How To Use Plesk To Install DotNetNuke


DotNetNuke (DNN) is a Microsoft .NET web application and a Content Management System (CMS) written in C# language, and it is open source. You can use it for the creation and management of interactive web, extranet and intranet sites.

This how-to article takes you through how to install DotNetNuke using the Plesk control panel.


  • Plesk hosting account

How To Use Plesk To Install DotNetNuke

Login to Plesk

To install the DotNetNuke using Plesk, you need to login to the Plesk platform and on the Dashboard on the left sidebar, click Applications.

Download and Install DotNetNuke

Navigate to the application window, click on the all available applications link.

A new window opens up displaying some applications. On the Search text box,  type DotNetNuke and press Enter.

Click Install, and the installation progress appears.

After the installation is complete, a new window opens and prompts you to accept the terms of the License Agreement to continue with the installation process. Once you check the “I accept the terms ………” you click Next.

The DotNetNuke prompts you to define the location where you want to install it. Additionally, you need to select the domain, protocol, and the directory. Select “Automatically update….”.On Administrative access, enter a username and a password. The installation will take a few seconds to complete.


In this article, we have shown you how to install DotNetNuke using Plesk. The application is easy to install as explained above. Additionally, the DotNetNuke is easy to use as it has a friendly interface.


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