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Minecraft is one of the most widely played multiplayer games on the Internet today. Since its appropriate for all ages and is available on a wide range of platforms it's not unusual for there to be several hundred thousand Minecraft players online at any given time.

What we’re going to explore in this how-to is first how to install a Minecraft Server on Ubuntu 18.04 and then install the Minecraft Server Manager to make running the server much easier.

First, update the software on the server

# apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Install Open JDK

$ sudo apt install openjdk-8-jre-headless screen

Create a Directory on You Server For Minecraft

$ sudo mkdir minecraft

Download the Latest Minecraft Server from Minecraft.net and Upload it Into the Directory You Just Created

Download the Minecraft Server Manager

$ sudo wget -q http://git.io/Sxpr9g -O /tmp/msm && bash /tmp/msm

Make sure to install it on the same directory as your Minecraft .jar file!

Create the Server

Note: You’ll need to be root or the user you setup during the Minecraft Server Manager setup to do this part!

# msm create servername

Copy the Minecraft Server jar File to Your Server Directory and Run it

# cp /installpath/server.jar /installpath/servers/servername/server.jar
# java -jar /installpath/servers/servername/server.jar nogui

Modify the EULA.txt so That You Agree to It

# nano /installpath/servers/servername/eula.txt

Modify the text to read the close and save the file.


Start the Server

#msm start

That should get your Minecraft server up and running. If you need further assistance the Minecraft forums or their official support may be able to help you out.

There may be some further configuration needed on your end to make sure your firewall rules allow people to connect to the server. Minecraft is a great game and we hope you enjoy your new server!

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