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The Froxlor control panel is an open source ISP oriented server control panel licensed under the GPL 2.0. You can manage everything you need to run a web hosting service including web hosting, domain names, email accounts, and customer support tickets. This article will guide you through installing Froxlor on your Ubuntu 18.04 server. Before setting up Froxlor make sure to have a Fully Qualified Domain Name setup as we’re going to be creating a subdomain.

Configure the Domain Name of the Host

  1. First Choose a Subdomain and Create an A Record Pointing the Subdomain at Your Server’s IP Address.How to Install the Froxlor Control Panel on Ubuntu 18.04
  1. Set the Hostname Based on the Subdomain
$ sudo hostnamectl set-hostname SUBDOMAIN

  1. Add Your Subdomain to Your Hosts File
$ sudo nano /etc/hosts

Add the following to the bottom of the file, then save and close it:

  1. Restart the Network Manager Service
$ sudosystemctlrestartNetworkManager.service

Install LAMP

  1. Run tasksel
$ sudo tasksel

If tasksel is missing it can be installed with the following command:

$ sudo apt-get install tasksel

  1. Select LAMP Server and Then Select OKHow to Install the Froxlor Control Panel on Ubuntu 18.04

Configure PHP and MySQL

  1. Secure MySQL By Changing the Root Password
$ mysql -u root -p

mysql> ALTERUSER'root'@'localhost'IDENTIFIEDWITH mysql_native_password BY'NEWPASSWORD';

mysql> flush privileges;

  1. Create a Database for Froxlor
mysql> createdatabase froxlor;

mysql> createuser'froxlor'@'localhost'IDENTIFIEDBY'NEWPASSWORD';


mysql> flushprivileges;

mysql> quit;

  1. Install the PHP Extensions That Froxlor Uses

$ sudoapt-getinstallphp7.2-xmlphp7.2-posixphp7.2-mbstringphp7.2-curlphp7.2-bcmathphp7.2-zipphp7.2-json

$ sudosystemctlrestartapache2

Install Froxlor

  1. Rename the index.html File on the Server
$ sudo mv /var/www/html/index.html /var/www/html/indexold.html

  1. Now Browse to your Subdomain. You Should see the Froxlor Installation ScreenHow to Install the Froxlor Control Panel on Ubuntu 18.04
  2. Click “Start install” and then “Click here to continue” if there are no warnings on the requirements screenHow to Install the Froxlor Control Panel on Ubuntu 18.04
  3. Select Your Install Language and Enter Passwords for the MySQL Accounts we Setup, Admin Passwords for Froxlor and Verify the Server Domain and IP are Correct.How to Install the Froxlor Control Panel on Ubuntu 18.04
  4. The Confirmation Screen Should Show Froxlor Having Been Installed SuccessfullyHow to Install the Froxlor Control Panel on Ubuntu 18.04

You can now login and being using the Froxlor control panel. The navigation menu on the left can get you to most of the panel’s functions. User specific options such as changing the password are available under “Options” in the upper right. Start your exploration of Froxlor under “System”->”Settings.” From there you can see and set a variety of basic web hosting settings and then begin adding customers and plans.

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