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Like most software programs, when a newer version of Drupal is available, users have an option to update to the current version. But before running an update on the software, you need to take note of essential precautions to avoid issues or losing valuable data.

Below are simple things to keep in mind before you update Drupal version:

  • Create a secure backup of your Drupal website files>
  • Create a secure backup of Drupal database SQL file
  • Read the release notes to confirm the system guidelines of the new version. Also, ensure that it’s compatible with the hosting account’s features.
  • Ensure your Drupal version is in Maintenance mode
  • The update should be on the same major version. For instance, from Drupal 7.50 to Drupal 7.56.

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Step 1: Updating Drupal with Softaculous

This process applies when Drupal site is already installed with Softaculous. If not, first update the software manually. We will go through the steps to update Drupal manually in the next section.

Here is how to update Drupal via Softaculous:

  1. First, log in to the cPanel.
  2. Go to There are # update(s) available section under the Softaculous Apps installer.
  3. Find the Drupal website then hit upgrade.
  4. Check the box Create Backup before upgrading then hit Upgrade.
  5. The system will submit your data and start the upgrade process.
  6. You will see a pop-up window requiring you to complete the upgrade process. Hit the Ok button. Next, click the update link.
  7. To proceed, Drupal requires a database update. To do this, click Continue to update the database.
  8. Any pending updates will be available in the pop-up box. So, to run the updates, click Apply pending updates icon.

    Now your Drupal version is fully updated. To put your Drupal Dashboard back online, turn off the maintenance mode.
  9. Now we move to the next step, how to update Drupal version manually as mentioned before.

Step 2: Updating Drupal Version Manually

Start by logging in to your Drupal Dashboard. Go to Reports and click on the Available updates button.

  1. Now download the latest Drupal version on your local drive.

    Remember this will depend on the version you want to update.
  2. Go ahead and unzip the downloaded Drupal file.

    You can even delete files and folders you don’t need from your Drupal site.Do not delete folders from your site in case the previous version was from a distribution site. The description below shows the deleted files and folders through the File Manager.

  3. Move to the next step that is uploading the files into your Drupal directory except for any existing site files.
    (The illustration below uses FileZilla to upload files on Mac)
  4. Go to yourdrupalsiteurl.com or update.php (replace the site url with your actual Drupal website URL). The hit the Continue button.
  5. If there are no available updates, put your Drupal dashboard back on by turning off the maintenance mode.

Now your Drupal site is successfully updated.


Having gone through all the key steps in updating your Drupal version, go ahead and shift your current version to the upgraded version to enjoy more advanced features. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.


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