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You can get the most from your WordPress site by signing up with Google Adsense and placing ads on your website. Adsense is a website monetization program run by Google to allow web publishers to serve visitors with text, image, video, and interactive ads.

In return, Google pays publishers some commission based on what they receive from advertisers. Ads placed by Google Adsense on your website try to match the likes, tastes, and location of your visitors depending on Google’s ad serving technology.

With Google Adsense, you can generate income either when visitors view an advertisement (per impression) or when they click (Pay per Click- PPC)

So if you are looking for a way to monetize your WordPress blog, this how-to-guide has all the steps you need to follow to install Adsense on your website.


  • A domain name pointing to a WordPress site (find the best WordPress hosting on HostAdvice)
  • WordPress username and password
  • An approved Adsense account. You can sign up here.

Step 1:
Login to your WordPress site

First, you need to login to your WordPress site by visiting the URL ‘www.example.com/wp-admin’, where ‘example.com’ is the domain name of your blog. Then, enter your username and password and click on ‘Login’’

As always, you can tick the ‘Remember Me’ checkbox to stay logged in if you are working on a personal computer.

Step 2:
Locate Widgets

One of the quickest ways of adding Google Adsense on your WordPress site is through the widgets. To do this, locate Widgets from the Appearance Menu

Then, find the heading available widgets:

Step 3:
Locate the Text widget

Then, click the text widget and drag it up to the top right of your WordPress site under the blog sidebar. Once you do this, your text will be ready for editing. On the ‘Title’, you can enter something like ‘Ads by Google’.

Step 4:
Paste Google Adsense Code on the Text Widget

Then, we need to paste Google Adsense code on the Text field. So login to your Adsense account and select ‘Ad units’

Then, on your Ad Units, click on ‘Get code’ on the ad that you want to place on your WordPress site.

On the pop-up window, copy everything on the Ad code block:

Now go back to the WordPress site and paste the ‘Ad code’ on the text area of the widget and click on ‘Save’.

Step 5:
Test if Your WordPress Site is Serving Ads

Once you are through with the steps above, you can test whether your WordPress site is serving ads by visiting any URL on your website. If everything was setup correctly, you should see an Ad like the one below


Those are the basic steps of adding Adsense on your WordPress site. Remember when a user clicks any of your ads, Google will pay you a commission depending on the value of the ad. Never click on your ads even for testing purposes because this will cause Google to ban your Adsense account. If you have a lot of traffic, you can make good cash with Adsense.


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