How to Set up Email Accounts & Email Forwarders in the Plesk Web Hosting Control Panel


Plesk can perform many tasks including creating new emails with the website’s domain. Plesk allows you to create an email address under your domain name comfortably. You can also enable email forwarding in Plesk. However, if you do not need the email forwarding service again, you can easily disable it using Plesk.

This how-to article shows you how to set up email accounts and email forwarders in the Plesk Control Panel.


  • Plesk hosting account.

How To Set Up Email Accounts & Email Forwarders In Plesk Control Panel

Setting Up Email Accounts In Plesk

To set up an email account in Plesk, you need to Login to the Plesk platform and on the left sidebar, you click Mail and once the new page opens, you click Create Email Address.

A new page opens and allows you to type the Name of the email address and set the password for the email. You can either generate the password or type in directly and confirm the password. In the Mailbox section, set the size for the email storage and click OK.

A new page will open showing the new email address created.

Setting Up Email Forwarders in Plesk

In order to enable the email forwarder task on the email created, click on the Mail tab from the sidebar, then click on the email you want to set up the forwarder.

Click Forwarding and select Switch on Mail Forwarding check box. On the “Forward incoming messages ……..” section, type in the email address or addresses you wish to have the email messages forwarded to and click OK.

If the settings are successful, you will get a message indicating that the settings were saved.

Disabling Email Forwarder

If you want to discontinue the email forwarder task, you Login to Plesk and click on the Mail from the dashboard. On the email, you want to disable to forwarder and then click on Forwarding. Clear the email address from the “Forward incoming messages……”. Uncheck the Switch on Mail forwarding checkbox and click OK.


With the above steps, you can be able to set up an email account, how to set up and disable email forwarder in Plesk. Using Plesk, you can enable and choose an email address to which you want your messages to be directed to.

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