Google Extends The Deadline For Migration To Its New-Look Website Builder

Google has yet again rescheduled its Google Sites migration from June 1, 2022, until the end of the year.

screenshot of website builder

In 2017, the business revealed its plan to restore conventional Google Sites with a completely new offer, giving customers until December 1, 2021, to migrate to the new website builder.

While this is the third time the not-so-hard deadline has been pushed out, Google has stressed that it would have no effect on users’ personal Google accounts. Users will no longer be able to alter any remaining classic Google Sites in the domain they control, and classic Sites will no longer be visible after one month if they are converted to the new service.

After the January 1, 2023 upgrade, Google will replace any remaining traditional builds with a Takeout archive. Following the migration, each traditional Site will be decommissioned.

End-users and administrators are advised to utilize the Old Sites Manager to complete migration and conversion of individual classic Sites to new Google Sites, according to a recent blog post.

Google had the following to say in a recent blog post:

To ensure a smooth transition and access to new Sites functionalities, end-users and admins are encouraged to use the Classic Sites Manager to complete migration and convert individual classic Sites to new Google Sites before December 1, 2022. Review your domain’s settings prior to January 1, 2023, to ensure a successful migration, and you will be notified once all the sites on your domain have been migrated.

Depending on the volume and complexity of each website, Google estimates that each domain will take several months to migrate. So, consider your domain settings before January 1, 2023, to guarantee a successful transfer, and you will be notified once all of your domain sites have been converted.