HostArmada Announces A New Pricing Model with The Best Web Hosting Deals

HostArmada introduces a new pricing model with attractive discounts on longer-term plans, along with monthly billing cycles for the shared hosting plans.

HostArmada banner

HostArmada is an independently funded and privately-owned web hosting company. Most of all, customers choose it due to its most innovative and creative approach to cloud SSD web hosting solutions. Even so, the best part about HostArmada is its visionary team with a single purpose – to provide fast, secure, and reliable services to its customers worldwide.

Over the last couple of months, the provider received fantastic feedback from its current customers and prospects. The team pushed its limits and implemented many of the suggested requests. In turn, it improved its offering and achieved incredible results. So, HostArmada decided to give back and reward its loyal customers.

HostArmada introduced longer billing cycles. More precisely, they announced biennial and triennial billing cycles with much better discounts compared to the annual plans.

HostArmada wrote the following in a blog post on its website:

We believe that the pricing method is a fair way to reward people who believe in our vision and trust us enough to commit for a more extended period. People who prefer using an annual subscription should not feel disheartened. Despite the slight price regulation, our prices are still one of the most affordable on the market compared to other providers.

Next, HostArmada has introduced monthly billing cycles. While its customers didn’t get that option until now, new prospects will be able to sign up and pay per month. Existing customers, in turn, will be able to downgrade from annual/biennial/triennial billing cycles to monthly after the end of their term.

The provider further specified:

For all of the HostArmada users who signed up before today, we will be grandfathering the pricing that you have signed up with initially. If you would like to have the same readjusted to the new one, please reach our live chat representatives to adjust it accordingly.

If you have already purchased HostArmada services, you can contact one of their sales agents over live chat to claim an exclusive renewal discount. The provider offers a 30% discount in the following two weeks, from 26th of September to 11th of October. It’s based on the new pricing model, regardless of your billing cycle.

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