How To Prevent Extreme SEO Mistakes in Magento


Magento 2 is the latest release with online feature stores. Besides the myriad of benefits that comes with Magento, it also comes with some SEO mistakes for these online stores.

SEO is a broad topic and since there are tons of unforeseen things that happen in this field, it is important to stay alert and be ready for all the common threats that may affect your business SERPs ranking.

In this tutorial, we are going to highlight common SEO mistakes in Magento 2 and how to avoid them.

Homepage With The Title “Home”

Your homepage is considered the most powerful page when it comes to link distribution and the page that can rank on the first page with the most important keywords. Therefore, it is not recommended to keep the title of your store with only “homepage” since it doesn’t inform the customer what your site is about.

Rather, you need to keep the most searched keywords that describe the product you sell for SEO purposes. So, make sure your store title relates to the product you’re selling.

Robots.txt That Blocks Layered Navigation

How To Prevent Extreme SEO Mistakes in Magento

The concept of layered navigation and other filtering parameters are some of the things you should keep at bay to avoid problems with Google. In addition, using robots.txt disallow to block these parameters is a not a good idea to handle this problem.

The reason being, no matter what you do, Google can still index them and they it hard to for them to be crawled. Apart from that, some people go for Meta no index as well as follow on URLs that feature these parameters.

The best approach is to avoid using both robots.txt disallow and Meta no index. 

Using Rel Canonical To Point Layered URLs Back To A Category

How To Prevent Extreme SEO Mistakes in Magento

When Rel Canonical was first released, Google intention was to use it in solving duplicated content. However, some cases cannot be duplicated when layered filters change the URL content.

What you need in this case is to place Meta no index and follow on the layered URLs and remove them from the index and allow the link juice to flow through them by navigation and listing products on other pages that need to be ranked.

Robots.txt Not Blocking The Tite’s  Search Results

How To Prevent Extreme SEO Mistakes in Magento

Disallowing layered parameters using robots.txt file is considered a major SEO mistake. Similarly, the other aspect that you need to disallow is your website’s search results specifically the /catalogsearch/URL path.

The Google’s Panda algorithm is famous for penalizing many things, among them sites that allow indexing of huge amounts of a site’s search data. This is because Google doesn’t want to display your sites search results within search results. It simply means that Google doesn’t want to index your site and only wants you to stop them.

Indexing Both HTTP And HTTPs Versions Of Your Site

How To Prevent Extreme SEO Mistakes in Magento

When both http and https versions bearing a similar URL are indexed, it’s a good  example of duplicate content and an ideal incidence where rel canonical can be used to restore the duplicates into a version of choice. If you prefer https version, which is recommended by Google for it’s ranking factors, the http that appears on the same URL should have a Rel Canonical pointing directly to https versions and vice versa.

Misplaced Availability In  Microdata Markup For Product Offer

How To Prevent Extreme SEO Mistakes in Magento

The key advantage of Microdata markup is that it assists Google and other famous search engines to interpret the content engraved in your site’s pages. It helps them determine your product price, special price, the value, reviews, etc.

It’s also an important feature for that is useful in Google Merchant Center where it helps in automatic product updates. If you’re missing the availability markup, it means that your SERP results will feature your product as “In Stock” and the automatic updates on the available product within the Google Merchant Center will not work.


With a checklist of the key SEO mistakes made in Magento 2, it’s time to correct them and relaunch your Magento 2 store or simply upgrade the current Magento 1.X store. Keep in mind that an online store requires a lot of time and resources, so ensure you keep track of your site optimization to detect any changes and attend to these issues quickly.

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