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How To Install Joomla Extensions


Even though there are several functions that accompany Joomla automatically when you install it out of the box, there are still additional extensions that you can use to remarkably improve your site’s feature with only some mouse clicks here and there. In this how-to-guide, you will find all the three known ways to integrate extensions to your website.

The  Table of Contents for  Adding Extension in Joomla 3

  1. How to Navigate into the Extension Manager of Joomla 3.
  2. How to upload the package file.
  3. How to install from the directory.
  4. How to install from the URL.

Step 1: Go To The Joomla Extension Manager

Logging in to the server area of your website in Joomla 3 is the first thing you will need to do. From here, go to the Joomla Extension Manager. You will get to the page by clicking on Extensions. Thereafter, proceed to click on Extension Manager.

How To Install Joomla Extensions

The moment you are in the interface of the Extension Manager, there are at least three options for you to choose from for setting the extension up. The majority of times, what you need is to click on the first alternative, but it is also proper to be aware that you have additional options.

Step 2: Upload the Package File

One of the most easy and simple alternative was to do it is this one. To begin with, just click on the tab, Browse. From there, navigate to the place on archived files on your native PC  where the extensions you want to add are stored. Once you are here, click on the Upload and Install button.

How To Install Joomla Extensions

Youshould also note that some additional information such as documents, files for pictures and so on may accompany some Joomla extensions. You will need to unpack such packages first. They should be placed in a separate archive from which their own installation will be done. You will find such packages sometimes labeled like UNPACK_FIRST.zip. It can as well bear a similar name to that.  You may have to try to unpack the archive file first in the situation where you get an error message which says it does not identify the extension in that form.

Step 3: Install From The Directory

This is the second option for installing Joomla extensions. Remember, it is an alternative method to the first one. It is usually used for big or expansive extensions  which are bigger in size than the size of the file that could be accommodated by the PHP server. Consequently, they cannot be uploaded following the method already discussed. How to upload such page elements or modules is through FTP. It must then be sent through your hosting account folder. This is made possible because FTP has the capacity for uploading large file.

In addition, it is essential for you to be aware that contrary to the original process, you’ll be required to carry out the extraction of  the extension file and have the folder that bears it uploaded. However, you must not do this with the zip files you have archived. The moment you have successfully transferred the directory of the extension file to the account you use for hosting, the next thing you need to do is click on the tab termed Extensions Manager and indicate the route to gain access into the specific folder.

One last step here is to hit it off on the Install tab. If the folder you have chosen is properly uploaded, Joomla 3 would verify and set up the extension for you.

How To Install Joomla Extensions

Step 4:  Install Joomla Extension From URL

This is the number three alternative way for installation of Joomla extensions. This method of installation is done through an URL directly. All that is required of you is to key in the exact address of the web file you have archived which bears the extension you are trying to configure and set up. After this, simply click on the tab that says,Install. Once this is done, Joomla 3 will have the file downloaded automatically, extract it perform the required installations steps.

How To Install Joomla Extensions


This article is a tutorial that has laid out a step by step approach to the installation of Joomla extensions. Joomla itself comes with default features, but you can also choose to add other more extensions. The three options available for installing the extensions have also been clearly spelled out in simple language. Good luck.

How To Install Joomla Extensions

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