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Florida State University Launches New Digital Project Hosting Service

Florida State University Libraries announced an innovative web-hosting service for digital research projects named CreateFSU, thus allowing its faculty, students, and staff to host and publish websites using industry-leading tools.

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The innovative digital project hosting service will welcome projects from all disciplines, languages, and eligible FSU-affiliated creators. It’s an inclusive and diverse solution mainly aimed at hosting scholarships by or about underrepresented groups.

CreateFSU features cutting-edge and industry-standard web publishing tools. It allows Florida State University faculty, students, and departments to build a digital presence for their content from digital research and pedagogy projects.

The projects include all interactive maps,  visualizations, collaborative course blogs, and digital museum exhibits. In other words, the service users can create blogs, share their researches, publish books or videos. Even undergraduates working on projects can get access with a consultation with their program supervisors.

Peggy-Wright Cleveland, who serves the role of director of Faculty Development, had this to say:

I am thrilled that FSU Libraries is expanding their support for digital projects through web-hosting services. As a researcher who has an always-developing website for my international work, I am excited to see how FSU faculty will use this service to build innovative digital research outputs that amplify the impact of our work, break down disciplinary boundaries and engage with a global audience.

The CreateFSU has a two-year pilot implementation. During this time, all users, as mentioned above, will get a unique domain name and access to the Dashboard, including many apps, such as Drupal, WordPress, MediaWiki, Scalar, or Omeka.

Still, the best part is, CreateFSU sites are hosted with flexible copyright licenses. In turn, authors can share their work while retaining their copyrights. Then, even if someone reuses their work, they will get the proper credit for their original content.

The Florida State University Libraries will also revive the Project Enhancement Network & Incubator digital project incubator program for the 2021/2022 academic year. The PEN & Inc Program will further boost project development by funding the new digital project and active participant incubator/mentorship.

In turn, incubator participants can use the Office of Digital Research and Scholarship for training and support, combined with the CreateFSU platform for developing their projects.