How to configure FlashFXP FTP client

FlashFXP is a registered FTP client featuring a simple Windows-based GUI. It supports both server-to-server (FXP) and client-to-server transfers.

In this article, we will show you how to configure your website on FlashFXP and start transferring your files.

We will assume you have already installed FTP client on your machine. If not, you can download the latest version from the official FlashFXP website.

Let’s begin.

Step 1 – Configuring your site on FlashFXP

To configure FlashFXP on your site, go to FXP dashboard and click the Sites tab at the top-left of your page.

Press the Site Manager button. At this point, it is important to create a new group where you can store your websites login details.

A new window will pop up. Now, go ahead and create a new group by clicking the New Group button.

Chose a name for the new group you have created. Once everything is set, press OK to save the changes.

The results will be like this:

At this point, let’s add our FTP account details. Select the HostAdvice folder then press the New Site button.

Proceed to type your name or label for the new site.

This will prompt you to enter the address.

Note: You can write the host address as either,, or your server’s IP address. Remember to change the to your current domain name.

Next, enter all the required details including the FTP username and password in the text boxes provided.

When all the details for FTP account are ready, press the Apply button to save the changes, then click the Close button.

Now, proceed to connect your website by clicking the Connect button.

Then click on the connect icon and, navigate to the folder named HostAdvice, we created earlier.

On this page, click label  HostAdvice which is a name of the demo website.

Now, you have successfully been connected to a server via FTP. If you want to close this connection, simply click the Disconnect button.

You are now disconnected from the server.

Step 2 – Transferring Your File with FlashFXP

Now that you have configured your site on FlashFXP, you can start transferring your files.

To do so, select the files you want to upload. You can use CTRL on your keyboard to select multiple files.

Then click the Upload button.

Now, your file has been successfully uploaded to the remote server.

To download files into your computer, click the Download icon as shown below.

Now, your file has been successfully downloaded.


That’s it. Now you know to configure your website in FlashFXP and transfer your files. This will ensure you establish a secure FTP connection during the configuration process.

All the best!


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