Global CDN and Edge Cloud Solutions Provider Fastly Has Acquired Glitch

Glitch has been bought by Fastly, a global provider of a content delivery network (CDN) and edge cloud solutions, for an undisclosed fee. Glitch is a developer platform that enables over 1.8 million developers to build, share, and improve full-stack web projects without the need for infrastructure or tools.

05-20-2022 - Global CDN and Edge Cloud Solutions Provider Fastly Has Acquired Glitch

Businesses get significant economic advantages by promptly implementing the apps created by their developers, according to Fastly. As a result, developers must get inspiration to deploy code faster than ever before. Glitch would foster creativity by offering a simple programming environment, remixable code, and a dynamic developer community. For example, Fastly’s WebAssembly-based edge technology lowers barriers to innovation while providing native security and performance.

Artur Bergman, who serves the role of Chief Architect at Fastly, had the following to say:

Fastly was founded by developers, for developers and, together with Glitch, we take an important step forward in making it easier for customers to innovate at a layer in the software stack that they could not access before. This acquisition brings together two of the world’s best ecosystems for application development into a single, seamless developer experience to deliver globally performant, secure, and reliable applications at scale.

Anil Dash, who serves the role of CEO at Glitch, had the following to say:

At Glitch, we’ve always been about making it as easy as possible to go from an idea to a running app. By teaming up with Fastly, we’re going to be able to give superpowers to our community of millions of coders and creators and set the stage for them to tap into the huge potential of Fastly’s globally distributed edge platform in the future. I’m incredibly excited about teaming up with Fastly, and can’t wait to see what developers do with the powerful new tools we’ll be creating together.

Fastly is committed to supporting the growing Glitch community and working with Glitch to further enhance the platform through deeper technical integrations with Fastly’s technologies. Glitch users can continue to collaborate and trade code in Glitch’s thriving development community.