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Contabo Launches a New Data Center in Singapore

In an attempt of lowering VPS costs in Asia, Contabo launches a new data center in Singapore.

As of April the 21st, 2021, Contabo opened a new Data Center In Singapore.

The company has a reputation for aggressively pricing their VPS and has recently announced the launch on their blog.

Contabo new datacenter

Aleksander Kuczek, the CRO of Contabo has the following to say: In pursuit of expanding global availability of our services we are adding a brand-new region in Asia on top of the existing Regions in Europe and the US.

In Asia, computing power is far more expensive than one compared to Europe or the US. As such, Contabo seems to be attempting to disrupt this status quo. The arrival of a low-cost Virtual Server Provider will provide an alternative for people in Asia who do not really want to choose between a reasonable price as well as a low-latency server location.

On a side-note, this will likely put pressure on other providers that are already in Singapore, such as Vultr or OVH, to review their prices and potentially lower them in order to remain competitive.

Throughout their announcement, Contabo explained how they intend to apply the same standard as they have set in Germany within the new data center in Singapore.

They will use the same rack design, as well as the same network equipment as they do in all other locations. In fact, the hardware used across all locations is brand new and is sourced from providers such as Dell and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. In regards to the uplink providers in Singapore, Contabo will work with Telia as well as Hurricane Electric. The Singapore Data Center is ISO-certified and equipped with fire protection, such as a nitrogen fire suppression system.

Another interesting aspect about this launch is the fact that the first 1000 orders get a special deal. In fact, being the first to order a VPS in Singapore, will allow you to get the Setup Fee, free of charge.

About Contabo

Contabo GmbH is a German VPS provider with over 17 years of experience. The company serves over 100.000 customers in 180 countries from six data centers across three regions. Their claim is that they offer German quality at incredible prices throughout all of their data centers.