CloudFest – the Place to Meet the International Cloud Ecosystem  

CloudFest is the world’s number one B2B event for cloud hosting as well as internet infrastructure professionals across the entirety of the globe. As such, for the very first time, it will take place online, as CloudFest 2021 is planned to run from March 23rd to March 25th. It is the best way to engage with customers and partners as well as peers, with around 7.000 professionals that want to do business. Many brands use it as the Launchpad for their various internet solutions.

The event originally started as a round-table for other hosting providers in the hometown of the creators, Cologne. After that, they invited suppliers as well as software providers to attend the meetings so they could benefit from a consolidated product update and exchange their views and earnings. Over time, the event grew, and they needed to add a secret sauce to it to make it a bit more exciting, and as such, they started not using typical congress hotels or trade fair areas, and that’s how the idea to run the show in a theme park occurred.

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The name CloudFest originated due to the fact that the attendees altered their product offerings from plain web hosting to sophisticated cloud solutions.

The name would symbolize the journey they wanted with their partners.

As such, CloudFest covers three main topics.

On the first day, they will talk about the intelligent cloud and will let you learn how infrastructure evolves over time to become a lot smarter, as well as apply the latest AI and IoT technologies.

On the second day, you can learn about a diverse topic that drives the industry, where, GoDaddy Pro, and DigitalOcean are changing the way how customers use cloud services. Of the people invited to speak, you’ll have Aaron Draplin, who has designed logos for Nike, Ford, and Obama.

On the third and last day, you will see topics in terms of security, where you can meet the former boss of James Bond, Sir Alex Younger, who is responsible for cyber protection at the British Intelligence service known as MI6.

The inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Benders-Lee is still shaping its development.

When it comes to this year, the event has one of the biggest changes to ever occur, and this is obviously the shift to a digital atmosphere and delivery network. This means that, sadly, attendees won’t get to meet at the Colosseo Bar in Europa-Park. Online events have a lot of strengths, as well as a lot of limitations.

“The team worked hard and chose the platform we use carefully to deliver a digital version that is really close to the on-site experience. The agenda is full of first-class content in different locations, just as people know it from the offline world.” – Christian Jäger, CEO, CloudFest

Given the fact that CloudFest is now online, you can also have dedicated tracks for different time zones, which makes it a lot more convenient for everyone on a worldwide scale.

CloudFest will be the place to meet the international cloud ecosystem.