How Split a Long Article into Multiple Linked Pages in Joomla!


Pages that are short and linked are usually easier to read and navigate than one lengthy article. With Joomla! It is easy to divide a lengthy article into smaller bits of content. If you choose, you can even add a table of contents to the article. This article offers you step by step tips on how you can get it done

Step 1: Log Into Your Joomla Administrator Back-end

When you do, go to content and then to articles. If it is an already existing article you want to edit, click the title of the article. However, if it is a new one you want to write, click on New.

Step 2: Insert A Page Break

Place the cursor at the place where you want the first page of content to end. Then click on Page Break.

How Split A Long Article Into Multiple Linked Pages In Joomla

A dialog box will show up. Type in a Page Title which will become a subtitle for the page. You can leave this field blank if you want the title of the article to be used. The Table of Contents Alias is where you are to enter a short name that you want to be displayed in the article’s table of contents. Don’t leave it blank otherwise Page # is what will be displayed in the table of contents. You can then click on Insert Page Break.

How Split A Long Article Into Multiple Linked Pages In Joomla

In the article editor, the location of the page break is indicated in the article editor by a horizontal line.

How Split A Long Article Into Multiple Linked Pages In Joomla

For each new page you want to create, repeat the page break procedure explained above. A multiple paged article will look like the picture below. However, your template and styles will influence the way your pages will look.

How Split A Long Article Into Multiple Linked Pages In Joomla

Step 3: Change or Delete A Page Break

It is not possible to adjust or change a page break after it is created. On the contrary, if you want to change it, you will have to simply delete it and create another one. Simply delete the horizontal line that indicates a page break in the article editor and the page break will be deleted.

How Split A Long Article Into Multiple Linked Pages In Joomla

How to Split A Long Article Into Multiple Linked Pages

One helpful way to present content is to split up long articles into sections. You can use Joomla! to split articles into multiple pages and link them using Previous and Next page navigations as well as a Table of Contents section which will be displayed together with the Article.

Step 1: Open The Article For Editing

  • First, click on the Content and then Article Manager menu in order to access the Article Manager. Choose the article and click on the Edit button on the toolbar.
  • You can also click on the Add New Article button in the Control Panel.
  • If you are logged in to the Front-end, you have the required permissions and you are viewing the article you want to edit. Just click on the Edit toolbar button.

Step 2: Place The Cursor In The Position In The Content Where You Want The First Page to End

Step 3: Click On The Pagebreak Button At The Lower End Of The Page.

When you do that, the Insert Pagebreak screen will appear.

How Split A Long Article Into Multiple Linked Pages In Joomla

Step 4: Fill in the Page Title and Table of Contents Alias appropriately:

Page Title

Here, fill in a subtitle for the page to be displayed after the title of the article. If you leave it blank, the title of the main article will be used.

Table of Contents Alias

Enter a short name for the Table of Contents which will be displayed alongside the multiple paged articles. If you leave it blank, it will display as Page #.

Close The Screen

Close the screen by clicking on the Insert Pagebreak button. A horizontal rule will display in the location of the Pagebreak.

  • If you want to close the Insert Pagebreak screen without having to insert a Pagebreak, just click on the X close button.

Repeat The Steps

Go over the above steps for each Pagebreak needed.

  • If you want to remove a Pagebreak, simply delete the horizontal rule displayed using the delete key or the backspace key.

You cannot edit the Page Title and Table of Contents Alias with the content editor once you have inserted it. If you want to change the Pagebreak you have to do one of the following:

  • Remove and re-insert the Pagebreak following the procedure already explained above.
  • You can also edit the article’s raw HTML using the editor and change the title and alt attributes of the relevant <hr> HTML tag.


Lengthy articles often discourage visitors from reading the content of your website. With the tips contained in this tutorial, you will be able by now to break your articles into multiple pages that link to each other for the ease of reading by your visitors.

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