How to Install AMPPS on Ubuntu 18.04


AMPPS is a solution stack for Apache, PHP, PERL, Python(mod_wsgi), MySQL, MongoDB, phpMyAdmin, RockMongo, FTP Server used for desktop and server environments. It offers the complete package for the application, management, domain management, database management and more in a secure environment allowing you focus on your website or web application rather than maintaining it.

It also comes with softaculous provided in the admin panel which is a reputable installer used for installation, backup, restore and managing different installations of different scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and many others.

Softaculous helps you deploy your applications on your server without having to go through the cumbersome configurations, let’s not forget the debugging you might face during your configuration.

It can also assist you to create and manage your domains on localhost.

Although AMPPS runs on all operating system platforms, here we look at how to install it on Ubuntu 18.04.


Prepare Installation of AMMPS

Update system packages

$ sudo apt-get update

Install AMPPS dependencies

$ sudo apt-get install libfontconfig1 libxrender1

Installing AMPPS

You need to download the run package from the officialampps website

$ wget

Special Note: Incase wget is not installed, you can install using the following command:

$ sudo apt-get install wget

Set execute permission to the downloaded file

$ sudo chmod 0755

Run the Ampps setup file to install Ampps

$ sudo ./

After successful installation, run the following commands to open AMPPS software

$ cd /usr/local/ampps
$ sudo ./Ampps

The following should be noted:

  • Ampps currently requires a GUI environment to run its application.
  • It is installed on a fixed path located at /usr/local/amppscannot be changed
  • MySQL directory in located at /usr/local/ampps/var
  • The web root directory is where all your websites should be which is found at /usr/local/ampps/www
  • The PHP Extension is located at /usr/local/ampps/php-*/lib/extensions/ext/where the * represents the concerned php version.

Special Note: All configurations of Apache, PHP and MySQL should be done from the application only unless you know what you are doing.

After running the app, you should be able to see the AMPPS window below which shows the currently running services.

How to Install AMPPS on Ubuntu 18.04

From the application’s GUI, you can:

  • Start, stop or restart the available services.
  • Configure the PHP services you need
  • Change the PHP version e. g. from PHP version 5.6 to version 7.1 depending on your preference.

You can also directly access the softaculous application dashboard by clicking on the browser icon and the administration interface by clicking the user icon. The softaculous application may be accessed through http://<your-ip-address>/ampps. The interface looks like the one shown below

How to Install AMPPS on Ubuntu 18.04

From the web control panel, the first thing would be to set a new password to ensure your AMPPS is secure.

  • Go to Secure AMPPS tab under the Configure options
  • Check on the Do you want your Ampps to be secured? checkbox
  • Submit and set your new password.


From the administration dashboard you can create your domain and subdomains and start installing your needed scripts from the massive collection offered.

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