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How To Setup Paypal in Magento 2


Paypal is one of the most preferred mode of payment in most platforms and it’s a perfect choice for Magento 2. Furthermore, website owners spend a considerable amount of time and resources to attract customers to their stores and they cannot afford to let them go because they don’t find a proper payment method in place.

In this article, we will show you how to integrate into Magento 2. PayPal offers three payment options in Magento 2:

  • PayPal Payments Advanced
  • PayPal Payments Pro
  • PayPal Payments Standard

To make the process easier, we will look at what needs to be done on PayPal before proceeding to the Magento 2 back-end.

Step 1: Preparing PayPal Account

In PayPal, start with the following steps:

1. Log in to your PayPal account and go to Service Settings, click the Hosted Checkout Pages icon, then Step Up Menu.

2. Then set the following fields:

  • AVS field to “No”
  • CSC to “No”
  • Enable Secure to “Yes”

3. Tap the Save button to save these changes.

4. Next, if you wish to customize your layout, press the Customize button, then Layout C and finally click the Save and publish button.

It’s also recommended to create a new user account on PayPal. Follow the PayPal tutorial to get an additional user to your account.

Step 2: Preparing The Magento 2 Back-end

Go to the Admin panel and click Stores. Head to Configuration, then Sales before clicking the Payment Methods section.

How To Setup Paypal in Magento 2

In this section, start by configuring the Merchant Country where your Magento store will be located.

How To Setup Paypal in Magento 2

Then, expand PayPal All-In-One Payment Solutions section.

How To Setup Paypal in Magento 2

To make Paypal as your payment method in Magento store, press the Configure button. You will be presented with three small menu options that you need to configure:

  • Required PayPal Setting
  • Basic Settings -PayPal Payments Advanced
  • PayPal Express Checkout

How To Setup Paypal in Magento 2

We shall look at these methods in depth in the next section.

Option 1: Required PayPal Settings

We will begin with Require PayPal setting in Magento 2. Here is a screenshot of this section:

How To Setup Paypal in Magento 2

Make sure you fill the following fields: Email Associated with PayPal Merchant Account, Partner, Vendor, User, and Password.

To test how this option works before you enable it, mark Test Mode at Yes, then switch to No once you’re ready.

If you want to connect your system with PayPal via a proxy server, set Use Proxy at “Yes.” Then, you will need to configure your Proxy Host IP address and port number for the Proxy Port.

Option 2: Basic Settings – PayPal Payment Advanced

In Magento 2 backend, you will get a preview of the Basic settings:

How To Setup Paypal in Magento 2

You will be required to type in your Credit and Debit card in the Title box. The Sort Order option allows you to set the nature of the payment method in case clients go to the checkout page.

The Payment Action offers two options: Authorization and Sale. By choosing Authorization, you accept the terms of the order and agree to receive payment once you accept manually in the backend. The Sale mode will allow the system to get payment from the client’s account automatically.

Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings section shows the following details:

How To Setup Paypal in Magento 2

Navigate to the Basic Settings area and expand the Advanced Settings section. Fill in the required information.

Set the Payment Application form to allow these details:

  • All Allowed Countries: Means you can accept payments from all the countries present in the configuration.
  • Specific Countries: In this section, include specific countries from which you can receive payment.
  • The Debug Mode should be set at “Yes” to gather the payments data into your log file (payments_payflow_advanced.log).
  • Enable SSL Verification section to “Yes.” to activate the host authenticity verification.
  • Set Require CVV Entry to “Yes” so that customers can type their CVV code here.
  • Three extra options are editable in the Paypal plan. They include:

Send Email Confirmation, CVV Entry is Editable, the URL method for Cancel URL and Return URL  (either GET or POST).

The “Cancel” and “Return” URLs above describes the place where the clients can return once they complete or cancel the payment during checkout on the PayPal server.

Also, complete these fields as needed in your Magento store:

  • Settlement Report Settings
  • Frontend Experience Settings

How To Setup Paypal in Magento 2 

Once everything is done, click Save to apply these changes.

Option 3: Basic Settings -PayPal Express Checkout

In PayPal’s Payment Pro Plan, the PayPal Express Checkout is automatically enabled.

How To Setup Paypal in Magento 2

This allows you to interact with millions of other active PayPal users across the globe.

To complete a purchase with this option, go PayPal Express Checkout area and do the following:

  • Type the PayPal Title for each of the store view.
  • In the Sort Order section enter a number to represent the Express Checkout.
  • Set the Payment Action to either Authorization or Sale.
  • Then set the Display on Product Details Page to “Yes” to show the Checkout with PayPal button on your product page.

Advanced Settings

Click the Advanced Settings icon and check these details

How To Setup Paypal in Magento 2

  • Set Display on Shopping Cart to “Yes” to ensure PayPal Express Checkout is available to customers from both the shopping cart and mini cart,
  • Set the Payment Applicable Form to either of these options:  All Allowed Countries or Specific Countries depending on what you need.
  • Set the Debug Mode to “Yes” to collect payment data into your log file. Note that the credit card information isn’t recorded in the log life in to fulfill the PCI Data Security Standards.
  • Set the Enable SSL Verification to “Yes” to activate host verification.
  • Set the Transfer Cart Line to “Yes” to show the details of the customer’s order.
  • The Skip Order Review Step can be set to “Yes” to allow customers to finish their transaction without going back to your Magento store.

Once these processes are completed, press the Save buttonto apply the changes.


Now you’ve successfully integrated PayPal payment method on your Magento 2 store. You can use these steps to setup PayPal on Magento and receive payment as you grow your business.

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