How to Set Up Custom Error Pages on Windows Servers for a Site in Plesk


Custom error pages are generated by web servers whenever a visitor tries to request for a page that is not available on the web server. Creating customized error pages for your sites or directories is possible. Error messages which appear on the websites are important as they provide information and direction for the visitor. Thus it is imperative to have a useful and informative error message for a site.

Plesk can be used to customize the message you want to be displayed on the site whenever a visitor tries to open a page that is not available.


  • Plesk hosting account
  • Active website

How to Set Up Custom Error Pages on Windows Servers in Plesk

Setting Up Custom Error Pages

To create the custom error pages, you Login to Plesk and click Websites & Domains

Click Hosting settings

A new page opens, scroll down and select the Custom error documents.

Select Websites & Domains and on the menu page, click Virtual Directories

Choose the directory you want to customize a message for.

Navigate on the Virtual Directory and click Error Documents.

Default error messages will appear, click one of the errors and edit it from the location.

Check the location of the Error Description that you want to edit from the Location column.

Click Domains and select the Domain Name you want to make changes to.

A new page opens where you click on the location of the website under website at the icon.

Click error_docs and a new log opens with a list of error descriptions. Select one of the errors and on the right side, click on the drop-down and click Edit in HTML editor.

Customize the error message which will appear in case a visitor opens an invalid page.

Click Apply and then OK.

The message you will type is what will appear when an error occurs and will also advise the visitor what to do, i.e., either to come back later or go back to the previous page.


Using Plesk and following the above steps, you can customize the message for your web error. Customise the message as required and make it informative for the site visitors so that they know what steps to take. Use the steps to customize other errors like 403 Forbidden/Access denied,500 Internal Server Error among others.


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