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20i Announces Its First Data Center In The USA

20i introduces its first data center in the USA, allowing customers of new hosting packages to choose from US-based and UK-based data centers, depending on their preferences.

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20i prides itself in being a different type of company, developing and managing its services in-house. It includes more freebies than most other hosts, such as WordPress Staging, a free CDN, Website Optimisation, and an edge caching plugin with WordPress Hosting at an affordable price. Better yet, 20i consistently outperforms its rivals in independent tests.

However, up to now, 20i’s US customers have used an origin server in the UK combined with a free global content delivery network, one of 20i’s seven US CDN nodes.

The new US data center takes things to another level. It provides 20i customers with an origin server in the USA. It’s centrally located in Dallas, Texas, accounting for fantastic connectivity, as one of the USA’s key internet hubs.

In turn, it will boost page performance and help with SEO in the region. Furthermore, combined with the CDN, the new data center will deliver the fastest possible page loads across the US.

20i’s Dallas data center is also Payment Card Industry Compliant and subject to strict ISO 27001 security measures, as its UK ones. It means that it hosts all customer website files and emails at a US site.

20i will provide the option to choose from US- and UK-based data centers in all hosting packages, including Linux Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, and Virtual Private Servers.

As a customer, you can benefit from its award-winning team of web hosting enthusiasts available 24/7/365 worldwide. Still, the best part is, if you get one of 20i’s Reseller plans, you can manage web hosting in the UK and the US from a single control panel without multiple logins. The same applies to your customers, meaning they can manage their sites in both countries through just one UI.