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How To Install Google Tag Manager On Big Commerce

Installing Google Tag Manager on Big Commerce is an easy process if done correctly. While it might be possible to do by editing the theme files or using the script manager, it is easier to place the Google Tag Manager script into the Google Analytics interface inside of Big Commerce.

Let's assume we are starting with a store with an existing Google Analytics script installed. You can see our analytics setup in screenshot below. Google Tag Assistant shows our analytics tag installed correctly.

Step 1 : Get the <head> tag portion of your Google Tag Manager script.

The <body> tag isn’t needed in Big Commerce.

Step 2 : Inside of Big Commerce click “Advanced Settings” on the left menu

Step 3 : Click “Web Analytics” on the left menu

Step 4 : Click the “Google Analytics” tab next to “General Settings”.

If you don’t already have Google Analytics setup on Big Commerce you will need to check the box displayed and press “Save” before the “Google Analytics” tab is visible.

Step 5: Paste the <head> portion of your Google Tag Manager script into the Tracking Code box under any other scripts that are present.

Step 6: Press “Save” at the bottom

Now if we take another look at our storefront with Google Tag Assistant, you can now see that Google Tag Manager is installed as well as Google Analytics.


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