How to Install or Uninstall the VersionPress Plugin for Your WordPress Website


Version Press is a robust, open source version control plugin built for WordPress. It is a free, reliable application that supercharges your workflows while simplifying collaboration. This article will help you install and activate VersionPress or Uninstall an existing Version of VersionPress on your WP website.

Let’s go!

Part One – Installing VersionPress

Step 1 –  Downloading Version Press

Installing VersionPress is straightforward, except for the downloading and manual uploading to the web host.

Visit this page to download the latest version of VersionPress, which comes in a zip file.

Step 2 – Uploading  the application

Once you download VersionPress, login to your WordPress Admin area. Go to the Plugin area, then click Add New.

This will take you to a new window showcasing all the plugins available for download. But since you have downloaded the VersionPress plugin, click Upload Plugin:

Click choose File, to locate the zip file.

Once the specific file is selected, click Install Now to start the installation.

This will automatically unpackage and install VersionPress. However, you have to activate this plugin, by hitting Activate Plugin.

Next, activate the plugin once more, to start monitoring changes on your website. To accomplish this, click Continue here, once the plugin is successfully installed.

This will open a new window featuring the general notes and the system requirements of the VersionPress plugin. Check to see that the new plugin is compatible with your system, then click on Activate VersionPress.

You have successfully installed a new VersionPress plugin and configured it to monitor changes made on your website.

Part two: Uninstalling VersionPress

Uninstalling VersionPress from your WP site is straightforward.

  • Login to your WordPress admin area. Go to Plugins area and click installed plugins. VersionPress should be on the list. Click on deactivate.

A new window will appear detailing the consequences of removing the plugin. If you are sure you want to deactivate the plugin click >Confirm deactivation.

Next, click on Delete

Confirm the deactivation once more to remove VersionPress.


By now, you have learned how to install and uninstall VersionPress on your WordPress website to streamline and accelerate workflows. The process is simple and presents no hurdles, plus the plugin is free and readily available.

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