Strasbourg datacenters.

OVH Cloud Datacenter on fire
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The industrial and technical teams took action in an attempt to put everything out throughout the night under difficult circumstances, and there were no casualties as a result of this incident.

OVH issued out news, specifically, on the 14th of March 2021 where they stated that a team of 60 people is working on the site to connect mobile networks as well as security units that will work in rotations of 24 hour daily intervals. Cabling is in progress, and the connection is planned out for the night. The drying out of the SBG3 buildings is planned to be finished, and the cleaning of any soot in the server rooms begins on Tuesday, 16th of March.

The cooling system is operational, where water cooling is protected from the cloud weather, and the pumps are fully operational.

Aside from that, they are working on ways to provide infrastructures in other datacenters for the affected customers. For these, they are offering replacement infrastructures. They are committed to providing 15.000 new servers in the coming weeks.

They also have plans on the implementation of all DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) mechanisms for all of their customers.

They have also sent emails to all of their customers to inform them of the status of their services, and billing has been suspended for Strasbourg (SBR) data center customers from the date of the incidents.

OVH is planning to restore services to SBG1, SBG3, and SBG4 and provide infrastructures in other data centers for all of the affected customers.

From Monday, 15th of March 2021, the progressive restoration of undamaged servers is looking to be complete by Monday, 22nd of March.  The restart of all services is also estimated at this date.

The fascinating part about all of this is that it took 100 firefighters and even 43 firetrucks to fight the building’s fire. The fire was brought back to control quickly; however, the impact it had during its duration has been huge.

Keep in mind that OVH is one of the largest hosting providers in Europe and the third largest in the world. They offer cloud computing as well as virtual private serves and even dedicated servers.